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Jun 10, 2016

Clinch by Becca Jameson

by Becca Jameson
The Underground Book Two

Dr. Katie Schwan has no idea what she’s getting into when she rushes to the back of a speakeasy to tend to an injured underground MMA fighter. But the hot Russian guy leading her to his friend has her attention.

Leo Gulin allows the sexy blonde to take his friend to her clinic. He hates that she inadvertently becomes a part of his deep-rooted problems with the Russian Mafia. However, he can’t seem to stay away from her, even though she doesn’t need his problems on her doorstep or his dominance in her bedroom.

Months pass before Leo has the balls to ask her out, thinking the threat from the Mafia has passed. But he’s wrong. And now Katie’s trapped in his world, and he must keep her safe from the multitude of people following them.

What does the Mafia leader want? How can Leo convince Katie to accept him permanently in her bedroom and her life? He must, or risk losing her forever.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): BDSM, D/s, MMA, Doctor, Mafia, Romantic Suspense, Sports, Spanking, Mixed Martial Arts
Release Date: June 2, 2016
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

Excerpt & More

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Leo sat on Katie’s couch, flipping through the channels on her TV. Nothing was on. And even if it was, there was no way he could concentrate with her shower running yards away from him. Visualizing her naked body under the cascade of water made him fidget and adjust his cock every few seconds.

He’d busied himself calling the local pizza parlor and then fixing her door so it closed by itself, but now he was out of things to do. His brain was filled with images of her long blonde hair hanging wet down her back. What color were her nipples?

He’d give anything to taste them. And her pussy… God almighty. Sometimes he was sure he saw her squeezing her legs together when he teased her. It changed nothing, however. She was way out of his league.

He had no idea why she ran this run-down clinic where she undoubtedly operated at a deficit and lived in a place smaller than any apartment he’d had in the United States. She was a doctor. Weren’t they supposed to make millions of dollars and live in a penthouse?

The answer to that was obvious after all these months, though. Katie didn’t give two fucks about money or appearances. Her parents did. She mentioned that often. But not Katie. She truly cared about people and helping them.

The bathroom door opened, making him jump.

When he twisted his head around, he nearly swallowed his tongue. His eyes widened as she slipped out of the bathroom and ducked into her bedroom wearing nothing but a towel. It wasn’t a luxurious bath towel, either. It barely covered her ass and her tits. If she hadn’t been holding it at the top, he might not have to wonder what color her nipples were.


Was the woman trying to kill him?

“Did you order the pizza?” she called out from her room.

“Yeah. It should be here soon.” He stared at the entrance to her room. The door was wide open. He’d been inside a few times to fix things, but currently his glimpse of the dark wood of her slatted headboard made his cock harder than ever. The deep purple silky comforter was one of the few luxuries she appeared to own. He wanted to pull the soft spread back and find out what kind of sheets she owned. And then lie on them…

“Good. I’m starving.”

So was he. But not for pizza…

Steam wafted out of the bathroom. Steam probably rose off his skin too. His cock grew harder since he’d gotten a glimpse of her legs and bare shoulders and arms. Her hair had been dripping down her back, hanging in long wet curls that begged him to run his fingers through it.

In another life.

Why on earth he spent so much time with Katie was beyond him. He liked torturing himself apparently. The woman was gorgeous, funny, sexy as hell, and brilliant. She could easily date any man on the planet. But she indicated she hadn’t been on a date since he met her. She’d tried to reverse the statement, but he caught it perfectly.


He hadn’t realized he was still staring at the entrance to her bedroom when she reemerged. The door had been open the entire time, but she’d been around the corner out of sight. The second she reappeared, he nearly moaned.

He righted himself and jumped to his feet to wander over to the window and peer outside. Where was the pizza guy? The last thing he wanted was for her to see his bulging erection. And if he faced her again, that’s what would happen. His impossibly hard cock would explode and force its way out of his jeans.

Was she really wearing what he thought he saw?

“Did you hear the car?” she asked.

His ears were ringing. Please, God. Do me this one favor. When I turn around, let me find out my eyes deceived me, and that amazing creature is actually dressed in baggy sweats and a thick sweatshirt.

“I thought so, but I don’t see anything.”

“You want a beer?”

He listened to her feet padding across the rough hardwood floors.

Her bare feet.

Lord. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he forced himself to face her and leaned against the window sill. If all else failed, he could always jump out. He crossed his legs nonchalantly as if there wasn’t a problem in the world.

In reality, he was doomed.

Katie stood with her back to him, leaning into the refrigerator. She wore nothing but a pair of track shorts that hardly covered her ass and a white tank top. Not even a bra.

Fuck me.

Her white legs looked like porcelain. All that smooth skin that begged him to run his rough hands over it. Hell, he’d probably hurt her if he touched her.

She seemed delicate to him. Not fragile. Not inside. But her skin. It was almost translucent. A guy like him could easily mark her. Far more than intended. Reason number two thousand to keep his dick in his pants where it came to Katie Schwan.

His brand of sex was rough. It involved ropes and handcuffs and paddles and nipple clamps.

He gulped. No way in hell could he subject Katie to anything like that. Not in this lifetime. What was he doing toying with her like this? He needed to get out of her apartment before he made a fool of himself.

Katie didn’t wait for him to respond to her question. She pulled two bottles of beer from the fridge, pried the tops off, and took them both in one hand to cross the room. When she reached out to hand him one, she frowned. “You okay?”

He jumped in his spot, forcing his gaze to land anywhere but on her tits. Don’t look down. Don’t look down. “Yeah. Sure. Of course.” He grabbed the bottle, his fingers touching hers as she passed it off, and took a long drink of the cold liquid.

Nope. He couldn’t escape. He was stuck. At least for the pizza. Maybe afterward he could claim he had to get up extra early tomorrow or something.

A bell sounded from downstairs, and Katie spun around and headed toward the door. “Huh. How’d we miss hearing the car?”

Leo lurched forward, set his beer on the coffee table, and wrapped his fingers around her bicep. He pulled her back. “I’ll get it.”


He shot her a sharp glare. “Sit down, woman.” And he pointed at the couch. The last thing he wanted was for her race down the stairs and open the clinic door in that outfit. The pizza guy would have a heart attack. Hell, even if the delivery guy was a gal, she’d also die.

Instead, Leo took the stairs two at a time and met the pizza delivery man at the glass front in seconds. The guy handed Leo the pizza. Leo passed him the money. And then he thanked the guy, locked the door, reset the alarm, and turned around.

With a deep breath, he climbed the stairs as if headed for the guillotine. Visions of Katie’s nipples stiff beneath her tight tank top made him want to bang his head against the walls of her staircase.

When he emerged on the second floor, she was lounging on one end of the couch like he’d asked. Told. Ordered.

That made his cock even harder.

Her legs were tucked under her, and she was nursing the beer. “Is it still warm outside? It feels like a furnace in here.” She ran the bottle across her forehead, the beads of sweat dripping down onto her chest to run into her shirt.

“Jesus, Katie.” There was no way in hell he could tolerate this another second. “It’s October out there. It’s not that hot. Put on some clothes.” He tried to look putout, angry.

She shot him a quizzical look as he set the pizza on her coffee table and grabbed his beer from the surface. “I don’t care what month it is, Leo. It’s damn hot in here.” She untangled her legs and rose to step across the room on her dainty fucking feet with the pink toenails.

When she reached the thermostat, she groaned. “I’m gonna have to cook dinner for you for a month if everything in this apartment keeps breaking.”

He perched on the opposite end of the couch from where she’d gotten up and downed another long gulp of beer. It was hot in her apartment. He couldn’t argue that. But he had no way of determining if it was from the actual temperature or the way her delectable body lit him on fire.

“I’ll look at it Friday.”

She rounded the couch and resumed her spot, reaching for the pizza box. “You aren’t my personal slave, you know. I could hire people to come fix things.”

“Why would you do that?” He grinned. “I’m sure none of them would appreciate your cooking as much as I do.”

“I’m sure none of them would accept cooking as payment like you do.” She lifted a slice of meat lovers and held it up to her lips.

Leo was mesmerized watching her eat. He’d seen her eat dozens of times, but he always enjoyed the way her mouth opened, the way she licked her lips between bites, the way her throat bobbed when she swallowed.

Every damn thing this little sprite did was sexy.

He jerked his gaze away and grabbed his own slice, hoping to distract himself with meat and sauce and cheese. He closed his eyes as he took the first bite.

“You weren’t supposed to pay for the pizza, by the way.”

He shrugged and turned to face her. “It’s one time. Don’t get your panties in a wad.” Hell, he’d like to get her panties in a wad. The visual alone was enough to make him nearly choke swallowing.

“You’re acting very strange.”


“Are you sure you want to take me to the fight Friday night? Second thoughts? It’s no big deal. I can make other plans.” She didn’t meet his gaze.

“Don’t try to finagle your way out of this. We’re going. That’s final. I’ll pick you up at seven. I’ll feed you. And then I’ll teach you the finer aspects of MMA.”

She scrunched up her face. “Not going to promise to like it.”

“Not asking you to. But you see enough of my friends every week, seems only fair to show you where and how they get banged up.”

“Oh. Right.” She sat up straighter, as though suddenly realizing something. “From a purely clinical perspective. Of course.”

Did he detect a bit of hurt feelings?

Oh Lord.

“Well, you might actually have some fun in there too. I mean, I’ve heard I can be a barrel of laughs when I want to be.” He reached for another slice, winking.

When she picked up her beer to take a long swig, tipping her head back, he gritted his teeth together to keep from groaning. Her breasts were amazing. High. Tight. Just the right size. Not too big. Not too small. The perfect handful. And her nipples… Jesus. He couldn’t see the color, but they stood at attention.

If Katie was so hot, why were her nipples erect as if chilled? Hmmm…

He hid his smile and told himself to stop staring.
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