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Aug 9, 2013

Cover Reveal - Tarnished by Becca Jameson

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Tarnished by Becca Jameson
Wolf Gatherings Book One

Wolf shifter Mackenzie Davis has no interest in mating with another wolf. Plenty of experiences in her past have hardened her to this resolve. She is loving life with the perfect job, the perfect friends, and the perfect boyfriend—a human one. Nevertheless, her mom implores her to attend this year’s Wolf Gathering. Reluctantly dragging her feet, she agrees to one day only.

Drake Spencer has come to the gathering from Texas with his family. He’s twenty-eight and believes his chances of finding a mate are slim to none, especially since he saw the woman he felt connected to leave with another man at the last gathering. But what if the woman who has consumed his dreams for the last few years is not actually mated?

When Mackenzie and Drake meet, sparks fly. Kenzie still hopes to deny the claim on her. But can she? The call of mates is stronger than she expected. What will happen to her sense of self if she follows this man to Texas? Not to mention Drake. Can he live with the mental scars of her past?

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: August 1, 2013
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

Excerpt & More

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“Let me make a suggestion.”

“Okay.” Her voice squeaked.

“How about I make you come right now, to take the edge off. I’ll keep my shorts on. I promise. Just let me take care of you, and then maybe you’ll be able to relax a little.”

She blinked at him. What the hell? She shook her head. “You can’t do that. It wouldn’t be fair to you and—”

“And what? And you’re scared to let go, release. You’re afraid if you give up that tiny piece, you won’t have control over yourself anymore.” His hand skimmed her side as he spoke, making it difficult to concentrate on his words. “It’s true you will need and want to do it again and again, but it’s a good feeling, Kenz. The best.”

A tight knot formed in her belly as she listened. She rubbed her thighs together and let her head fall back so she wouldn’t have to look Drake in the eye.

When his thumb grazed the underside of her breast, she moaned and arched her chest. Her nipples pebbled harder against her shirt. She wanted him to touch them so bad she didn’t care about anything else. All her focus was on Drake’s callused thumbs flicking over her hard nipples. “Please,” she heard herself say.

“Please what, baby?” His thumb stroked higher on the underside of her breast.

“Drake?” She gripped his bicep.

“I know, Kenz. I’m gonna make it better, okay?”

She nodded. She had no choice. She needed whatever he would give her. All she could do right now was hope and pray he didn’t destroy her in the process.

Drake lowered his hand to her waist again, and she groaned. Her tits needed him so badly.

He chuckled and pushed her shirt up her body. “Let me see you.” He eased her onto her back and pulled the T-shirt over her head.

Her arms lay tangled in the mess on the pillow.

Drake’s gaze traveled from her face to her chest as he propped himself higher. “So beautiful. You’re blushing. Right here…” he traced her heated skin with one finger on her chest, “…and right here.” He did it again in another spot.

She panted under his perusal, unable to draw in enough oxygen.

Her nipples reached high, begging him to stroke over the tips.

Instead, he circled a spiral around her breasts, one at a time, with just one finger. Every time he reached the point she most needed his touch, he repeated the process.

Finally, she squirmed and shrugged her arms free of the shirt. She grabbed his arm and held it steady. “If you don’t touch me, I’m going to scream.”

He grinned. “I am touching you, babe.” He relented though and flicked his finger over her tight nipple.

“Oh God.” She arched into his touch, and her eyes fluttered shut. Do it again.

Instead, he leaned his face down and replaced his finger with his tongue. She purred and tensed at the noise. And then he sucked her nipple into his mouth and grazed it with his teeth.

Holy fuck. Her pussy ached. She clenched down, but something was missing. His cock, you dumbness.

When he released her nipple, he nibbled a path to the other one and gave it the same treatment. His fingers molded the opposite globe while he worked.

In moments, she was writhing beneath him. “Drake.” She grasped his head with both hands. Did she want to push him away or pull him in tighter?

He released her breast with a pop. “You okay, Kenz?”

She nodded. Who knew her breasts could be so erogenous? While he blew on the damp tips, he settled his leg between her thighs. She opened for him, but her heart raced. When he nudged his thigh forward and rubbed against her sex, she gasped. Even through her shorts and panties she could feel the pressure, the need.

“You’re so wet, baby,” he muttered against her chest. “You’re leaking through your shorts onto my leg.”

Embarrassed, she closed her eyes.

“Just feel, Kenz. Let it go.” He loosened the contact with his thigh, and his hand landed in the spot, cupping her sex.

She moaned and arched into his touch. Fuck. Oh my God.

Never. That’s how long it’d been since she’d felt anything like this. Could she let loose and follow his lead? Would she lose herself if she let him continue?

It was worth it. The cherry that dangled in front of her would taste so sweet. She knew it. And she was powerless to stop him. Whatever it was she needed so badly, she was close to begging for it. The release…

When he dragged his hand up to her torso and wiggled his fingers inside her shorts and panties, she gripped the sheets on both sides with her fists.

“Oh God, Kenz. You are so wet, baby. I’m gonna make you feel so good. Just relax. Let go.” His words sounded distant. Her ears were ringing.

She silently pleaded with him to touch her more. She wasn’t sure where, but somewhere. He was taking too long. He held her panties away from her body with the back of his hand and finally stroked a finger through the opening to her pussy.

She writhed. Unable to stop herself, she lifted both knees and dug her heels into the mattress.

He added another finger and dipped them inside her. “So tight. Oh God, Kenz.” His breath sounded harsh, his words guttural.

Suddenly he pushed the two fingers in deep and pressed his palm against her clit. She nearly exploded. Panting, she gripped his forearm with one hand, holding him in place.

He didn’t acknowledge her tight hold. She knew he was stronger than her. She wouldn’t be able to pull him away or push him closer if he didn’t desire it.

He held those two fingers inside her and stroked the front of her channel.


“So hot, baby. So perfect. Let it go.” He murmured the words into her ear, so close she could feel his breath, and it sent a chill down her body.

Let what go? She was so close … to what? The tension continued to build while he stroked her pussy. When he pulled his fingers out, she wanted to scream. No.

Instead, she bit her lip and lifted her hips toward him.

He chuckled into her earlobe. “I’m right here, baby. Just feel.” He dragged his fingers through the opening again, gathering her moisture, and then he stroked up and flicked over her clit.

She moaned. Holy shit.

“That’s it, baby. Let it go. Concentrate on the feeling in your tight little clit.” He flicked again and again now, in rapid succession. Over and over until she thought she’d burst with unknown need. “Come for me, Kenzie.”

She gritted her teeth against the need, holding herself just on the edge of sanity.

He spoke again, his words demanding. “Kenzie, come. You can do it. Let it go. Don’t hold it in. It’ll drive you crazy. Come. Now.”

On that last word, she shattered. Her pussy clenched and pulsed as she squealed unintelligibly. She gripped his arm tighter as he continued to stroke her little nub, gradually slowing until she flinched when the contact became sensitive.

He must have known because he circled her clit with a finger, abandoning the sensitive spot. “So beautiful… Thank you.”
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