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Feb 23, 2017

Damage Control by Lisa Renee Jones

Damage Control
Damage Control
by Lisa Renee Jones
Dirty Money Book Two

The only thing more dangerous than a dark secret is a damaged heart…

Shane Brandon has been pushed to the brink, torn between his corrupt family and his explosive, all-consuming desire for Emily Stevens, who he now knows is not who, and what, she seems. Has he trusted the wrong person? Will she, not his brother Derek, be the ultimate destruction of his family Empire.

Emily tries to run from Shane, but he will stop her, confront her, force her to reveal all — one hot touch and kiss, at a time, under every intimate detail of who this woman is, and what she wants, is exposed. But as he tears away the dangers of the unknowns with the woman in his bed, and in his heart, The Martina Cartel, has set their sights on his company, his family, and the one piece of leverage they believe he won’t gamble with: Emily.

Note: Book one, Hard Rules, must be read before this story.

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Content/Theme(s): Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 21, 2017
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

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Feb 20, 2017

Bound Forever by Jenna Fox

Bound Forever
Bound Forever
by Jenna Fox
Pleasing the Manwhore Book Two

His rules were simple, and my heart was supposed to be safe after the orgasms were over and the blinds had been raised.

I was wrong.

Running away was supposed to make this indescribable pain go away. Wrong again.

Starting my life over in a different place was supposed to make me forget him, but the hold the billionaire had on me was inescapable.

Insidious… All consuming…

Sullivan Cooper was a master, seducing his way into my heart and mind, binding me to him forever.

No, it wasn’t enough that he had to break me and take all I had…

He came back for more.

Note: This is not a standalone series. You need to read book one first.
Content Warning: This story contains a younger woman involved with a much older, jealous, and controlling man. Elements of stalking and submission/domination.

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): BDSM, D/s, Spanking, Domestic Discipline
Release Date: February 14, 2017
Publisher: Fiction Vixen Publications

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Feb 19, 2017

Kings of the Empire by M.A. Abraham

Kings of the Empire
Kings of the Empire
by M.A. Abraham
Elven Chronicles Book Twelve

The Empire is rising to face the enemy. They are not alone, for their allies and neighbors have come to help; some have even come to fight despite the objections of their own rulers.

The Drazon is free, the Demon Hordes are on the march, and their numbers are staggering. Will the Empire survive this challenge? Or will their enemies prevail? The stakes are high, for if they fail to win the upcoming battles, the lives of every Elf in the Empire will be in jeopardy. No one knows the real extent of what they will be facing

As the Elves prepare to fight, the Drazon attacks at will, first challenging the might of the Dragons. He feels invincible. Omnipotent. Immortal. He will show the world who is in charge and the meaning of fear. His hatred knows no boundary.

While King Lothrariel continues to hold his Empire and, the lives of his people together, he is besieged by problems. He turns to Gabriel, to handle the greatest tasks, and to resume his place as Commander in Chief of the Combined Elven Armies of the Empire. Lothrariel must also answer his Life Mate’s call to fight at her side. He quickly finds out there is more to her summons than their bond. As an Oracle, she 'sees' the possible outcomes, but she cannot speak of them, she can only guide.

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Content/Theme(s): Elves, Demons, Fae, Dragons, Magic, Paranormal
Release Date: February 16, 2017
Publisher: Indie

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Feb 18, 2017

Ye Olde Kinke Faire by Thianna D

Ye Olde Kinke Faire
Ye Olde Kinke Faire
by Thianna D
Elan Isle Book One

When Kendrick and Becca meet at a kinky renaissance faire, their attraction is instant.

Kendrick Finleigh has been searching for a place for he and his friends to call home, a place where they can let out their kinky selves with no reprisal. Investing in a kinky renaissance faire on a private island seems just the ticket.

Becca Hesse came to work at Ye Olde Kinke Faire thinking it would be fun, only to find the owners have no idea what kink is. When new investors take over, she’s thrilled, especially when Kendrick shows interest in her.

With problems in getting the Faire up and running, there seems little time to express how they truly feel for one another. One error leads to a huge misunderstanding and before long, what was once a promising relationship, crashes into the surf. With Becca on the run, Kendrick has to call on all his reserves to bring his sub home safely. Or risk losing her, and what could have been, forever.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): BDSM, D/s, Kink, Renaissance Fair
Release Date: February 16, 2017
Publisher: Indie

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Feb 17, 2017

Catching Lily by Becca Jameson

Catching Lily
Catching Lily
by Becca Jameson
Spring Training Book Two

When it comes to games, he has mastered every rule, on and off the field.

After sneaking off to have the hottest sex of her life with Dominic Cordes, the insanely sexy pitcher for Miami’s major league baseball team, Lily Phillips can’t imagine ever facing the man again. She acted completely out of character. But there’s no way to avoid seeing him three months later at the wedding of their mutual friends.

Dominic hasn’t forgotten a single moment with the tiny blonde who submitted to him so thoroughly that night. He should have called. Now he will have to face her wrath.

The steam between them hasn’t abated, but starting a relationship proves nearly impossible between Lily’s inexperience as a submissive, their hectic schedules, and an ex-boyfriend who does everything in his power to interfere.

Is it worth it? When they’re together, the world stops. But reality keeps threatening to tear them apart.

Genre: Sports Romance
Content/Theme(s): Baseball, BDSM, Erotic, Contemporary
Release Date: February 14, 2017
Publisher: Indie

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Feb 15, 2017

A Piece of Me by DC Stone

A Piece of Me
A Piece of Me
by DC Stone
Garden Love Book One

Yesterday, he was married to her best friend.

Tomorrow, her world shatters.

Today, she denies everything…including her heart.

Aimee isn’t a stranger to death and pain, but guilt drives her to make decisions she’ll come to regret. Choices she’ll have to take. A life with a man that shouldn’t be hers.

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Second Chance, Dark
Release Date: February 14, 2017
Writers In Crime
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Feb 13, 2017

Dragon´s Quest by Cyci Cade

Dragon's Quest
Dragon´s Quest
by Cyci Cade
Dragon Princes Book One

Three lives separated by time and land, connected by curse.

Two princes from the Dragon´s Dynasty, Liu and Wei, are cursed and condemned to live as dragons. After two centuries their fate changes when Kate appears in their lives and they are able to return to their human form. However, the curse isn´t broken yet.

To break the curse, the princes must recover the eyes and heart of the Great Dragon. As Liu, Wei, and Kate embark on a journey to the Palace of Jade in search of the first eye, they´ll have to face mythological creatures and immortal warriors. They´ll have to face death too, and prove that they are honorable men to save Kate´s life.

They´ll be tested as never before. They´ll discover feelings they never imagined existed. They´ll have to fight like wild warriors.

A curse can be broken… But at what cost?

Genre: Fantasy
Content/Theme(s): Dragon, Immortal Warriors, Romance, Mythology
Release Date: February 15, 2017
Ravenswood Publishing
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