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Apr 8, 2016

Sharon’s Wolves by Becca Jameson

Sharon's Wolves
Sharon’s Wolves
by Becca Jameson
Wolf Masters Book Ten

Sharon Masters is the last unmated sibling in her family. Although history would suggest she is fated to mate with Cooper Hamilton, she hasn’t met him.

For Cooper, the message is also clear. It’s the reason he hasn’t been to town in over two years. His time is up. As a seismologist, a series of earthquakes lure him to face his fate.

Jackson Wolf is human. All he knows is the unbelievable physical attraction he has for Sharon. However, her family’s reputation for living in threesomes makes him shy away.

Fate steps in, as She always does, to force Her hand. The land is rumbling. The citizens are fighting. The spirits are present. It’s time for Fate to arrange another mating. Her timing is never off.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Ménage, Shifters, Romantic Suspense, Wolves, M/F/M
Release Date: April 7, 2016
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

Excerpt & More

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Sharon closed her eyes and sank into the best kiss she’d ever had. It was worth the wait. Jackson held her shoulders with both hands, his fingers digging into her almost too tightly. But she loved it. It grounded her, seemingly keeping her from floating away as he angled his head to one side and deepened the connection.

Her body was on fire. Her nipples strained against the black lace bra she wore under her tight-fitting black dress. Her panties were wet from the constant arousal she’d experienced since he arrived. Who was she kidding? She’d been aroused by the thought of him before he’d arrived. And now she was forced to squirm as her clit pulsed against the lace, demanding attention.

The chances of her clit getting its way tonight were slim. But Jesus mercy she felt the driving need to mate. Nothing in her life had prepared her for this moment. No matter how many stories she’d heard from the mates of her four brothers, she hadn’t fully comprehended the scope of the need.

It consumed her.

It fueled her.

It drove her to forget her fake injury. How was she going to be able to keep up that charade with Jackson’s tongue teasing her into submission?

A noise in the background burrowed into her psyche and interrupted her perfect cocoon of denial. The one where she wanted the world to melt away so she could rip her dress over her head and stare into Jackson’s eyes while he fucked her senseless and they didn’t come up for air for three days.

Right. Because that’s exactly how regular humans started all their lasting relationships.

The noise broke through her mind again, jarring her enough to break the kiss. She gasped for air, setting her forehead against Jackson’s while she concentrated on the sound.

“Door,” he whispered. “Someone’s at the door.”

She jerked upright, and he released her shoulders.

Who would be at the door? Every single person in her family knew better.

It was getting late too. Couldn’t be a sales call.

“You want me to get it?” he asked.

“No. I’ll…” She started to push off the couch before she remembered her fake injury. “Sure. You get it,” she said as she relaxed back into the cushion. At least if it was a kid selling something, Jackson would stand a better chance of chasing the teenager away. Sharon was too soft. She’d buy whatever they were selling even if she already had a dozen of them.

Jackson hauled himself off the couch and headed for the door.

She pursed her lips, fighting a grin while she watched him discreetly adjust his cock.

When he opened the door, the last person she ever expected to see stood on the front step. She saw him clearly as Jackson stepped to one side to give her a full view. Even though she’d never met Cooper Hamilton, she would know him anywhere.

But the first word out of Jackson’s mouth shook her to the core. “Cooper?”

Too stunned to speak, Sharon simply gaped at the two of them.

“What are you doing here?” Jackson asked.

How the fuck did Jackson know Cooper Hamilton? What was Cooper doing in town? And why was she the last to know this detail?

She lifted off the couch, doing her damnedest to keep up the charade of her supposed lingering injury, and hobbled toward the door. When she grabbed the frame, she stared into the eyes of a stubborn man who had spent months—no years—dissing her.

His eyes spoke volumes. He was sorry. He was completely chagrined. And he had somehow known Jackson was there. It was the reason he’d joined them.


Because holy mother of God, he too was her mate.

Sharon thought she would faint. In fact, she was sure of it. Just before her knees gave out, Cooper swooped in and grabbed her, hauling her off the ground and cradling her against his chest. He ambled into the room, kicking the front door shut behind him, and settled her back on the couch.

Leaving a very confused Jackson standing rigid by the front door.

He narrowed his gaze on her bandaged shin. “How’s your leg?” he asked by way of introduction.

“It’s healing fine,” she muttered. Someone must have told him what happened. The same someone who didn’t bother to tell her he was in town. Probably Laurie. Why?

“Uh-huh.” Cooper kept his gaze on her as he stepped back, breaking all contact. His puzzled expression softened when he turned toward Jackson and then looked back at her. “Right. Of course.”

Exactly. And don’t blow my cover, she thought.

How the hell had she gotten into this mess?

She winced when she realized she’d just boldly lied to Jackson minutes ago about not being interested in having two men. On her behalf, until Jackson opened the door to Cooper, she’d truly believed her words.



“What’s going on?” Jackson asked. “Do you two know each other?” He stepped farther into the room. In fact, he didn’t back down either. He boldly resumed his seat next to her on the couch, even settling his palm on her knee and squeezing as if he’d already done so dozens of times and it was perfectly natural.

Cooper took a deep breath and stared at Jackson’s hand for several seconds before seeming to rein in his obvious dismay and yanking his gaze away. He turned to pace the room, rubbing his forehead.

He was shorter than Jackson. His black designer T-shirt hugged his pecs perfectly. She couldn’t breathe remembering them pressed against her chest as he lifted her. Her brain had overloaded with so many sensations at once. His deep male scent, hard body, dark chocolate eyes. Lord. Even the way he wore his short brown hair was sexy.

Sharon didn’t have a clue what to say, so she let him have his moment. After all, this was his doing. He clearly knew what he was walking in on when he came to the door. How was still a mystery to Sharon, but she would find out soon enough.

“Is someone going to fill me in?” Jackson asked. “The tension in this room is so thick I could cut it with a knife.” As he spoke, he eased his palm up her thigh, pushing the hem of her dress higher until she was almost exposed to both of them. Her pussy pulsed with a renewed need that slammed into her with far more force than earlier.

Sharon opened her mouth to say something, hoping it would come to her quickly. But before she was forced to put nouns and verbs in some semblance of order, something to her other side grabbed her attention.

She yanked her gaze toward the front door at the same time Jackson and Cooper did the same.

The black aura that hovered near the entrance to her condo, coalescing into the shape of something that looked like a large bear, didn’t frighten her. It shocked her. Stunned her speechless. But she’d heard enough about its appearances in and around the time of her brothers’ matings often enough that she knew to give it credence.

It wanted something. From all three of them. And it wouldn’t stop until it got what it wanted. Might have been nice if it waited to make its first appearance until after Jackson had been filled in a bit on the details, but Nature didn’t always follow the rules of man.

“What the hell is that?” Jackson asked.

Sharon glanced at Cooper to find his chest rising and falling with each breath, but he wasn’t scared, either. He knew the same things she did.

Long moments passed before the black smoky substance drew in on itself and poofed out of existence, leaving no sign it had ever been there. If any one person would have seen it, they could have written it off as a figment of their imagination, but there were three of them. And the message was undeniable.

“Ice breaker,” Cooper said as he turned back around to face them. He even grinned, a slow smile that spread across his face to stop her heart and endear him to her in a way she would never forget. His eyes lit up as he met her gaze. She didn’t get the impression he usually smiled. But he was smiling now. And the light in the room grew brighter for it.

“Pardon?” Jackson released Sharon’s leg, making her wince to know he was pulling away. Giving up. He’d stood his ground for a minute, but this was getting to be too much for him.

In fact, he inched away, and she feared he would run.

Cooper held up his hands, palms out, and took charge, thank God. “I’m so sorry to barge in on you like this. I know it’s rude.”

“I thought you were going to your sister’s,” Jackson stated.

What the hell?

Instead of asking the ten thousand questions swimming around in her head, she decided to save them for later.

“I was. I changed my mind. Other things were more important.”

“How do you know Sharon? And what the fuck was that thing at the door?” His stress rising palpably, Jackson stood and stepped into the center of the room to face off with Cooper.

“It was a spirit. Sort of a guide.”

“A spirit? That’s insane.”

“Yeah, well, that’s the least of today’s insanity,” Cooper muttered. “Stick with me, and it will get so much crazier.”
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