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Jun 6, 2015

Paint by Becca Jameson & Paige Michaels

Cover & Excerpt

by Becca Jameson & Paige Michaels
The Art of Kink Book Two

PaintNathan and Olivia have been together for years. They have a unique D/s relationship that makes them both happy and keeps life interesting. But what they want most is a third, so they are beyond excited when they think they have found their boy while watching him perform a scene at their favorite dungeon.

Luke is green. He is young and inexperienced. But after getting a taste of kink one night months ago, he’s been unable to wipe the memory from his mind. He wants more. He wants a couple to take him on and fulfill his fantasies, and maybe help him figure out who he is along the way.

When Nathan and Olivia confront Luke after his scene, it seems too good to be true. And perhaps it is. There are obstacles. Luke’s religious upbringing seeps into his consciousness often. And Nathan and Olivia don’t seem to know the meaning of subtle. The sex is phenomenal, but is it enough to make this unusual threesome work?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Ménage, BDSM, M/M/F
Release Date: June 4, 2015
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

Excerpt & More

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Luke’s breath froze in his chest. Bi male bottoms. Dungeon. The words seared into his brain. This could be exactly what he’d been looking for. But Jesus, in front of an audience? Was he up for that? It was one thing to have Julian watching him eat Morgan’s pussy, but it was totally another to have a whole audience there for his first time getting fucked by a guy. Would that be a requirement? Maybe Luke could safe out before things went too far in anal play. He released the air in his lungs, and before he could talk himself out of it, he fired off a message to the woman named Kimber who’d listed the event.

Ten minutes later, a return message popped in his box.

Send a picture. A real one.

Luke took a deep breath. Should he take off his clothes? Okay, no, he wasn’t going to open that door when whoever Kimber was hadn’t asked for it. He smiled awkwardly for his laptop cam and sent the photo back without spending more than five seconds looking at it, just to make sure his eyes weren’t shut.

Two minutes later another message from Kimber popped up.

Oh. That IS real. And delicious. Okay. You’re in. Bring your physical and a valid ID to the basement door of Nyx. We’re at 627 Clark. Be there on Friday at 9 p.m. Don’t forget the ID. You look young, and no one will touch you if they don’t think you’re legal.

He was legal, barely, in all senses of the word. Two months past his twenty-first birthday, single, no family to speak of, a job at the Loft that didn’t pay him enough, and a tiny studio apartment he wouldn’t be able to keep much longer if he didn’t pull something out of his hat. Again, a twinge of guilt slid along his skin. He should be focusing on a job search, spending time online scouring want ads. But instead, he sent a quick response to Kimber.

Sounds great. See you then.

Holy shit. He was doing this. He was going to do this. For real. Two nights from now, he was going to play in front of an audience. He didn’t even know who he’d be playing with, but the butterflies in his stomach took off in the same way they had when he first walked into Julian and Morgan’s apartment. Was he stupid to hope this could lead him into finding what he’d been missing since that night?

* * *
“Maybe we should stop looking,” Olivia said from the bedroom doorway, her long dark hair framing her heart-shaped face and drawing more attention to her bright red Cupid’s bow lips.

Nathan studied her from where he was slipping on his shoes. He was in a suit tonight, black on black. All business. “I thought you wanted a third.”

It wasn’t a question. He knew she did. So did he. They’d been in the community long enough, played with others enough to know that additional partners got them both off. They could play hard together, and had many times, but there was nothing like the rush of a third beneath him, over her, ordered to fuck and suck and come. Nathan stood and cinched his tie, watching Olivia’s chest rise as she took all of him in.

“You look edible,” Olivia said, licking her bottom lip. She flipped her hair over her shoulder, exposing olive skin, courtesy of her Venezuelan mother. “Te deseo.”

I want you.

She could also thank her mother for the beautiful language she graced Nathan with often enough he had grown to almost understand her most of the time.

He slipped closer, tracing his finger along the top edge of her corset, dipping into her cleavage as he slid his thigh between her legs and she rubbed herself against it. Her barely there skirt rode up and he saw the tops of her thigh highs. Fuck, he loved her body, the way she was always ready for him, for whatever he wanted.

“You worked all day. You’re probably tired. Maybe we could skip the demo at Nyx tonight,” he said, sliding both hands up to cup the bottom of her tits, pushing them farther up so the tops of her nipples popped from the corset. He bent to take one in his mouth, biting and sucking as she gave a low moan.

“Maybe we should,” she said, grinding herself on his thigh even more.

He raised his mouth and nipped at her neck. “Of course, Kimber told me she had a new guy joining tonight, young and likely with little experience. She thought we might want to meet him.”

Olivia’s eyes widened as she continued to rub her pussy along his thigh. He pushed her back, not wanting to have to change pants once she got wet enough her juices leaked through her panties onto his thigh. Instead, he pulled her skirt up and speared two fingers into her.

She moaned. “New? And young?” she asked, nearly breathless.

He added a third finger and moved closer to her ear. “How about I take the edge off now, baby? Just a little and then we go check this guy out. See if he likes us. See if he might want to play.”

Olivia’s thighs were shaking and she gripped his shoulders. “Yes,” she whispered, riding his hand wantonly and tipping her head back for him to bite at her neck.

Nathan was impossibly hard, his dick pressing against his zipper painfully as he watched her come apart. Jesus, she was beautiful when she came. Always had been. From the first moment he’d taken her into the bathroom at the bank and dropped to his knees to eat her pussy until she screamed. Half the customers at the bank probably heard her, but neither of them cared. She’d pulled her panties up and asked for his number, and then she dropped to her knees and returned the favor.

“Do you need me to take the edge off of you too, mi amor?” she asked when she recovered her voice.

He smiled at the way she referred to him as “her love.”

She raked long nails over his cock. He put his hand over hers.

“No, baby. I’m going to suffer all night, and when we get home, with or without a new boy, you’re going to ease my pain. Over and over.”

Olivia smiled, dark lashes framing bright blue eyes. “Yes.”
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