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Apr 25, 2015

Bound to be Tempted by Becca Jameson

Cover & Excerpt

Bound to be Tempted
by Becca Jameson
Emergence Book Four

Bound to be TemptedIf they let the past control them…the future will never take hold.
In the six months since Margaret Donovan broke up with her girlfriend, she has prowled Emergence, hoping to find a Dom to help her explore her bisexuality. The only man who’s caught her interest in all that time is the bouncer.

He’s a firm Dom, and after all, it’s just a trial run. An experiment. He doesn’t need to know the details of the troubled past that makes her long to get over her aversion to being under anyone’s thumb.

Carlton Fisher’s keen eye has been tracking Maggie, as well. She looks exactly like the childhood sweetheart who’s haunted him for over a decade, but she doesn’t need to know that. Two weeks’ instruction should get her over her hump, give her the confidence she needs to work with a Dom…and get her out of his system.

Neither is prepared for the floodtide of explosive emotions. It’s cathartic and therapeutic, but if they can’t purge themselves of the pain of the past, their hearts could suffer irreparable damage.

Product Warning: This book contains intense submission from established participants in the BDSM world. If nipple clamps, edging, public nudity, restraints, gags, blindfolds and flogging make you squeamish, move along!

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): BDSM, D/s
Release Date: April 21, 2015
Excerpt & More

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Without saying another word, Carlton led Margaret through the crowd until he reached the employees-only door that led to the private areas of the club. He tugged the door open with his free hand and ushered Margaret through in front of him with a nod of his head.

Margaret ducked under Carlton’s arm where he held the door.

Still not releasing her hand, Carlton led her to the first office on the left, opened another door, and repeated the gentlemanly gesture until she was safely ensconced in his personal area.

She’d been in his office before, but never alone with him and never holding his hand, and never with her heart pounding so loud she thought he could surely hear it.

“Sit,” he commanded in a voice gruffer than usual. He angled her toward a guest chair opposite his desk and didn’t let go of her hand until her arm was stretched awkwardly away from her body as she settled in the seat. At that moment, he let go as though she’d burned him, muttering, “Sorry.”

Margaret licked her lips. How had she so quickly managed to land herself in his office, the vulgar noises of the club that had grated on her nerves all evening cut off, leaving her with a faint ringing sound?

Carlton leaned his ass on the edge of his desk and crossed his ankles. She was so close to him that he grazed her ankle with his shoe on the way by. He narrowed his gaze as though assessing her for injury. “You okay?”

“Yes.” She nodded.

“Why were you with that guy in the first place?”

Margaret gasped. “What? I wasn’t with him. He manhandled me onto the dance floor.”

Carlton stared hard at her for a second and then ducked his face and rubbed his temples with one hand. “Of course. I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to snap at you. And I’m sorry I didn’t see him quicker. It’s too crowded out there tonight. We really need a limit.” His brow remained furrowed when he lifted his head.

“I was fine. You were fast. I’m not sure how you saw me so quickly, actually.”

He nodded, his gaze wandering from her face down to her chest, and then lower. Was he looking for bruises? It hadn’t been that bad.

“You need a Dom,” he stated as though it were the simplest solution to an imaginary problem.


Carlton’s gaze darted back to hers. So fierce. If she didn’t know better, she’d think he was angry with her. “You’ve been hanging around here for months alone. You’re an open target for predators. You’re too sexy for your own good. You need a Dom,” he emphasized again.

“What?” she repeated. She had no idea what he was getting at.

He rolled his eyes then, the furrow loosening slightly. “Maggie, you’re fucking gorgeous.” He waved his hand through the air toward her corset and then her skirt. “I know you tend to wear more than most unattached women in the club these days, but, baby, I can almost see your pussy under that skirt. And your breasts…” his hand paused midair in the vicinity of her chest, inches separating his fingers from her nipples, “…God, woman.”

Margaret giggled. She couldn’t stop herself. Carlton in his overbearing protective mode was almost comical.

“What are you laughing at? This is serious.” He narrowed his gaze.

“What’s serious, Carlton? The fact that I’m sexy or the fact that you can’t control your tongue?”

His gaze snapped to meet hers again. He closed his mouth.

Margaret stood slowly. She stepped closer to him until she could feel his breath on her cheeks. Even leaning against the desk, he towered over her. She watched as his Adam’s apple bobbed with his swallow. She had him tongue-tied. Now what was she going to do? “Did you want to volunteer?”

Carlton swallowed again. “Volunteer for what?” His voice was hoarser than usual, deep, so fucking sexy she wanted him to keep talking.

“To be my Dom. You said I needed a Dom. Are you volunteering?” She lifted an eyebrow, proud of her ability to hold her ground. Inside, she was shaking fiercely. Her pussy was soaking wet from his proximity. She was aroused by everything about him—the way he gripped the edge of the desk on both sides of his body, the way his jaw ticked at her challenge, the way his eyes widened and his mouth opened to utter no response.

How had she never noticed her incredible attraction to him? Or maybe she had simply ignored it or written it off as a coincidence caused by his enormous size and his domineering mannerisms. In any case, she suddenly wanted him to be the first man to really dominate her. She needed the experience in a safe, sane, consensual environment. Carlton was all that and more. She knew him well enough to be sure he would handle her appropriately as she explored this hidden side of her she’d kept barricaded for her entire life.

Seconds ticked by. Margaret could hear his heart beating, or maybe it was hers. Perhaps both in sync. It seemed the temperature in the room rose with each passing moment. Her skin heated as a flush spread across her chest and up her cheeks.

She remained perfectly still, not letting her fingers fold into fists even though she desperately wanted to do just that. She forced herself to stand tall and keep her hands at her sides to avoid crossing them over her chest.

She waited, not letting her gaze fall from his. She waited while he stared at her in shock. She waited longer while he lifted both hands to her shoulders and wrapped his fingers around her bare skin.

“Yes,” he stated.

Now it was Margaret’s turn to blink in shock. Had he said yes?
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