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Dec 12, 2013

Cover Reveal - Frostbitten by Becca Jameson

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Frostbitten by Becca Jameson

Adonia has been isolated from society her entire life. Banished from her pack for crimes committed before her birth, she lives a solitary existence with her mother in the wilds of Siberia.

Zephyr has been sent by the ruler of winter, Jack Frost, to find a daughter he just found out existed. When Zephyr finds her, the storm that erupts is both literal and figurative.

Fated to mate, Adonia and Zephyr must find a way to put an end to the blizzard burying them in snow. Battling forces of nature neither of them understands, they are trapped inside Adonia’s small cabin, waiting for…the inevitable.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Wolves
Release Date: December 5, 2013
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

Excerpt & More

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Adonia smirked to herself as she stepped into her little cabin. She’d leave the preening white wolf outside to pick his jaw up off the ground. Did that man seriously believe she hadn’t noticed him? What rock had he crawled out from under when he got up this morning?

Granted, she would admit one thing, he probably had an agenda that went far beyond anything she could conjure in her mind. He definitely had the advantage there. She doubted he popped out of nowhere without ulterior motives. But, he didn’t hold all the cards. Most importantly, he hadn’t known she was part wolf. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have stood there in plain daylight all cocky, watching her work.

She’d sensed him before he’d breached the ridge. And she’d known he was her mate before she saw him out of her peripheral vision.

His senses were top notch, as any snow wolf’s would be, but she had the added advantage of being half fey. She’d never met her father, but his blood ran thick in her veins.

The door opened at her back, as she knew it would. She didn’t turn from where she stood at the sink washing dishes, humming to herself. “Well, shut the door. You’re letting the warm air out.”

Shuffling behind her indicated the man had at least stepped inside. A snick sounded as the winter was closed off from them. “Sorry,” he mumbled.

Good, she had humbled him. She had decided half an hour ago to take the upper hand in this . . . thing between them. Huge white male wolves in the wilds of Siberia could be very domineering.

Adonia wasn’t one to be pushed around. It was time to see what she was up against.

She turned from the sink and leaned against the short counter, crossing her arms under her breasts. With an intentional scowl, she narrowed her gaze at the newcomer and gave him the onceover from the bottom up, pausing an inordinately long time to take in his package on the way and making him squirm under the scrutiny.

She wasn’t disappointed. The clothes he’d conjured up to shift in were a good choice—well-worn jeans that hugged his cock to perfection and a white V-neck muscle shirt that left no room for doubt about his pecs and abs.

Oh, hell yeah. You’ll do just fine.

When she reached his face, she paused to study his expression. Regardless of her intense perusal, he was grinning at her, still trying to hang on to the upper hand. “Are you pleased?” His voice was deep, probably deeper than it would be if he weren’t so aroused.

She could scent his need. It matched her own. And she knew he would be well aware of that fact. Neither of them would be able to conceal their desire for the other. It was the way of wolf mates.

“I could do worse.”

His mouth dropped open at her shrug, but she couldn’t hold her form. Before he could retort, she started to giggle. Her mirth relaxed his expression and broke the standoff. “Imp.”

“Cocky Alpha.”

Now he grinned. Thank God. She was beginning to think his face was chiseled into a scowl.

“Sit.” She pointed at one of two chairs next to the fire place. She took the other. It was plenty warm in her tiny cabin, but she enjoyed sitting in front of the fire most nights, watching the flames jump around. It soothed her. She didn’t need the heat—both sides of her heredity were able to withstand very low temperatures—but she still loved the feelings it evoked. Home. Hearth. Heart.

“How did you find me?” She still had no doubt she’d been “found” rather than accidentally stumbled upon.

“It wasn’t easy. Why are you living so very far away from civilization?” She could feel his gaze on her, boring into her, but she kept her eyes trained on the flames.

“I didn’t choose this spot. My mother did. Many years ago.”

He glanced around, and then his gaze landed back on hers. “Interesting location to set up camp.” He spoke as though she were only here for a brief stop. In reality she’d been here her entire life.

“Did my mother send you?” Adonia narrowed her gaze at him. How had he managed to find her?

He shook his head. “No. Your father.”

“My father? You’ve spoken to him?” She widened her eyes. He’d managed to shock her.

The man laughed. His thick blond hair fell across his brow. His deep blue eyes burrowed under her skin. “I work for your father. I have for many years.”

The admission made Adonia pause. Perhaps this man wasn’t trustworthy after all. Nothing in his demeanor spoke of ill intent, but what little information she had about her father wasn’t admirable.

“Your father gave me very few details. In fact, he failed to mention you were half snow wolf.” He smiled, an endearing dimple popping out on both cheeks. “The vague directions he knew about your location made it difficult to find you.”

“I’m wondering how he even knew anything about me at all. To the best of my knowledge, he never knew I existed.”

“Frost knows everything. However, in this case he overheard some of your snow wolf family discussing the bastard child of his who’d been banished to live alone in the wild. Where is your mother? He expected me to find both of you. Please tell me you don’t live out here alone.”

How much could she tell this stranger? A man who worked for Jack Frost? It wasn’t really any of his business that her mother had raised her out here alone with very little assistance. “She went to town for supplies. She’ll be back tomorrow.” She narrowed her gaze, daring him to mess with her in her mother’s absence.

Suddenly, he chuckled. “Damn. I haven’t even introduced myself. I’m Zephyr.” He stood and held out a hand. “And I suppose I should at least verify you are indeed Adonia.” His grin was infectious. “Hate to think I’d drag the wrong woman back to meet her father.” His hand hung in the air, waiting for her to take it.

Adonia stared at his large palm, rough from hard work. She finally remembered her manners and tentatively reached her smaller hand toward his larger one. “You’ve found the right woman, but you’ve lost your mind if you think I’d let anyone drag me anywhere.” As her skin touched his, she sucked in a sharp breath. His warmth radiated through her fingers and traveled up her arm, filling her entire body with . . . peace. She jerked out of his grasp when something awoke deep inside her. Lust?

Although Adonia had met few men in her life and had limited experience with other people, shifters or human, she wasn’t ignorant. Her mother had raised her well, educated her both academically as well as worldly.

Zephyr chuckled again. “Perhaps drag was a poor word choice. I’m not in the habit of coercing women against their will.”

“Good to know.” She rubbed her hands on her jeans. She couldn’t shake the feelings he’d evoked just moments ago. She squeezed her legs together. Her sexual awareness had made itself known as soon as she’d first caught his scent in the wind, but now that he’d touched her, she was shaking with the desire for more.
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