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Dec 13, 2014

Cover Reveal - Need by Becca Jameson

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Need by Becca Jameson
The Fight Club Book Three

NeedIt’s a summer fling. Nothing more. Right?

Emily Townsend needs closure. And she’s will do anything to get it, including visit a local BDSM club. What she doesn’t expect is for the sexy man she’s been ogling for three weeks to waltz over to her table and dominate her in a way she’s never experienced.

Rider Henderson doesn’t do newbies. Or girlfriends. But the cute pixy hanging around his club has drawn him to her side like a magnet. Perhaps if he took her on as a trainee, he could purge her from his system.

The steam between Emily and Rider is undeniable. Not only is she a natural submissive, but she also enjoys watching him fight. That doesn’t change the fact Rider doesn’t want a permanent woman hanging around, nor does Emily have any interest in sharing Rider with her family or coworkers.

Genre: Erotic Romantic Suspense
Content/Theme(s): BDSM, MMA, Sports, Contemporary
Release Date: December 4, 2014
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

Excerpt & More

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“Take off your panties.”

Emily froze. He’d known she would. He’d intentionally pushed her to the edge of her comfort zone and then let her topple over the precipice. “Here?”


“Now?” She lifted her gaze to his.

“You’ve only learned three rules and you’re already breaking them all.” Surely this wouldn’t take long.

Her mouth opened again.

Rider waited. He fought to keep from smiling. He fought to keep from pressing his hand against his dick. Hell, he fought to keep from reaching across the table and licking the gloss right off her lips to confirm what the flavor was.

What the hell are you thinking? The woman can’t do this. She isn’t submissive. But Rider knew subconsciously he was lying to himself. She was eager to learn and trembling splendidly with every instruction.

Emily lowered her entire head in a sharp movement before she remembered it was her gaze he was concerned about and corrected herself. “Sorry, Sir.” She tugged her hands from under her thighs as though they’d been glued to the vinyl bench. She set her fingers on her lap and glanced around the bar area.

“Don’t concern yourself with anyone else. The only person who matters right now is me. Besides, Extreme is filled with Doms and subs. Few people in this club have the time or inclination to pay attention to one wayward newbie in a dark corner removing her panties under the table.”

Emily sat still for several moments. Finally, she lifted her butt the scant inches necessary, tucked her hands under her skirt, and squirmed as she dragged her panties over her ass, across her thighs, and down her legs.

Fuck me. Rider held his hand open in front of her, palm up. “I’ll take those.” He tried to control his voice. Damn.

Emily gasped. Her fingers shook as she brought the fistful of her panties above the table and set the wad on his palm.

Rider wanted to lift the panties to his face and inhale her scent, but he would content himself with knowing he could do that later. Instead, he stuffed the treasure in the pocket of his jeans, leaning to one side to make the opening more accessible. He gritted his teeth when his hand brushed against his cock through the pocket.

When he’d righted himself, he spoke again. “Now, lift yourself off the bench and pull your skirt out from under your ass. Sit with your bare skin on the vinyl.”

Emily hesitated again, but she didn’t look around this time. She did as he told her.

“Spread your knees. I can’t see well from here, so I’m going to have to assume you’re following my instructions.”

She flinched, but her wiggling told him she’d complied, at least to a certain extent.

“Do I make you horny?” He didn’t bother lowering his voice.

“Yes, Sir.” She gripped the edge of the table again.

“I need verification.”

She sucked in a breath and waited.

“Dip two of your fingers into your pussy as far as you can. Show me how wet you are.”

“I—I can’t do that… Sir. Not here.” She glanced around again.

“Do you want to learn the ropes or not?” He leaned closer into her space. He knew he made her more uncomfortable than she’d ever been in her life. He also knew it was necessary. Her actions following his command would determine the rest of their relationship with each other. If Emily could obey this instruction and the one he intended to give her next, he would know deep inside, she was submissive. There would be hope. For her or for me?

It was insane, really. He’s said himself that he didn’t take newbies. Ever. Why then was he so attracted to this one he felt the need to pressure her, test her, find out what she had in her?

Because you want her more than you want your next breath. It didn’t matter that it made no sense or that he’d never been with a woman so uneducated in his ways. What mattered was he needed to have her on a level so basic he was about to come in his jeans.

He’d never fuck her tonight. Hell, he didn’t intend to so much as touch her. He just wanted to push her one more step and leave her with something to consider. If she came back next week, he’d take her under his wing and tutor her. If not, no harm no foul.

Tell that to my cock.

“Emily.” He waited until he had her full attention. “You’re here. You’ve come here three times now. I’m not asking you to display your pussy to the entire room at large on your first foray into BDSM. I’m simply asking you to demonstrate your arousal level to me. Not one person is going to notice except me.

“Now, push two fingers into your pussy and draw them out for me to see.”

Emily’s hand shook as she released the table and reached under it.

Rider suddenly hated the table more than anything. He wanted to split it in half with his hand in a karate chop so he could watch her lift her skirt and slip her shaky fingers underneath it. He wanted to see her core, smell her essence, taste her arousal. But not tonight.

Emily lifted her butt off the bench. She set her free hand on her thigh, probably holding her skirt in place so it didn’t rise higher than she wanted.

There was no doubt what moment in time her fingers touched her pussy. She sucked her lower lip between her teeth. And the next moment, she moaned as she leaned farther forward.

Rider almost moaned with her. So wanton.

She was that raw. Pure. Sexy as hell. And she had no idea.

Her hand trembled as she brought it above the table, lowering her ass back to the bench.

“Ah, so wet for me, baby.” Copious amounts of her arousal coated her fingers.

And now for the final test. “Suck them clean, Emily. Taste yourself. Learn your flavor.”

Emily remained still, her hand in the air in front of him, her middle fingers curling slightly as she pondered her choices.

When she made her decision, bringing those fingers to her lips and tentatively letting them slip into her open mouth, Rider almost came. He watched without blinking. His eyes burned with the image. He’d never forget the moment as long as he lived.

Emily challenged him too. She lifted her gaze to his and teased him mercilessly as she sucked first one finger clean and then the other. He’d created a monster. The little imp knew exactly what she was doing.

His chest pounded. His skin felt overly hot. He would need to masturbate at some point tonight.

But he didn’t care. Emily Townsend was his to control.

What the fuck are you going to do next, big guy?
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