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Feb 7, 2015

Hers by Becca Jameson

Cover & Excerpt

Hers by Becca Jameson
The Fight Club Book Four

HersSubmitting to him is easy… Shaking off her past is not.

Kayla Temple is leery about returning to a BDSM lifestyle. Finally free from four horrific years with a man she wishes she could forget, she wants to experience the release of submission again, but can she trust any Dom enough to let herself go?

Gage Holland has been watching Kayla for two years. They work together, and she belongs to the same club as him. But she wears a tough shield, and Gage has a full life that leaves him with very little free time.

After engaging in a flogging scene together that goes horribly wrong, Gage is more intrigued than ever. What makes Kayla so skittish? The small taste he’s had of her is not enough. Hiding his own vulnerabilities, he pushes Kayla to open up about her past while submitting to him in ways that won’t trigger another bad response to her mysterious past.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): MMA, BDSM, Sports
Release Date: February 5, 2015
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

Excerpt & More

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“How about we go back a step and you let me spank you? You’ll get the release you need doing a scene we’ve already done before in a safe environment where you don’t have to worry about stopping me if you need to.”

She thought about that. It was a good idea. And it had been so long since she’d gotten that kind of release—the last time Gage had done it to her in fact. A few weeks ago. “That would be great. Sir.”

“I’ll take it slow and easy. We’ll do what makes you comfortable this time. Nothing more.”


“Kayla, can you take your clothes off for me?”

She lifted her gaze. “How about my shirt and pants?”

He nodded. “That’ll work. I don’t like to spank or flog anyone through their clothes. I told you that the other night.”

“Yes, Sir.” She stood and unbuttoned her shirt, wondering what he was thinking, praying he didn’t have sexual intent. She could barely handle the idea of being spanked right now. Sex was totally out of her comfort zone. And she was very much aware that although it might seem prudent to work through her anxieties about submission in the privacy of her home, at the same time it opened the door for things to escalate.

Gage gave away nothing while he watched her remove her shirt, kick off her shoes, and then wiggle out of her pants. She set everything on the coffee table and stood before him feeling surprisingly self-conscious.

“You’re shaking.”

“I’m nervous.” She watched his face.

He let his gaze roam up her body. He’d seen her similarly dressed before. Why should tonight be any different? “Nothing happens that you don’t specifically request, Kayla. I promise you that. You can trust me.”


“Tell me what you need.”

“I need you to spank me, Sir.” That was exactly what she craved. She knew the release would be the best thing for her current state of anxiety, a state she’d been in for two years if she admitted it fully to herself. Sure, she’d done a few scenes, but nothing that reached deep enough to really allow her into a deep sub space where the world disappeared and left her raw with emotions that would ooze away. She longed to feel that again. She believed Gage could do it for her.

She’d been there before. It had been years. But she’d been there. And she wanted it back.

Would he lay her across the coffee table, or the back of the couch, or his lap? She shivered at the idea of settling across his knees.

“Come here.” He reached out with one hand.

She stepped up to his knees.

He set his hands on her waist. “Your nerves are palpable.”

“I’m sorry.” She tried to stand still, calm her racing heart, slow her breathing. She lost.

“You don’t need to be sorry. Just an observation. And I’m wondering what’s making you so nervous. I’ve spanked you twice before. You’ve had a setback with the flogging.” He squeezed her waist, making her feel things she didn’t want to feel, a tightness in her stomach that had lain dormant for so long she thought it would never return.

The memory of what it felt like to be a sexual being was so distant she barely recognized it.

“I want to be sure you aren’t pushing yourself too far too soon.”

She nodded. “I’m good.”

“So, in the past, you’ve been able to enter a sub space that freed you from your stress?”

“Yes.” She didn’t always call him Sir, but he never commented on it. Perhaps it wasn’t important to him.

Simon had insisted.

Gage was decidedly not Simon.

She trembled as he tugged her around to his side. “I want you to lie across my lap, baby.” His voice had changed, deepened, softened.

Kayla held her breath as she did what he said. Two years she’d been without a Dom. Two years. Gage didn’t know it, but he was the best Dom she’d been with in that time. Two spankings at the club, unless she counted the failed flogging from the other night. All the other Doms she’d done a scene or two with before approaching Gage hadn’t held a candle to him.

Both of those spankings had been in a controlled environment on a bench. Both times she was wearing a dress and thong. Gage had pushed the dress above her butt to expose her cheeks, but that had been it.

When she lowered across his lap now, her heart pounded. Perhaps this wasn’t the best-laid plan. It was more intimate, making it difficult to deny the sexual feelings she always ignored with Gage. He helped ease her across his thighs so her chest hung heavy on one side and her pussy extended on the other.

The man’s thighs were hard with muscle. He didn’t have soft spots on his body. She couldn’t reach the ground with her hands, so she grabbed his shin, proving her point. Even his lower legs were rock solid.

He set one hand on her lower back and held her steady. With his other hand, he palmed her ass, squeezing and molding her flesh while her embarrassment rose at the exposure, assuming he was intently staring at her exposed skin. His hand smoothed down until he reached her thigh, which he continued to massage in the same way.

Kayla sucked in a breath. Try as she might to keep this experience strictly based on the release she would receive from the spanking, she couldn’t control the way her pussy clenched as he stroked her thighs. Her nipples puckered and pressed against her bra. And dammit, she was wet. It was a struggle to keep from squirming and drawing attention to her plight. Her legs were separated, but not far. She wanted to squeeze them together and squelch the pressure at her sex.

“You okay?” he asked, his palm spreading wider on her lower back.

“Yes.” The word was more of a breath, and she cringed inwardly thinking she sounded needy—and not in the way she’d intended this to go.

“Safe word?”


“Use it, Kayla. Don’t wait until you’re falling apart.”


Gage lifted his hand, and she sucked in another breath, waiting for the first strike, willing it. She prayed for him to get on with it, hoping his spanking would distract her from the fact she was struggling to disassociate the dormant sexual longing from the present physical need for release. Weren’t the two things mutually exclusive? She’d always thought so. They certainly were with Simon. The bastard took what he wanted from her both sexually and physically without a care in the world for the connection.

But now, as Kayla lay across the lap of a Dom who was nothing like her ex, the line between the pulsing need in her pussy and the desire to be spanked faded.

The first strike landed on one cheek, followed quickly by a second swat to the other cheek. Gage immediately squeezed the offended flesh, switching back and forth to soothe her skin.

Kayla bit the inside of her cheek, her eyes wide as she fought to keep from moaning.

Holy fuck. Her pussy grew wetter. She slammed her legs together as the moisture seeped into her thong. Oh my God. This can’t be happening.

This wasn’t at all what she intended. She’d managed to let Gage spank her at the club without this reaction. Hadn’t she? Or maybe she’d been lying to herself. But here, in her home, across his lap, practically naked and exposed, Kayla wanted more.

She squirmed against his hand, her mind refusing to acknowledge that what she really wanted was for him to reach between her legs.

“Kayla? Baby? You okay?”

“Yes, Sir.” Her voice was weak. She scrunched up her face when she heard her tone. She sounded like a woman in the throes of sex, not one enduring a simple spanking scene.

He continued to soothe her skin, his damn palm making her want even more. She gritted her teeth to keep from speaking, unsure if she would beg him to stop, or to fuck her before she lost her mind.

Gage lifted his hand finally and tapped her thighs where they met. “Spread your legs, baby. You’re stiff.”

Kayla’s breath hitched. She was helpless to deny him. All she had to do was relax her muscles, and her legs fell open on their own, just enough to make her more aware of her pussy when the air in the room hit her wet panties. She whimpered.

“Good girl. May I continue?”


He lifted his palm again and swatted her ass, lower this time, four strikes that landed at the base of her cheeks and then the juncture with her thighs.

She moaned. OhGodohGod. She was so aroused, she feared she might come. That floaty sensation she hoped to acquire from the spanking, the one guaranteed to accompany a rush of endorphins, was totally not what she was experiencing. Not even close.

Nope. Kayla was so fucking aroused, she couldn’t concentrate on anything but the need growing in her pussy. And she had no intention of letting Gage know he affected her that way. She pushed on his shin, trying to lift off him. She needed to separate from him. Not fuck him. Shit.

He pressed her against his lap, however, his hand moving from her lower back to her shoulder blades. Mistaking her need for escape, he muttered, “Stay still, baby.” And in an effort to keep her from wiggling off his lap, he grabbed her thigh, the one closest to him, right at the juncture to her ass and held her firmly. His fingers landed between her legs, too far for him not to notice her wetness.

Gage froze.

Kayla stopped moving, and breathing.


She listened to his breaths in the still of the silent room, shallow pants that came too rapidly.

“Kayla, do you need more than a spanking?” He slowly eased his fingers lower until he cupped her pussy.
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