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Aug 2, 2016

Sexy to Go Paranormal Edition by Shiloh Saddler, Eva Lefoy et al

Sexy To Go Paranormal Edition 2016
Sexy to Go Paranormal
by Daisy Banks,
Eva Lefoy,
Landra Graf,
Pamela Moran,
Shiloh Saddler,
Sofia Grey,
Tara Quan &
Virginnia DeParte

Get spanked by a federal agent. Run away with a hidden beast. Tame a sea serpent or a mysterious elemental muse. On the full moon, all things are possible.

You never know where your actions might take you. Or in whose sexy arms you will spend the night.

Includes stories of varied heat levels and pairings. Don’t be shy. Your next good howl is just a page away!

Genre: Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Aliens, Myths, Sea Monster, Magician, Elemental, Zombies, Paranormal, Historical, Contemporary, M/F, M/M, GLBT, Gay & More
Release Date: August 15, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More on each story

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Cat Cause by Daisy Banks
If you work for a magician it’s best not to be clumsy. Isabella’s little accident will cost her dear. If she’s not careful the results might claim her life.

Marmalade Tom knows all about clumsy. He wants to know a lot more of Isabella and grabs his chance to find out.
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Twitter: @DaisyBanks16
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Huck's Finn by Eva Lefoy
Colton is an alpha wolf through and through but when he makes decisions for his mate, he runs into trouble. At an all-night truckstop, Luka is prepared to stand his ground and prove to Colton he's gone too far. But when the all-too distracting Finn walks in, followed by Huck, his gigantic mate, the evening takes a swift turn for the sexier. With all four men naked in their bedroom, will Colton give Luka all he wants or is this truly goodbye?
A faint clapping sounded from the doorway and Colton didn’t have to turn his head to see Huck standing there. The man’s mountainous form loomed nearby, but his presence didn’t matter. The mate-bond urge to take Luka right then and there trilled through every nerve in his body and Colton intended to do just that. If Huck wanted to watch that was his own issue. But the guy on the floor presented a problem.

“Move,” he ordered, and Finn rose, his wicked smirk growing wider by the second. Colton had no idea what Finn was so smug about. The next second Finn flung himself at Huck and the two of them shared a loud wet kiss. Colton heard zippers coming down and clothes coming off. Damn those two were in a helluva hurry.

He gazed at Luka, his body aching on a long slow burn. Not tempted to speed-dial his orgasm, Colton planned to expend every effort to make sure Luka desired no one but him. Sneaking his fingers under Luka’s shirt, he slid the fabric upward slowly, enjoying the feel of smooth skin. He pressed his lips to Luka’s neck and gave the tender flesh a nibble.

His mate’s sharp inhale had him jerking his head up to apologize, fearing he’d caused him harm. Instead Luka’s cheeks were flushed, his gaze riveted to the doorway. Finn had dropped to his knees to suck Huck’s long cock, and the sounds of enjoyment they were both making would have made a busload of nuns faint. Luka’s breathing sped and his dick hardened. All these things turned Colton on, but when Luka rubbed his hardness into Colton’s thigh, making little moans of want, Colton nearly came unglued.

Remembering Huck’s words from earlier, he restrained his urge to take control of the situation and forced himself to give Luka a long leash. He caressed and squeezed Luka’s ass as he murmured hot words into his ear. “You like that, baby? You like to watch those two fuck?”

Luka gave a wild cry of desire that jolted Colton’s desire up another notch. He needed skin. Now. After taking Luka’s shirt off, he flicked a dusky nipple and gloried in Luka’s shuddering reaction.

Finally he removed his own shirt before turning to Huck and Finn and issuing an order he hoped would make his mate happy. “Turn to your sides, guys. Luka wants to watch.”
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Shifter's Embrace by Landra Graf
Cano is cursed to suffer through life a man by day and beast by night. Tyana has always loved Cano from afar, but she's discovered something that may give them both what they want. They'll just have to break every elven rule to get it.
Find Landra Graf at:
Twitter: @LandraGraf
Silken Sheets & Seduction
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Elemental Curse: Water House by Pamela Moran
Renowned artist Dylan Kendrick wants the truth. Is his muse real or nothing more than the mist she hides behind? As an undercover cop, Amelia Barron has secrets, but the secret she can't reveal is the one Dylan is determined to discover.
The sun, a wavering half ball, sat on the horizon, coating the water in brilliant oranges, bright crimsons, and deep pinks.


Dylan stood on his deck, hands braced on the railing. An open but untouched bottle of beer sat on the railing beside him.

Below him, all along the beach, people gathered to watch the sunset.

Another end of another damn day in paradise.

The bottom gate to his beach stairs creaked. His mouth in a straight line, he glanced towards the steps.


Earlier they’d made a date. She was right on time.

Somehow he’d have preferred she be late. Not quite so punctual. Not quite so regulated.

“Hey, handsome.” She shoved open the top gate.

He flicked another glance her way before becoming absorbed in the sunset.

“Are you all right?” She moved across the deck to brush her fingers over his shoulder, down his arm.

Raw energy cascaded through him. God, why her? He fought the overwhelming urge to pull her into his arms.


“Would you like something to drink?”

“Half that beer would be great.” A frown lined her voice.

With a nod he shoved away from the railing and strode across to the outdoor cabinets. There he bent to grab a glass.

“What’s the matter, Dylan?”

He stiffened. Stared at the glass in his hand. “You’re a cop.”

“You say it like it’s a bad word.”

“In my world it is.” He slammed the cabinet door. Spun to face her.

“Why?” Her chin lifted. “Are you a criminal?”
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Half-Breed Wolf by Shiloh Saddler
Lance is kicked out of his pack and as a parting blow his Alpha prohibits him from shifting. When he is thrust into Oliver's presence he doesn't trust the wolf but the chemistry between them is undeniable. Will Lance find another place to belong or will Oliver slight the half-breed, too?
The stranger grunted. He was trapped and he knew it. His erect posture softened to a meek demeanor.

Now where should he start the conversation? The best place to start was usually the beginning. “Was your sire a shifter?”

The slight man stared at his moccasin clad feet. “Yes, sir.”

“You belong to a pack?” Oliver asked even though he already knew the answer.

He drew a sharp breath. “Not any more, sir.” His voice was airy. If it hadn’t been for his keen hearing he probably wouldn’t have caught the words.

Oliver’s nostrils flared. He inhaled the man’s masculine scent a heady mix of leather and sweat and a hint of pine. His tongue circled his lips, wishing he was tasting him instead.

“Stand up straight,” Oliver ordered.

Immediately the stranger’s spine snapped taut. Their eyes met. The heat in the colored man’s gaze told Oliver all he needed to know. He preferred men.

Trying hard to hold back a smile, Oliver circled the man, his footsteps measured, firm, methodical. He’s inner wolf screamed Mate and his cock stirred.

He concentrated on controlling his breathing. He didn’t want the Omega wolf to scamper away. He might not get another chance at a mate for years. Submissive males were a rarity, and not all submissive males were sodomites. This chance meeting could be his lucky night if he played his hand right.

“What’s your name, boy?” Oliver whispered in his ear.

His closeness elicited a tiny shiver. “Lance, sir.”

Lance’s buckskin breeches showed off his tight ass. Despite his small stature, Oliver could tell he would be delightfully toned underneath his clothes. He caught Lance’s chin and the man closed his eyes.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” He spoke in a soothing tone. “I promise.”

Lance didn’t move. He looked poised to absorb a blow.

Oliver took a step back, giving him more space. He didn’t mean to be intimidating. He was powerfully built yes, but he would never hurt his own kind unprovoked. “My name’s Oliver. Oliver Sawyer.”

“Pleased to meet you, sir,” Lance said although he looked far from pleased, more like he had a toothache.

Oliver didn’t know whether to sigh or laugh. “Please open your eyes.”

Lance did as he was told. Oliver found their slate gray coloring with flecks of amber very mesmerizing.

Lance continued to look wary, unsure. Raised by his father’s pack he probably didn’t trust a white man, not that he could blame him. A trail of the government’s broken promises was in itself a lot for him to overcome. But he had to try. His inner wolf continued to scream mate, until it was hard for him to think.

Oliver turned Lance’s head from one side to the other, carefully inspecting him. When he traced the S brand with his finger, Lance’s muscles turned to stone. “It’s a pity that brand marred your handsome face.”

Lance’s forehead creased. “You think I’m handsome?”

Oliver chuckled. The Omega was fishing for a compliment. Well, he didn’t mind. “Yes, Lance. I do.”
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Displaced by Sofia Grey
Cast out by his race for taking a male lover, Henare lives as a man during daylight hours. At sunset he returns to the sea, to take his place as an immortal guardian of the water, the feared Taniwha. He’s never allowed anyone to get close, until TJ comes along.

Can this young man tame the mighty sea monster?
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Red-Handed by Tara Quan
When Marguerite gets caught testing flame-throwers on unsuspecting zombies, she finds herself at the mercy of a sexy federal agent. Dominated, bound, and bared to the skin, this closet submissive faces a night of creative interrogation—one she can’t wait to enjoy.
Mitchell tore off his ocular enhancement kit and tossed it on the gray carpet. Grabbing a clear tablet from the table, he swiped over it with the tips of his fingers. The rig whirred, lowering her until her toes grazed the floor.

Discarding the controller, he lunged to her side. He caught her nape with one hand and looped his other arm around her waist. Their breaths mingled, his body heat palpable through her cotton dress. His broad shoulders dwarfed hers, his muscled chest a solid wall against her soft breasts.

They stood for an eternity on the brink of a kiss. She licked her lips. “I hadn’t pegged you for kinky games.”

“This isn’t a game.” His jaw muscles taut, he released her with an abruptness that sent her swaying back. Before she regained her balance, he started patting her down. His movements efficient and brusque, he ran his palms over her boobs, along her hips, and down her bare legs. After yanking her ankles apart, he raked his fingers up her calves, lingered over the sensitive crook behind her knees, before continuing to the back of her thighs. Closing both hands over her butt, he stood and pulled her toward his groin.

His frisking methods diverged significantly from standard operating procedure. Unable to ignore the erection tenting his jeans, she cast her gaze downward. “Really? Someone’s enjoying himself. Why tie me up, if not for fun?”

“So I can interrogate you.”

He wedged his knee between her legs, forcing her to ride him. Unable to ignore the hungry pressure at the point of contact, she shifted her hips. Liquid heat gathered below her navel as she issued a husky challenge. “What do you want to know, Agent Woodsman?”
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The Braille Reader by Virginnia De Parte
Christina's limited vision doesn't seem to worry Aaron. As their lodger he is helpful and great with her mother, whose Alzheimer moments can make life difficult. It never occurs to Christina that she is missing important visual information or that her mother may not be as crazy as she thinks.
Find Virginnia De Parte at:
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