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Feb 2, 2016

Sexy to Go Valentine’s Day ed 2016 by Haley Whitehall et al

Cover & Excerpt

Sexy to Go Valentine's 2016 3D revised
Sexy to Go
Valentine’s Day
2016 Edition

By Allyson Lindt,
Sorcha Mowbray,
Eva Lefoy,
Haley Whitehall,
Shiloh Saddler,
Leigh Ellwood,
Jocelyn Dex,
Landra Graf,
Pamela Moran,
Daisy Banks,
Jillian Stone &
Virginnia De Parte

Love is in the air, along with a whole lot of sexiness, with twelve of today’s hottest romance authors.

Take a trip to the past with a vivid Civil War romance, or travel to the ranch to spend the holiday with a gorgeous cowboy.

Whether they’re falling in love with zombies, or the boss is hooking up with the intern, this edition has the heat you need to keep you warm this chilly February.

Genre: Romance (multigenre)
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Zombie, Cowboys, Magic, Humor, Office romance, Spanking, BDSM, M/F, M/M, GLBT, Gay, Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal
Release Date: Janurary 28, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More on each story

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He Said, She Said by Allyson Lindt
Emily's in a new city to start her internship, and she's going to let loose and be a new woman. When her wild night on the town turns out to be with her new boss, the stigma and rumors at work threaten to destroy her career before it starts.
Find Allyson Lindt at:
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Stealing His Cowgirl's Heart by Sorcha Mowbray
MJ swore she'd spent her last Valentine's Day alone after the man she loved ditched her ten years ago. Nate's home on medical leave when fate steps in to give the pair a Second chance at romance. But can the Seal steal his Cowgirl's heart, again?
Stealing His Cowgirl's Heart Excerpt:
"MJ, wait!" He raced after her, bound and determined to catch her once again. Only difference was, this time he knew when he caught her, he'd never let her go. Fate had spoken loud and clear. Maybe it was time they both listened to her instead of everyone else.

He stormed outside to the quickly filling parking lot and caught a glimpse of red as it slipped around the bed of a truck. He darted off in that direction hoping like hell it was the woman he was after. Within a few strides, he had her in his sights, so ignoring the pain searing though his thigh as he pushed his weakened leg to the limits, he broke out into a run. He caught her halfway across the parking lot this time. With a firm grip on her arm, he got her to slow down and then stop. "Babe, hold on a minute."

"No. No babe. No holding on. I c-can't do this, Nate." Her chest heaved with either exertion or emotion. For a moment he wasn't sure which and then the first tear trickled down her cheek. His heart squeezed in his chest.

"MJ, please. I didn't know you were my date." His gaze searched her face, desperate for her to believe him.

"Soul Mates didn't tell you my name either?"

"No, they just said you'd be wearing a red dress and that I was to wear a blue shirt and brown Resistol." He grinned. "Had to go buy the damn hat. All I wear now are baseball caps and uniform gear."

A smile flitted across her oh so tempting lips. But then it was gone. "It doesn't change the outcome of all this. I can't do this. I've worked too hard to get over you. I finally gave up on you riding in to rescue me like some white knight. This was to be my first big step toward my future and here you are, a wrench in my works. Damn you, it's not fair." And she spun around as her shoulders shuddered.

He wrapped his arms around her from behind, desperately needing to comfort her somehow. "Please, babe. Don't cry. I can't explain this, except to recognize that fate seems to be throwing us together." He gently turned her back around to face him. She pressed her tear soaked face against his chest and wrapped her arms around his body, and it felt damn good. He took a moment to revel in the feel of her in his arms and then he leaned back so he could see her blue eyes in the moonlight.

"Don't look. My makeup must be ruined and I can feel how swollen my eyes are." She clung to him tighter.

He tipped her chin up with a finger and made her look at him. "You've always been beautiful to me. That hasn't changed in the last ten years. Probably won't change in the next fifty."

She rolled her eyes. "You always were godawful corny."

"Like you said somethings never change." Like my love for you. It felt good to acknowledge how he felt, even if only to himself. He fully intended to tell her later, but for now he just needed to get her to calm down and give them a chance.
Find Sorcha Mowbray at:
Twitter: @sorchamowbray
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Hard Wolf Cafe by Eva Lefoy
When alpha wolf Adam Reynolds strolls into the rock 'n roll cafe with his cocky female beta, Goth girl Nikaya seizes her chance to snare his attention. Little does she know she's also his mate. Together the threesome have a Valentine’s Day one night stand they’ll never regret.
Hard Wolf Cafe Excerpt:
“Here you go. Sorry for the wait, sir.” A different waitress appeared at his side, and two lace-gloved hands adorned with pearls and leather set two beers down on the table in front of him.

Intrigued, he followed the pale ivory skin of her bare arms up to the dragon tattoo on her left shoulder and then, even more interested, pulled his head back to get the full picture. When he saw her, his heart slammed against his ribs. Holy shit.

The new waitress was a vast improvement over the former one and every part of her rang his bells. Her long loosely-coiffed black hair cascaded down her shoulders, framing a string of chunky silver necklaces around her ivory throat, and a face adorned with heavy black eye makeup, pouty red lips and a simple red nose stud. Down below, she wore a lace-up bustier that barely – barely – contained the full triple D breasts straining against it. At the sight, Adam’s cock did a little straining of its own.

“Are you ready to order, sir?”

He pulled his tongue back in long enough to talk. “Yeah. A chicken fajita and a pulled pork sandwich.”

She swooped up their menus, giving him a flash of her side. Another Asian style tattoo snaked down her belly, which lay exposed to his viewing thanks to her low slung black skirt. He fought the urge to tug it down a little lower so he could see her pussy, but restrained himself in time.

She stood once more and cocked a hip, all confident attitude and sex appeal. “Will there be anything else?”

“Yeah. You.”

She rolled her eyes as if she’d heard the cheesy line about a million times too many. “Sorry, sir, I’m not on the menu.” With a click of her black leather booted heels, she marched off before he could say anything else, leaving him staring after her with his mouth hanging open. He vaguely registered Erica returning to their booth.

“Good, our beers are here. Did you order?” When he said nothing, Erica tried again. “Hello?” Her gaze must have followed his and locked onto the woman he was fixated on. “So, has Goth girl got a name?”

Some of the blood returned to brain. “Um, I don’t know.”

Erica chuckled. “She really ought to tattoo it on her cleavage. Men retain words better when they read them on boobs. I hear that’s how Dickens got started.” She picked up her beer, drank a sip, snickered to herself, and drank some more.

His eyebrows lowered. “Very funny. I take offense on behalf of all men smart enough to read.”

Erica set her drink down and sat back in the seat. “Well, well. If it isn’t mister intellectual. Let me ask you another question, boss. Did you happen to notice if Goth girl’s a wolf?”

His back straightened. “What?”

She nodded. “I scented a lone female when we came in but couldn’t locate her, so I checked the ladies’ restroom. She wasn’t in there. Whoever she is, she’s playing hide and seek.”
Find Eva Lefoy at:
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Civil War Valentine by Haley Whitehall
Charlie Bristol comes to Seattle to set up a traveling Valentine’s Day exhibit. The director of the museum surprises her with a package of Civil War valentines from an anonymous donor.

During a nap she dreams she's alive during the Civil War and meets Elliot Lowery, the author of the valentines who mistakes her for his fiancée Charlotte.
Find Haley Whitehall at:
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Bound to the Elf by Shiloh Saddler
Corbin expected to spend Valentine’s Day alone on his property surrounded by the trees he’d make a fortune logging. Sometimes even solitary holidays do not go as planned. An elf challenges his right to the land, and the fight leads to many surprising discoveries.
Find Shiloh Saddler at:
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The Dares That Bind by Leigh Ellwood
Alton introduces Victoria to a world of sensuality and submission, encouraging her to become a new woman. But is Alton merely a weekend distraction, or the promise of a better life?
Find Leigh Ellwood at:
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My Zombie Valentine by Jocelyn Dex
Trista is excited to take Zeek, her zombie, out for a Valentine’s Day treat. Once back at home, Zeek surprises her with a treat of his own.
My Zombie Valentine Excerpt:
Zeek licked his lips and clicked his teeth together as Trista dropped the towel from her body. She had to admit that his appreciation of her naked form gave her a thrill.

Sure he was a zombie, but he was one hell of a sexy zombie. He was a total contrast to her petite frame and straight, blonde hair. He was six feet of toned muscle, curly black hair, and the most brilliant blue eyes she’d ever seen. Of course, he had an eerie red ring around his irises as all the infected did, but the combination of red and blue gave his eyes a purplish tint that fascinated her.

He lumbered toward her, hands outstretched. “Boobs,” he said. He grabbed her breasts then tweaked her nipples.

Trista laughed as she batted his hands away. Zeek was obsessed with her boobs, and nothing she’d done in the months they’d lived together had dissuaded his obsession. “Behave,” she said. “I have to get dressed.”

Reluctantly, he dropped his hands to his sides and hung his head. Such a pouter. “Oh, come on, Zeek. We’re going to have a nice dinner, and if you’re good, maybe you can touch them later.”

He brightened at that. His head snapped up, an eerie glint in his red-tinted eyes. “Steak,” he said. “Eat steak.”

The only thing he liked as much as boobs was steak—the bloodier the better. It still grossed her out, and she’d been cooking his steaks a little more over the months, but if she cooked it to where there was no blood oozing out of it, he’d pout, sometimes throw it on the floor and demand a new one.

He was a long way from being rehabilitated, but he was making progress. And the more progress he made, the more defiant he became and tried to boss her around with his limited vocabulary. He’d definitely been an alpha male type before becoming infected.

Trista pulled two dresses from the closet and held them in front of her. “Which one should I wear?”

Zeek looked back and forth between the dresses, then pushed them from blocking her body. “Naked,” he said, his lips pulling back from his teeth in a creepy grin.
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What You Lost by Landra Graf
After being ditched by her fiancé for another woman, Clementine is done with relationships, but love isn’t done with her. Ready to take a chance at winning the woman he’d thought he lost, Shawn is going to prove to Clem they belong together. Only problem, he’s her brother’s best friend.
What You Lost Excerpt:
Shawn Prescott nearly spit the water from his mouth, but he reined it in and swallowed. Clem, bad in bed? The idea provoked naughty thoughts. Her long legs spread wide, her flat belly pale against his arms, and tits in his hands. Damn. His best friend's little sister deserved more than his dirty mind or the bastard who'd abandoned her.

"He left you. I doubt his assessments are accurate."

"Yes, but he wouldn't have left me if I’d met his requirements. I don't like the majority of those things or at least I haven't done them in a long time." A straight out lie, he knew she’d enjoyed a lot of the things on the list, until high school. Then, according to her brother, she'd become more focused on studies, the future, and less about fun and living life.

"You said it yourself, he left because of his own expectations. Couples don’t have to share all the same interests, no rule breaking there. I seem to recall cheating a hanging offense."

His input didn't bring a smile to her face nor did it stop her from throwing that fourth shot back like a life line. Maybe giving her extras was a bad idea. All he knew, his heart hurt to see in her pain. It'd always been like this, from the moment Garrett introduced them at the tender age of ten and seven. He'd helped her all the time from baiting her hook on their fishing trips to chasing away jerks looking for tail in high school. Clem got specialized treatment, the sister he never had. Except, there were too many times he had non-brotherly-like visions and the crazy time he fell in love with her. The last bit he kept to himself the last six years. He normally got away from her quick when the sexual attraction ramped up. Another solution involved slaking his lust with another woman. Trying to trick his mind never worked anymore.

"Is there any food around here? The last shot hit my empty stomach the wrong way." Clem's request got him functioning again.

"Sure thing. Black bean burger sound good? Hold the bacon, but with extra guac, right?"

"You know me too well. Add in another beer and some fries."

He walked over and plugged the order into their computer system and hit submit. The lunch rush already exiting early, it was close to one in the afternoon, which meant Manny would have everything ready in less than twenty. Glancing back, he saw fresh tears tracking down Clem's cheeks. Those hurt worse than her missing smile. He grabbed a couple napkins from the stash near the register. "Dry those eyes up, sweetie. Mike doesn't deserve them, you, or the wedding. He deserves a shit sandwich. I'll have one delivered."

He received another dose of Clem tingle when she grabbed the napkins— that's what he called it anyway. Every time their skin connected a buzz transferred to him, like some sort of special energy she possessed. His statement resulted in her tears coming down harder, coupled with a strange sobbing sound. The effect hit his trigger button, the part of him inclined to go a little reckless from time to time. So when he spoke the next words were unexpected, even to him. "I'm afraid I can't have you sad anymore, so how about a little wager."

She wiped her eyes, blew her nose, and looked up at him. "A wager?"

"Yep, if I can make you smile before you're done eating you agree to spend the rest of the day with me."
Find Landra Graf at:
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Silken Sheets & Seduction
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Jolie's Heart, Daughters of Astra, by Pamela Moran
Valentine’s Day is for lovers, but Locke’s blind dedication to duty makes him question their future. How can Jolie convince him their love is strong enough to survive all destiny has in store?
Find Pamela Moran at:
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Antiques by Daisy Banks
Mike offers his wife a Valentine present with a difference and a purchase of an antique desk adds a spark to their romantic celebrations.
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Eat, Slay, Lust, Part 4 by Jillian Stone
On the run from the zombie hordes, Lizzy and Chris make a pit stop near the Iraq border and fall victim to a CIA interrogator turned zombie lord. Locked in a secret black site, Lizzy and Chris make interesting use of handcuffs and chains.
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The Naked Truth by Virginnia De Parte
Becca and Kate win a weekend for two at a nudist colony. This creates more problems than they'd bargained for. Despite practicing being naked - nothing prepares them for the real thing!
Find Virginnia De Parte at:
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