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Nov 2, 2015

Sexy to Go Volume 10 by Eva Lefoy, Tara Quan, et al

Cover & Excerpt

Sexy to Go Volume 10
by Allyson Lindt, Tara Quan, Allie Ritch, Pamela Moran,
Jocelyn Dex, Jillian Stone, Leigh Ellwood, Shiloh Saddler,
Kathryn Lively, Eva Lefoy, Daisy Banks & Virginnia DeParte

Sexy To Go Volume 10 3DFrom billionaires, to voyeurs, to cougars, and even a couple of zombies…

Twelve scorching erotic and romantic quickies to get your pulse racing.

Alien Sex Therapy
April Fool's
Illusions of Protocol
A Zombie Ate My Panties
Eat, Slay Lust
Part 2
The Weatherman Part 2
Role Reversal Part 2
Landscapes of Love Part 4
The Billionaire Deception Part 1
Unconventional Fling Part 1
Geek Overboard Part 5

Genre: Romance (Multigenre—Contemporary, Western, Historical, Romantic Suspense, Erotic)
Content/Theme(s): Military, Monsters, Billionaire, Zombies, Geek Love, Cop, Security guard, BDSM, One night stand, Post-apocalyptic, Cougar, Spanking, Interracial, GLBT, Gay
Release Date: October 30, 2015
Publisher: Indie

Excerpts, More on each story & links

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Alien Sex Therapy by Allie Ritch
Cedecians morph from male to female and back again. That makes their race truly bisexual, but Cai has never made love as a woman. Maybe a hot new relationship with Maddox, the four-armed Brachoi in the apartment across from her, is the perfect sex therapy.
Find Allie Ritch at:
Twitter: @AllieRitch
Allie Ritch Google+ page
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Allie Ritch TRR page
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Eat, Slay Lust Part 2 by Jillian Stone
Lizzy Davis and Black Hawk pilot Chris Oakley manage to fight off a zombie attack but not their smoking hot attraction to each other.
Eat, Slay Lust Excerpt:
I sat back and stared. I knew damn well he wanted to fuck me, he’d said as much earlier. “Did your ear drums rupture in the crash? I just offered you a hand job and fellatio for a ride out of here.”

A slow smile curled one side of his mouth. He wore that lopsided grin so well it annoyed me. “Do you really think I’m going to bargain with you over getting me off?”

“You started it…sort of.” Now I sounded like a third grader. And the message suddenly seemed clear: He’d take what he wanted, whenever he wanted it.

Why did that arouse me? I wriggled a little on his lap, well aware my panties were damp. “Just assure me––”

Strong arms tightened around me. “Shut up and kiss me.”

His badass body-tingling demand made me want to kiss him, but I kept it light and playful, soft bites over the curves of his mouth. And he returned my kiss with sensuous nips.

“My lips are chapped,” he whispered, rubbing my cheek with his scruff.

“So is your stubble.” I scraped his bottom lip with my teeth.

He groaned, softly, and planted his mouth on mine. He kissed me with a fierce, tender passion that sent shivers through me. “You’re soft and female…” his hands moved over my ribs to my sports bra “…and heavily armored.” He lifted off my tee shirt, then the bra, and tossed them on the seat beside us.

His hungry gaze devoured me.

“How long has it been, soldier?”

“Over a year.” He finally took his eyes off my breasts. “Fuck, you make me so hard it hurts.” He lifted me up and tongued a nipple. “Jeezus…” his words muffled against my hardening tip.

A hot rush of arousal swept through my body, and I moaned.

“You have no idea how amazing this feels.” He moved to the other breast and licked.

“Oh,” I gasped, “I think I do.”

“Before you make me come…” He spoke between swirls of his tongue. “What’s your name?” He lowered me onto his lap.

“Why not keep it anonymous?” I nuzzled his nose. “You call me Doc and I’ll call you Ranger."

He laid his head back against the seat and cupped my breasts.

“I like to know the name of the girl I’m fucking or pretend fucking––like watching porn. ‘Suck me deep, Kelly Lingus.’”

Sweet and sexy. Crude and funny. An oddly irresistible combination for an End Times companion.
Find Jillian Stone at:
Twitter: @gjillianstone
Jillian Stone Pinterest page
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Unconventional Fling Part 1 by Allyson Lindt
Jade's in her third week of a month long business trip, and exhaustion and boredom are setting in. When a sexy stranger in the hotel wants to share her breakfast table, including a side of seductive innuendo, Jade's trip takes an unconventional twist.
Unconventional Fling Excerpt:
“So, you like to watch.” Teasing lined his question. “People, I mean.”

Say it or keep it to herself? What the hell. It wasn’t like she was ever going to see him again, and the flirting was fun. “I could go either way.”

He chuckled. “I like that. Would you let me watch?” He raked his fingers through his hair. “Sorry, that was probably a bit much.”

The sudden hesitation just made him more charming. Was she really having this conversation first thing in the morning, in the middle of a crowded room? “I might.”

She glanced at her watch and frowned. Dammit.

He leaned in, forearms resting on the table, lines creasing his forehead. “Did I say something wrong?”

“Definitely not. But I have to get to work.”

Every time his attention lingered on her, her temperature rose another notch. His jaw worked up and down, he shook his head, and snapped his mouth shut.

She blinked at the conflicting body language.

He stood when she did. “I can at least see you make it to your room safely.”

She wouldn’t mind spending the rest of the day in her room with him.

What was wrong with her? She tried to keep her gait casual when he fell into step beside her on the short path back to the elevator. He was close enough that his arm occasionally brushed hers, and the soft scent of soap and cinnamon teased her. The group waiting for the next available car grew, and he pressed closer, arm resting against her back, to make more room for the people around them.

“So.” His voice was low enough she was certain only she could hear it; his warm breath brushing her ear. “You don’t mind being the one on the other side of the glass?”

The tentative rein she had on her imagination snapped, images and possibilities danced through her thoughts. She kept her response soft. “If the situation is right.”

The doors slid open, and people spilled into the waiting car. He maneuvered himself behind her, his chest close enough to her back to brush her shirt, but not quite touching her. His question was hot against her skin as the car rose. “For instance, someone directly behind you, where the only thing anyone on the outside sees is a glimpse? A hint?”

She didn’t know what was more enticing, the fantasies he was evoking or how close he stood. The elevator slid to a stop. He rested a hand on her hip. “My floor. Enjoy work.”

He stepped around her and was gone, the doors closing behind him.

Too much fun. The conversation lingered in her thoughts as she reached her floor and made her way back to her room. She stripped off her tank top, pausing in front of the bathroom mirror. Too bad she didn’t have an extra few minutes to enjoy the fantasies he’d left her with. It would have to wait. At least the memories would make the day go faster.
Find Allyson Lindt at:
Twitter: @AllysonLindt
Allyson Lindt Facebook page
Allyson Lindt Goodreads author page
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April Fool's by Tara Quan
For two years, bookish Heather ignored her attraction to the handsome chef who shares her apartment. Good roommates are hard to find, and she won’t risk losing one for the sake of sex. But a fiery incident prompts Pierre to announce his departure, leading to a delicious change of plans.
Find Tara Quan at:
Twitter: @LaylaTarar
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Landscapes of Love, Part 4 by Virginnia De Parte
Raffetty Blake has proved to be very professional in the development of her garden and in educating Sally in the art of love. But she knows nothing about his personal life. Should she dare to probe and risk losing his attentive administrations? Could he be hiding a secret past?
Landscapes of Love Excerpt:
With a flourish he unzipped the front and ushered her in. A small table stood dressed in a white linen cloth with matching serviettes. The cutlery and wine glasses reflected the light from the tent’s roof and two folding chairs, one on each side, just managed to fit beside the table. On the right-hand side stretched a made up bed, possibly one of the blow-up mattress types and against the other side nestled several bags. From under the table he dragged a chiller-bin, removed the lid and spread out on the table a selection of filled croissants and a wine bucket, the ice-cubes embracing a bottle of white wine. What a lot to fit in a two-man tent, but somehow he’d managed.

“Madam,” He indicated she take a seat and he poured the wine. “White wine - a Cloudy Bay to go with the chicken.”

She sipped.

“Is it to your taste?” he asked. “I believe it’s a top brand, so my surfing friend told me.”

“It’s lovely Raff’. It’s all lovely. A real surprise and she giggled. Stupid to be giggling at her age but she’d never pictured this sort of luncheon when he’d rung with his invitation. At last she knew what the tent was for – a picnic at the beach, and she ate her share of the delicious spread. The smell of the sea and the cawing of the seagulls added to the flavour. Raffety’s attention to detail stretched to stroking her hand, kissing her fingertips to remove a dash of mayonnaise and leaning toward her to brush her hair off her face

“You really are a lovely lady, Sal.”

She didn’t dare an answer, knowing she’d choke up if she spoke. This man made her feel young and desirable again, despite her brain scoffing at any idea she might entertain of donning a bathing suit. Of course she wouldn’t. She hadn’t brought one with her, luckily. However the desire to dive through the surf and come up laughing on the other side of a huge roller, wrapped in his arms, seemed very attractive and attainable at this moment.
Find Virginnia De Parte at:
Twitter: @VirginniaDeP
Virginnia De Parte Facebook page
Virginnia De Parte Amazon author page
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A Zombie Ate My Panties by Jocelyn Dex
Trista’s boob-obsessed zombie is making progress but is far from being rehabilitated. When she removes his muzzle, will he eat her face off or just eat her panties?
Find Jocelyn Dex at:
Twitter: @JocelynDex
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The Weatherman Part 2 by Daisy Banks
Claire Anderson discovers a new depth to her relationship with Jack. A renewed acquaintance with his persona of Sir during a surprise trip to Iceland is to blame. She conquers her fears in the scene they share and discovers delight in warmth.
Find Daisy Banks at:
Twitter: @DaisyBanks16
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Role Reversal Part 2 by Shiloh Saddler
After friends Andrew and Robert reconnected, they agree to be lovers for the weekend. Submitting to the dominant man gives Robert both pain and pleasure. This erotic arrangement filling both their needs, but what will happen come Monday?
Find Shiloh Saddler at:
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The Billionaire Deception Part 1 by Eva Lefoy
To earn a Greek vacation, bookstore clerk Jessica Andrews must impersonate a supermodel. But her ill-timed charade is uncovered when hunky movie star Austin Walker mistakes her for the real thing.
Find Eva Lefoy at:
Twitter: @Eva_Lefoy
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Geek Overboard Part 5 by Kathryn Lively
What happens on the Atlantic Princess stays...or does it? Natalie and Daws enjoy rocking the boat, but what happens when it docks?
Find Kathryn Lively at:
Twitter: @MsKathrynLively
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Surveillance by Leigh Ellwood
Security guard Dean admires the view every night Troy works. When Troy discovers he has an audience, he decides it's time the rent-a-cop gets involved in some truly arresting developments!
Surveillance Excerpt:
Extracting Darlene’s list from his back jeans pocket, he studied the drawn-out itinerary—an anal retentive ordering of what got cleaned and when. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms. No shoes to be worn except in the foyer—Shit! Troy slipped off his loafers and kicked them toward the elevator doors—and no clothes at all while in view of the security cameras.

Troy sighed and looked around the room. They could be anywhere, the little buggers. Darlene had said the micro lenses were hidden in various points around the apartment, perhaps as the glass eye of a staid figurine, or else a secret two-way mirror that recorded as well as reflected. Troy didn’t want to look too obvious searching for them, lest he somehow piss off the mighty Mr. Blair and forfeit his pay.

Lord, he remembered the security guard. Darlene had said nothing about him watching. Maybe he kept an eye on the other apartments and around the building when he cleaned. No time to dwell on that, though.

Okay, bubba. Shed the shorts and shine the countertops.

He took a deep breath. He could do this. Technically nobody was physically here to watch him, and if Bobbie Blair valued his privacy and marketability to younger audiences, Troy’s buff housecleaning exploits wouldn’t see a large audience. So little for so much money…Troy straightened and steeled his nerves.

Then he removed every stitch of clothing he wore. Shirt, jeans, and briefs puddled by the elevator, and Troy checked the soles of his feet and between his toes for lint. He then took a tentative step into the living room with the cleaning equipment. All was still and quiet, and suddenly he felt silly for being apprehensive. What was he expecting, anyway? A false wall wasn’t going to tip over and reveal a studio audience.

Bobbie Blair, however, was expecting his apartment to be spotless. Troy set to work polishing and dusting furniture.

After about twenty minutes of hard work, Troy was grateful for the lack of clothing. Running through the list of chores left Troy’s skin with a fine sheen of sweat, despite the air conditioning. He liked, too, that he didn’t have his tight jeans to constrict movement when he had to bend underneath a table or high-legged chair to get at a stubborn clump of dust. If only Bobbie Blair would at least concede to him wearing a thong or something. Having his cock swaying free was a bit of an annoyance.

Then again, he was likely better off without one. He could only imagine that thin string slicing him in two with one wrong turn or bend.

He finished ahead of schedule, but wasn’t quite ready to dress. Troy put up the cleaning supplies and ambled back into the living room, hands clutching the small of his back as he walked. He hadn’t realized how out of shape he was—so much bending and stretching to clean curtain rods and baseboards truly gave his muscles a workout. He hoped the voyeuristic singer appreciated Troy’s growing masochism.
Find Leigh Ellwood at:
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Dreamwalker: Illusions of Protocol by Pamela Moran
Dreamwalker protocol doesn’t cover the situation rookie Chelsea Yates and veteran Jared Harper find themselves in – can she convince him that sometimes rules are made to be broken?
Find Pamela Moran at:
Twitter: @Pam_Moran
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