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Dec 9, 2015

Sexy to Go Christmas 2015 Edition by Eva Lefoy et al

Sexy To Go Christmas Edition 2015 3D
Sexy to Go
Christmas 2015 Edition

by Daisy Banks,
Ella Dominguez,
Eva Lefoy,
Haley Whitehall,
Jillian Stone,
Jocelyn Dex,
Pamela Moran,
Shiloh Saddler,
Sofia Grey,
Sorcha Mowbray,
Sotia Lazu &
Virginnia DeParte
Thirteen Holiday stories to jingle your bells...
The holidays just wouldn't be the same without a spanking Santa, a reindeer shifter, and a horny Yeti. Get warm and cozy and find out for yourself what a cowboy really wants for Christmas!

Genre: Romance (multi-genre)
Content/Theme(s): Ménage, Zombies, Cowboy, Shifters, Elf, Yeti, Geek love, Military, BDSM, D/s, BBW, Rubenesque, Post-apocalyptic, Paranormal, Contemporary, Historical, Romantic Suspense, Erotic, Christmas, Holiday
Release Date: December 6, 2015
Publisher: Indie

Excerpts & More on each story

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The 12 Kinks of Christmas by Ella Dominguez
The weather outside might be frightful, but the holidays for Butterfly and Sir has never been so delightful. The countdown to Christmas begins and their kinky, fun-filled nights are spent doing things they've only fantasized about.
The 12 Kinks of Christmas Excerpt:
I should know by now that my Sir is quite literal. When he said the next kink on the schedule was We Three Kings, he meant it. Literally. Tonight he is giving me two more gifts rolled into one mouth-watering package. As the three-well built men sit around the dining room table, my gaze drifts over them, my body heating with each lingering visual caress they give me.

They want me. And my Master will share, because he’s generous like that.

“Come to me, Butterfly,” my King gestures to his lap.

I comply, snuggling into his embrace. Clamping my face with his big hands, he shamelessly captures my mouth and delivers a full contact, wet-tongued, tonsil-probing kiss. Subtly, he shifts so the hot, hard outline of his erection cradles snugly between my thighs. My hands reach up and systematically remove his tie. I’ve done it a million times it seems and I no longer need my sight to perform this task.

Without opening my eyes, the sound of the table being cleared off makes me impatient to be drowning in men; in their tastes and scents, and the feeling of their erotically sinful movements as they take me, make me, and fuck me into the next holiday season.

Foreign, gentle hands tip my head back away from my Sir. Hunter-green eyes are watching me, silently demanding my attention. My Lover’s fingers pluck at the buttons of my blouse as King Number Two brushes his firm, full, sexy lips back and forth over mine.

I’m lifted onto the table and my clothing removed as a low growl of approval vibrates through me. I want this. I’ve wanted it since I can remember. I had never spoken out loud of this fantasy until I met my One and Only. My Sir. All of my fantasies have since been shared with him. There are no secrets between us and for the gift of my honesty, I’m being rewarded with this thing that I’ve craved.

As the second and third Kings take control of my body, my Sir stands watching, unafraid and man enough to share me because he knows that there is no other man for me. He knows without a doubt, that he is the only King that matters.

All of my senses are being tantalized… Luscious lips wandering over me, sucking, licking and teasing… The mingled scents of aftershave and masculinity… Mouths wandering across my cheekbones, eyelids and chin. My Lover nuzzling my ear and nipping at my neck.

“Such a beautiful, obedient Butterfly. Wouldn’t you agree, Gentleman?”

“Yes,” they answer in unison.
Find Ella Dominguez at:
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Riding Dasher by Jocelyn Dex
When Lea moves to Christmas Town for a fresh start, she doesn’t expect to meet a man who makes her burn for his touch. But when she learns what he is, will she run screaming or believe in magic and fall in love?
Riding Dasher Excerpt:
“What’s your drink?” D asked.

“I enjoy a good vodka cranberry.”

His eyes sparkled. “I’m a vodka drinker myself—minus the cranberry.” He leaned back, his hands clasped behind his head, his arm muscles bunching. “Unfortunately, Christmas Town doesn’t serve alcohol, but I do have a bottle in my room if you’re interested.”

Interested in having him all to herself behind closed doors? Uh, yes please. She wasn’t much of a believer in fate or soulmates, but she definitely believed in instant, undeniable attraction, and also believed in acting on it if the opportunity presented. As far as she knew, she’d only live once, so she might as well enjoy it while she had the chance.


They stopped by the drink cooler, grabbed a cranberry juice for her, and headed out. When they arrived at his cottage, he opened the door and motioned for her to go in. It was an exact replica of hers, but his furnishings were green and white whereas hers were silver and blue.

Her stomach did a little flip when he closed the door behind her. He invited her to sit, opened a cabinet, and pulled out a bottle of vodka. “You like it stiff?” he asked.

She almost choked. At first, she thought it was just her with an overly dirty mind, but his eyes glinted mischievously, and the tiniest of curves formed at one corner of his mouth. She bit the inside of her cheek, then cleared her throat before answering. “Stiff is good,” she said, barely able to hold back a laugh.

“Good.” He treated her to a full on smile that was so breathtaking if she hadn’t been sitting, she’d have fallen on her ass.

“Thanks,” she said when he handed her the drink. She coughed after taking a sip. He wasn’t kidding about stiff. “Wow. Are you trying to get me drunk?”

He took a seat across from her and leaned forward resting an elbow on one of his tree trunk sized legs and peered at her intensely. “Do I need to?”

She gulped and shifted in her seat. No. Definitely not but with the intensity filling the air between them, a little buzz might go a long way in steadying her nerves. Not wanting to say that right out, she sipped her drink and changed the subject.

“You didn’t say earlier how you entertain the kids.”

He leaned back and one-shoulder-shrugged. “Reindeer rides, reindeer petting.”

“Really? You can ride the reindeer?”

It was his turn to cough, and again she felt like she was missing something. “Yep. If you’re interested, I can set you up with a ride.”

It sounded fun, but they were intimidating with those big antlers. But when would she ever have a chance to do something like that again? “Are they all as tame as Dasher?”

He barked out a laugh. “Dasher isn’t as tame as he seems.” At her look of concern, he added, “Don’t worry. He won’t hurt you.”

For some reason, she believed him. “Sounds like you have one of the best jobs here. I’d love to work with the animals. I guess you have experience with it though.”

“You could say that.” He finished his drink in one big swig. When his tongue snaked out to swipe away a stray drop from his bottom lip, she reflexively licked her lips. “I move Dasher around to different positions, but he should be with you at Santa’s Village at least three times a week.”

“Great.” She was happy to hear it. Having such and incredible animal in such close proximity to her brought a little extra joy to her day. “I’ll see if I can work up the nerve to ride him.”

“I’m sure he’d enjoy it. Hint. He likes his antlers stroked.”

Another weird vibe passed between them and she squirmed in her seat. Why did it feel like they were talking about something else? Something much less innocent than riding or petting a reindeer.
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Twitter: @JocelynDex
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Eat, Slay, Lust, Part 3 by Jillian Stone
On the run from the zombie hordes, Lizzy and Chris make a pit stop near the Iraq border and fall victim to a CIA interrogator turned zombie lord. They end up alone in a cell together on December Twenty-fourth. Not exactly the worst way to spend Christmas.
Eat, Slay, Lust Excerpt:
This looked bad. Like I was about to steal his road rocket motorcycle and take off without him. And don’t get me wrong the thought had crossed my mind.

“I…was just going to ride up the hill to get a better look at the z-storm.” I nodded west and he tracked my line of sight.

He stood there shirtless, resting the M-4 carbine on his shoulder. Chris was hot all right, and not just because his cheeks were flushed by a mild fever. Half-zipped commando fatigues hung low on his hips accentuating two sexy curves of groin muscle.

It was embarrassing the way I stared. I was a physician. I’d studied the human anatomy inside and out. I could describe in detail, the muscular structure of that torso––down to its most insignificant connecting tissues. I’d dated men with bodies almost this good. So what was it about this body?

Ice blue eyes scanned the surrounding desert and returned to me. “Get off the bike.”

“Why? I need the practice. What if you get too weak to drive?” His glare remained solidly primitive.

I killed the engine and dismounted.

He studied my packing job. “Christ, what a mess.”

I stared at him, open-mouthed. “What?”

“This is a fucking great bike. Now it’s a Subaru station wagon.” He lowered his weapon.

I planted both fists on my hips. “Damn, you won’t be able to impress zombie chicks.”

He squinted at me.

I snorted a laugh.

He reached out and yanked me close. “Quiet…you.” He silenced me with his mouth, and I nearly went weak-kneed in his arms. He released me just enough to catch my breath, then he kissed me again. Chapped lips aside, he was a world-class kisser.

He let me go. “You weren’t going to leave me?”

“Of course not.” I dug for the bandana in my jacket pocket. “I kind of like having a competent zombie slayer around. And, at the moment, you need a doctor.” I held my wrist to his forehead, cool and damp. “Your fever just broke. A good sign, Captain Oakley.” I wiped his sweaty brow.

He shook his head. “Don’t.”


His gaze was direct, with a little spark in the eyes. “You’re making me like you.”
Find Jillian Stone at:
Twitter: @gjillianstone
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It is What it Is by Virginnia De Parte
All Breton wants for Christmas is to make love to Gemma in the sunlight - instead of always fumbling around in the pitch dark, as she insists. Can he get his wish?
Find Virginnia De Parte at:
Twitter: @VirginniaDeP
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A Cowboy's Christmas Wish, One Night with a Cowboy, by Sorcha Mowbray
When rancher Ford Grayson saunters out of Melissa Adams’ past and into her bar, she’s determined to take him for a ride and kick him to the curb. Payback’s a bitch. But, the cowboy is determined to make his very own Christmas wish come true.
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Yuletide Sparks by Shiloh Saddler
Marcus is tasked with finding the perfect yule log. His Christmas holiday will last as long as the log burns. The stakes are high. He wants every hour he can get in his lover's arms.
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To Capture a Yeti by Eva Lefoy
An ambitious reporter is determined to prove to the world Yetis exist, even at the cost of her life. But when she’s confronted with the truth, will she choose fame and fortune or keep the secret and the man she desires all to herself?
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Santa's Christmas Present by Daisy Banks
Honesty is its own reward or so it is said. Vivian discovers sharing her secret need with Santa brings the kind of glow she’s always dreamed of, and Santa finds a gift he didn’t know he wanted.
Santa's Christmas Present Excerpt:
I straightened the beard so it sat right over my padded stomach. “You know you’ve got a Santa spanking coming?

“Oh,” she whispered, and stared wide eyed. “Oh, yes.”

Deliberately, I deepened my voice into Santa mode. “Santa makes naughty elves very sorry for being bad.” I took a couple of paces toward her. “You’re the naughtiest elf on my list. I’m going to spank you to make sure next year you’ll be good.”

I waited for what might come next, shrieks of horror, or accusations of perversion that could ruin my last year at Aston or even the career I’d got planned. A light headed thought I’d lost my whole future hovered, but her nod squashed it.

“I swear I’m sorry. I won’t be naughty anymore.” She gave a tiny smile and blinked.

I shook my head, getting into the whole role. “Not good enough.” I sat down on Santa’s seat and beckoned her with a finger. “Come here.”

She rose slowly from where she perched and with that juicy, plump bottom lip sucked in she took several paces toward me.

Holy God.

Each hesitant step she made sent a throb though my cock. My elf’s eyes gleamed in a way I’d never seen any girl’s eyes shine. “You go over my knee.”

“I’ve never been bad before, I’ll be better next year.”

Her angelic expression made me pause. Had this gone too far for her? I studied her eyes. “You know you can’t fib you way out of your place on my list.”

She glanced down to her boots and wrung her hands together. “I’m sorry I was so bad, I didn’t mean to be, even if I’m top of the list.”

“That’s not going to make a difference. Naughty elves are the worst sort. You know better than to think I’ll ignore what’s on the naughty list, especially this time of year.”

A little shudder shook her and she lifted her head. Her eyes locked on mine. “Yes, Santa. I’ll be good from now on I promise I will.” She took another step forward.

I studied her and tried to work out if I’d got the mood right. Was she really afraid? No. Her eyes said not. “It doesn’t matter what you promise. You’ve been bad this year and need a spanking.”

She took another step closer so one of her knees touched my left thigh.

“Yes, Santa.”

I took her arm and urged her forward until she’d lowered herself over my knees. The curvaceous cheeks of her ass rounding the red shorts did nothing to soothe my lust. I debated whether to ask her to take them down but decided against it. Here, it wouldn’t have been a good idea. We’d only the curtain and our fantasy heads to shield us from anyone outside. I’d rather, if we were found, she was clothed. “You are lucky, naughty little elf, that we are in the Grotto. If I had you back in my workshop I’d make you take those shorts off and smack your bottom until it was as red as they are.”
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Bovine Matchmaker by Haley Whitehall
A milk cow wanders into the Confederate camp and Russell decides to bring her back to her owner. To his surprise, the woman happens is eager to have company for Christmas.
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Locke's Gift, Daughters of Astra, by Pamela Moran
Dealing with half-mortals and their insistence on the full truth has Locke scrambling as Christmas approaches. Will his and Jolie's romantic bliss survive his necessary lies of omission?
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Breaking in the Sofa by Sotia Lazu
It's Ric and Lexis first Christmas living together, and they have a brand new sofa they need to break in.
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Login: Failed by Sofia Grey
It’s the best sex Cody’s ever had. Shame it’s with a girl who only exists in his dreams.
Login: Failed Excerpt:
Another two malt whiskies were enough to send me to sleep, and when I next opened my eyes, I stood on the darkened street again. A thrill of anticipation skittered down my spine. Would she be here this time? Would we fuck again?

I turned around slowly, staring up the street in both directions, but it was empty. Silent. Lifting my gaze to the heavens I breathed in the absurdly clean air and blinked at the millions of twinkling stars. What part of my subconscious had created this view? Even on location in the wilds of Alaska, I’d never seen a stellar display like this.


I spun on my toes, and there she was, a few feet away. She was here. Dressed the same as before, this could have been extension of the previous dream. My cock hardened and I knew it was only a matter of minutes before I’d be inside her. “Hey,” I managed.

“I hoped you’d be here. I missed you.” She stepped forward and took my hands, tangling our fingers together. Her smile was pure seduction, and part of my lust-fueled brain wondered if she was like this in real life?

Rational thought disappeared when we kissed. Like last time, it was hunger and need all rolled into one. My hands were in her hair, while Marisa tugged at my jeans, her fingers popping open the button with ease.

“You need to fasten your lap belt,” she murmured, hot breath against my ear.

What? I blinked and stared into the amused smile of the flight attendant.

“I’m sorry to wake you, Mr. Slater, but we’re preparing to land.”

Shit. Talk about rude awakenings. I sucked in an unsteady breath, my hands clammy and my heart pounding. Just a dream, even though I was as turned on as I’d be in real life.
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