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Dec 1, 2015

Sexy to Go Volume 11 by Eva Lefoy et al

Cover & Excerpts

Sexy to Go Volume 11 (3D)
Sexy to Go Volume 11
by Allyson Lindt, Daisy Banks,
Eva Lefoy,
Haley Whitehall,
Kathryn Lively,
Leigh Ellwood,
Pamela Moran,
Shiloh Saddler &
Virginnia DeParte

From geeks to space travelers, cosplayers and billionaires, ten delicious erotic and romantic quickies to bring your desires to life.

Genre: Romance (multigenres)
Content/Theme(s): BDSM, Billionaire, Cougar, Psychic, Police, Outlaw, Alien, Zombie, Ghost, Suspense, Geek love, Interracial, Military, Rock star, Civil War, Gay, GLBT, Historical, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Western, Contemporary, Box Set
Release Date: November 25, 2015
Publisher: Indie

Excerpts & More on each story

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Landscapes of Love, Part 5 by Virginnia De Parte
Raffety has fallen foul of the law. He accepts Sally's help and then shuns her. Is this how their affair ends? In heartbreak?
Find Virginnia De Parte at:
Twitter: @VirginniaDeP
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The Weatherman Part 3—Car Wash by Daisy Banks
Two months apart from Jack pushes Claire to understand something new. Her Weatherman is more than an occasional passion. He haunts her dreams and daytime desires. Their easy going relationship is changed—she needs him to see that too.
Find Daisy Banks at:
Twitter: @DaisyBanks16
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The Billionaire Deception, Part 2 by Eva Lefoy
Jessica is drawn back into Austin’s billionaire world, but his ex-girlfriend is not far behind. With the slinky model pulling out all the stops, Jessica has to know if Austin truly wants her or if the super model’s hijinks will tear them apart for good.
Find Eva Lefoy at:
Twitter: @Eva_Lefoy
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Unconventional Fling Part 2 by Allyson Lindt
After an incredible night with Jade, Brandon wants to see more of her. Even beyond their travel weekend. But with his career crumbling around him, and Jade jetting back home in just a few days, he'll need to do damage control on all fronts, or risk losing Jade and his job.
Unconventional Fling Excerpt:
A warm body pressed against her back, and she shifted to move out of the way. Two hands rested at her hips, and a familiar scent of soap and cinnamon greeted her. Brandon.

She couldn’t help her smile, not that anyone could see it in the now pitch-black room.

“You came.” His lips brushed her ear, breath warm against her skin. His hands slid to her stomach, pulling her closer.

Heat spread between her legs, and she leaned into him, his arousal hard against her butt.
What was it about this man? “Not yet, but I’m hoping to.”

“I like that.” He kissed up the back of her neck, his words vibrating through her. “What are the odds I could turn the innuendo into reality?”

Before she could ask what he had in mind, his hand dropped to the bottom of her skirt. His fingers traced along the edge of the hem, around to the back of her legs until he caressed her inner thigh.

She gasped, intensely aware of the crowds around them but not sure she cared. She shifted her weight, and his hand glided higher.

Bright lights strobed from the stage, but none reached them. Heavy music pounded through the room, vibrating her feet and thumping in her chest. Or maybe that was her screaming pulse.

While one hand pushed up the back of her skirt, his other made its way under her shirt, palm resting directly on her stomach. “You know.” His voice was low but right next to her ear; it still cut through the bedlam. “If anyone catches us, we’re in trouble.”

She nodded, the confession heightening her arousal further. Need pulsed between her legs, and her nipples ached against fabric.

“And you’re going to let me keep going?” Laughter lined his seductive question.

She nodded again. “Don’t get us caught.”

His laugh rumbled through her back, hand sliding higher between her legs. “If I didn’t have to be on stage right now, I’d see that as a challenge.”

He brushed the bottom of her breast through the lace of her bra, and she lost any reply she might have, temporarily misplacing her disappointment that they didn’t have more time.

“Our Master of Ceremonies for the night, Brandon Powell!” The announcement echoed through the room.

“Dammit, I’ve been summoned.”
Find Allyson Lindt at:
Twitter: @AllysonLindt
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Dreamwalker: Snow-Blind by Pamela Moran
Caught in an avalanche, National Park Ranger Matteo Natale must depend on an ex-lover. Can Dreamwlker Katie Fleming lay the demons of the past to rest in time to save Matteo from certain death?
Find Pamela Moran at:
Twitter: @Pam_Moran
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Geek Overboard, Part 6 by Kathryn Lively
Daws and Natalie can't dwell on the night's events, not when today could change his career path...and her life.
Find Kathryn Lively at:
Twitter: @MsKathrynLively
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Role Reversal, Part 3 by Shiloh Saddler
Not wanting Robert out of his sight, Andrew begins teaching him the barber trade. However, Robert must retrieve his belongings from the Maison de Vénus, and a former client won't take ‘no’ for an answer. Is it possible for Robert to really leave his former life behind?
Role Reversal Excerpt:
That night, Robert lay naked and molded against Andrew’s backside. The man’s sleepy smile made Andrew’s big heart flutter. After enduring so much pain and hardship the last eight years, it filled him with joy to see the man so content and happy.

Andrew fought the grips of sleep and yawned. He wasn’t ready for this day to end. He wanted to relive it in his mind so many times that it was permanently burned into his memory. Oh what a beautiful memory it was! The submissive had said his name when he came. He knew Robert didn’t even know the names of most of his clients and such familiarity meant a great deal.

His dream was coming true. He resisted the urge to pinch himself. Robert was going to be his lover. He’d agreed to move in with him, and wouldn’t have to work one more night at Maison de Vénus.

After a leisurely bath in the morning and a hearty breakfast, Andrew sent a man with a note to Madam Bernadette. He had debated whether to summon her now or tonight, but really there was no need to put it off when Robert had already decided his future. Besides, the businesswoman would probably appreciate being summoned before the rush of customers.

Dressed in his every day suit, Robert sat on the settee and fidgeted.

Andrew sat next to him and rubbed circles on his back. “There is nothing to be nervous about.”

Robert offered a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “That’s easy for you to say.”

Andrew’s chest knotted. “Are you having second thoughts?”

“About living with you? God, no.”

Andrew let out the breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding. “You know Madam
Bernadette can’t keep you there against your will.”

Robert stared at his lap. “I know. But…”

Andrew reached across his thigh and clasped one of Robert’s hands, squeezing. “I can do all the talking.” He paused then asked, “Do you have a debt?”

Robert raised his head, but didn’t open his mouth to speak.

“I know how these establishments work, Robert. It is nothing to be ashamed of, but I need to know. Do you have a debt?”

Robert gave a curt nod.

“How much?”

“I don’t know how much it is now. I didn’t keep track of my earnings. I mean, well, I never expected I’d leave there.”

Andrew squeezed his hand again. “It doesn’t matter how much it is I’ll cover it.”

Robert’s eyes widened. “I can’t ask you to do that.”

“You didn’t ask me. I offered.” He gave Robert a serious look. “If I’m paying to have you by my side does that prove to you that I want you here?”

“Yes.” Joy filled his eyes. “I mean I wasn’t really worried before, but now I know.”

“Good. Besides, if I ever see another man fucking you I’d kill him and then hang from the gallows. You don’t want me to hang, do you?”
Find Shiloh Saddler at:
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In the Flesh by Haley Whitehall
Sarah takes a ghost tour in Gettysburg where she meets a handsome Union soldier. Is he part of the paid for haunted experience, or something special just for her? Sarah takes a ghost tour in Gettysburg where she meets a handsome Union soldier. Is he part of the paid for haunted experience, or something special just for her?
Find Haley Whitehall at:
Twitter: @HaleyWhitehall
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Linatar’s Pet by Shiloh Saddler
Life was simple for Arok until he was sold to Dantfur, a Linatar with a completely different view, an honorable view toward his possessions, a view that could prove troublesome while bringing Arok unimaginable pleasure.
Find Shiloh Saddler at:
Twitter: @ShilohSaddler
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Dulce by Leigh Ellwood
Visiting Caracas to forget his broken marriage, Neil Randall becomes tempted by the gorgeous expatriate everybody calls "Dulce".
Dulce Excerpt:
What the hell am I doing?

He sat back on the bike and took a deep breath, then turned the key to kill the engine. The dizzying sensation of top-shelf margaritas had subsided, yet the sour taste lingered. Señor Cacto looked down on him with his same silly, gaping smile; Neil couldn’t decide if the hotel’s mascot cheered him on or taunted him for making a big mistake.

He had just blown off a Venezuelan goddess, a would-be lover, to meet up with a total stranger. Granted, Candy had some kind of effect on him that was arousing and curious, but his desire to know more of it came at the expense of an old friendship. Chelsea would never speak to him again, professionally or otherwise.

With Chelsea, he had been guaranteed a night of passion. Here, he did not know what to expect. What did he think was going to happen when he opened Candy’s door? The girl had seen him with the richest woman in town. Maybe she assumed he had money. Maybe she was waiting for him with a tire tool pinned behind her back so she could nab his wallet and keys.

Neil sighed. Why not? A conk on the head might do him some good. Just plain head would be better, though.

Gah! Neil shifted on the saddle. He was getting a hard-on in the parking lot! Was it the unknown factor that excited him more than Chelsea had?

A myriad of thoughts swam into consciousness—last night’s pool party, and Candy in the
hottub with her bohemian outlook on life and petite body crushed against his.
Find Leigh Ellwood at:
Twitter: @LeighEllwood
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