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Apr 9, 2013

Cover Reveal - Alyssa’s Wolves by Becca Jameson

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Alyssa’s Wolves By Becca Jameson
Wolf Masters Book Four

Alyssa's WolvesAfter fleeing an arranged marriage in a polygamist society in Oklahoma, Alyssa Franklin wants nothing more than to enjoy her early twenties, take some classes at the local college, and learn about the world outside the confines of her childhood pack.

Embraced by the loving Masters family in Oregon, Alyssa is beyond grateful for her good fortune. Nothing can upset her new life, except maybe the scent of her mate wafting toward her at a local rodeo…

Tyler Evans has been sent from Alyssa’s Oklahoma pack to ensure she is indeed mated to one of the Masters. He’s completely unprepared to realize Alyssa is his mate. In a rash, split-second decision, he flees her presence, not wishing to upset the perfect life his mate is living. Tortured with the need to be with Alyssa and unable to avoid the pull she has on him, he abandons his family in Oklahoma and treks to Oregon to claim his mate.

Michael Masters has been living in Spain for two years, knowing Alyssa is his mate and wishing to give her time to mature and experience life before claiming her. When he learns she believes another man is destined for her, he returns from abroad to claim his mate. Hoping she was mistaken, Michael treads lightly with his fingers crossed that fate has not deemed it necessary to share her.

When these three souls collide, tension rises. None of them are interested in a ménage. However, fate has other plans. Can the three lovers, drawn to each other by a power they can’t deny, work together to become a unit? Or will outside forces be able to tear them apart before they’ve even had a chance to consummate their mating?

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: April 8, 2013
Liquid Silver Books
Excerpt & More

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“I’m not ready.” She shook her head back and forth.

“I’m not suggesting anything other than you letting me relieve the pressure you’re experiencing … here.” He cautiously set his palm against her sex and pressed into her clit.

Alyssa’s eyes rolled back into her head, and she moaned louder than she had before. A truly distinct sound of abandon.

“I promise to keep my pants on. Just let me make you feel good, babe.” Michael rubbed his palm in tiny circles against her jeans until she couldn’t keep from lifting into his pressure.

She was so fucking sexy, even fully clothed, and in that moment, he knew he’d never get enough of her as long as he lived. Fuck the theory that in a few weeks the frenzy would lesson. There was no way he would ever look at his mate from across a room and not want to tear her clothes off and fuck her against the wall.

When he took her mouth again in a long drawn-out kiss, Alyssa melted beneath him. Her fingers relaxed their grip on his arm, and she even let them wander to his chest. On a gasp against his mouth, she surprised him. “Take your shirt off.” Her gaze locked on his.


In two seconds he’d whipped the tight cotton over his head, straddled her legs with his own, and hovered over her trapped body, letting her gaze wander over his chest.

With the barest hint of contact, Alyssa reached with both hands and explored his pecs, his abs, and then his nipples. “Do you like that?” The tips grew hard under her touch, and he flinched.

“Love it, baby. You don’t have to ask. Everywhere you touch me makes me hot. Horny.”

“This isn’t fair to you. I’m teasing you.” She didn’t look in his eye but stopped the dance of her fingertips near his waist.

“Fuck fair, Alyssa. I would give up sex for life if it meant you kept touching me like that and looking at me with that sense of awe in your gaze. Do whatever makes you comfortable. I have nothing but time. Explore away.” Michael had no idea where all these chivalrous words were coming from or how he intended to live up to them, but deep down he knew he loved this woman, had loved her for two years, and he would do anything in his power to make her happy. Including keeping his dick in his pants.

She stopped short of his jeans and cruised back up his chest with flat palms, squeezing and molding her hands to his body.

“You’re like one of those marble statues and just as hard.” Alyssa had no idea what she was doing to him with her words.

He had to grit his teeth to keep from coming in his pants.

“Kiss me again?”

God, she was precious. A mixture of innocence and curiosity with a dash of boldness.

Michael leaned forward to take her mouth again and let his body fall to her side once more. This time, his leg landed over her entire torso, and his hand rested on her stomach, splayed with his fingers just beneath her breasts and reaching to the edge of her jeans.

He could feel her heave for air as he kissed her, demanding entrance again with his tongue and pressing his palm against her belly.

He wanted nothing more at that moment than to see her come undone. And he didn’t care that it would not be reciprocated. He could take care of that later in the shower. For now, he wanted her to just feel, not worry about him or sex or mating or claiming, just feel.

Murmuring against her lips, he told her what he intended to do. “I want to see you come, Alyssa. I want to make you orgasm against my hand. Will you let me? Will you let yourself relax and trust me? I won’t even unbutton my jeans. I’ll make you feel so good you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“Yes.” The word was breathy, and he wasn’t sure she knew what she was agreeing to. The last thing he wanted was regret later on her part.

“Tell me. Tell me what you want.”

Alyssa’s eyes sprang open, and she gazed into his own, her deep-blue depths pleading with him.

“Tell me,” he repeated. “So I’ll know I didn’t cross the line.”

“Make me come, Michael. Whatever that feeling is, I want to experience it right here right now … with you. I ache.”

Lord, he was well and truly a goner. Her naked abandon squeezed his heart.
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