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Apr 12, 2014

Cover Reveal - Bound to be Taken by Becca Jameson

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Bound to be Taken
by Becca Jameson

Emergence Book One

Stephanie Parkins doesn’t date—ever.
After years of watching her mother’s antics, men are off her menu. But the truth is, now she needs one, and fast. Proving she’s approachable is the only way her bosses will promote her to a position that requires her to work directly with the public.

Restaurateurs Aiden Collins and Dane Whitman need a date—now.

They’re perfectly happy as a twosome, but without a woman on their arms, admission to this weekend’s fetish party will be denied. For a while now they’ve had their eye on the sexy beauty from the tenth floor—even though she buries herself under a frumpy wardrobe. What better time to bring her out of her shell, and add the third they’ve been craving?

When the three quite literally collide in the elevator, a miracle happens: she agrees to their proposal. And Stephanie turns out to be the submissive of Dane and Aiden’s dreams. But as she slips deeper under their thumbs, she could be more than either man bargains for.

Warning: This book contains intense bondage scenes between two Doms and their sub. Expect hot masturbation, man on man action, blow jobs, restraints, ben wa balls, nipple clamps, and mind-blowing orgasm denial that will make you weep…

Excerpt & More

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Ménage, DBSM, Bondage, Kink, Fetish, MMF
Release Date: April 8, 2014
Samhain Publishing

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“So what do we have to wear to this gig on Friday?”

“Fetishwear.” Dane’s eyebrows rose and fell a few times.

“And that would be…?”

“We can pick something out together Thursday. Any range of things are possible. They just don’t allow street clothes.”

“What will you be wearing?” Visions of leather and whips and naked chests came to mind, making Stephanie’s knee start bouncing under the table.

“All black. Nothing super crazy. The Doms don’t have to be in quite as much costume as the subs.” Dane released her hand.

Now her knee went crazy. “I’m going to dress up and you aren’t?”

“Well, yeah. Typically the sub wears whatever the Doms request.” When she flinched, Dane held up one hand. “Don’t worry. We aren’t going to toss you to the wolves.”

“After all, we are just pretending.” She narrowed her gaze. Why did it seem as if these guys wanted more than a make-believe evening? The idea made her heart pound. She pondered Dane’s last words—whatever the Doms request.

“Right.” Aiden looked around behind him. “I think everyone’s gone but us. You want to go over some of the typical stuff you’re going to see?”

“Uh, I guess.”

Dane stood and circled the table to her side. He held out a hand. “Do a little research in the next few days. You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know on Wikipedia.”

Stephanie released the wine glass and stood, taking Dane’s hand. “Where’re we going?”

“Just to the back office. Maybe if we do a little role playing, you’ll get a feel for the lifestyle.”

“Role playing?”

“Good idea.” Aiden grabbed her other hand and they led her toward the kitchen, past the massive refrigerators and ovens, and through a door in the rear.

The room was small, but nicer than she’d expected for a back office space that no one would normally see. Thick dark carpet covered the floor. The desk was made of the same mahogany as the furniture in front. There was enough space for two chairs and a small maroon leather loveseat.

Aiden plopped down on the sofa, not releasing her hand. “Kneel on the floor in front of me.” His words were suddenly deeper, gentler, softer, but held a command that seemed incongruent.

Stephanie’s breath stuttered. She shouldn’t be reacting to his demand so forcefully. She knew it deep down inside her, but she couldn’t stop her body’s compulsion to obey.

Dane pressed on her shoulders from behind. He brushed her hair to one side and leaned into her ear. “It’s just role playing. A sample. Give it a try. You might even like it.” He kissed her neck. She tipped her head to one side to give him better access without even pausing to stop herself.

His lips were so soft, and his breath wafted over her shoulder and ear all at once, melting her insides.

Stephanie knelt on the floor, facing Aiden. She couldn’t not. But she shook. Every muscle in her body went rigid and twitched under the strain. His gravelly voice penetrated the room again. “Good. Dip your face toward the floor a bit. Typically subs don’t make eye contact with their Doms. Keep your gaze below my knees most of the time unless I specifically tell you to look at me.”

She did as told. It felt awkward being led like this, but oh so hot. A tight ball formed in her abdomen, and she bit her lip to hold back a moan. They didn’t need to know the effect they were having on her. This is a role play. Get it together. It’s a game. You just met these guys yesterday.

Dane’s hands still caressed her shoulders, so lightly she could barely feel them. That was almost worse. “Spread your legs, Steph. Your knees should always be about shoulder width apart when you’re in this position.”

Stephanie walked her knees apart one inch at a time. Her skirt wasn’t pencil tight, but it did stretch to its capacity when she spread herself open. She clenched her pussy.

She moaned. She couldn’t help it. And she closed her eyes. The vulnerability was overwhelming her senses. Two hot men were making her near orgasm with all her clothes on. No one was even touching her skin.

“Good,” Aiden continued, not mentioning the noises she’d made. Bless him. “Now, straighten your spine… That’s it. And grip your hands behind your back.”

Dane helped her with her hands, placing one on top of the other so that she actually held one wrist with the other. “That’s the first position of D/s. It’s called kneel. A typical sub often holds this position for as long as her Master commands, waiting for his next instructions. Often Doms insist on this stance whenever they are in the room.”

Holy Mother of God. Her heart was racing. The room heated. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought she would find this arousing. In books yes, but not in real life.

She licked her lips. “Got it. What else should I know?” She glanced at her chest, her breasts high and firm beneath her blouse. With her back straight and her hands behind her, her body felt as if it were on display.

Aiden tipped her face up toward his. She let her gaze travel up his body, pausing momentarily to glimpse his crotch. His cock was hard. And his package looked so sexy in his suit. His legs were spread, and she was so close to the sofa, she practically knelt between them. Grasping her chin harder than necessary, with just the right amount of pressure to be a commanding force without being so hard she wanted to pull away, he spoke. “When you are in this position, never speak to your Master. Not unless he asks you to directly. And always address him as Sir.”

Stephanie swallowed. The lines were blurring. She had trouble concentrating on the fact that this was all for show. Aiden’s eyes sucked her in and held her gaze with an air of authority she found more arousing than anything in her life ever had been.

“You look so sexy when you swallow, doesn’t she, Dane?” He glanced at the man who now circled her and sat next to Aiden. They were tall enough that they both still towered over her, even seated—Dane only a few inches shorter than Aiden.

Her gaze traveled to Dane’s. The look in his eye, penetrating, determined, narrowed as if assessing her for purchase…stopped her heart. She swallowed again, for him. Because he commanded it of her without speaking. Because she couldn’t not. She was sucked into a vortex of submission and wasn’t sure she ever wanted to leave this place. It was so warm. Her skin tingled. She felt more alive than she’d ever felt in her life. And more aroused.

“Good girl.” Dane reached out with one hand and stroked her cheek alongside Aiden’s grip on her chin. With his other hand, he adjusted himself. That’s so hot.

Stephanie had never given oral in her life, but suddenly she had the urge to handle that undoubtedly fine piece of manhood…with her mouth.

She could scent both men. They had subtle differences. After all, they lived together, so that wasn’t surprising. And they sleep together… No wonder their smells meshed. They complemented each other. Each having his own personal scent mixed with the soap and shampoo they shared. And the aftershave… She could picture them standing in the bathroom sharing the sink, the same shaving cream, the same brand of…whatever.

“We need to get you some new clothes. You’re a smokin’ hot woman. Why do you hide under all this material?” Dane reached for her blouse and plucked the shoulder.

Was she allowed to speak? I’m pretty sure that was rhetorical.

If they only knew. Because I don’t trust men. Because they leave… Years of therapy had gotten her where she was today. A college-educated adult with her head held high. She did not need a man.

At least that was what she’d thought before this morning. Now she had two. But they were just pretending, right? Putting her in the position they needed her to play on Friday.

“Are your knees okay?” Aiden asked. “We aren’t being very sensitive. Forgot about spilling coffee on you earlier.” He released her chin and grabbed her hand to pull her to standing.

She hadn’t noticed her knees at all.

She was still stuck on the words “smokin’ hot woman”.

Stephanie stood taller than the men now, and they both dipped their heads to inspect her knees. Her skirt was too long. It reached just below her knees. Aiden pushed it up without comment and held it high on her thighs. Dane grazed his fingers over her pink skin.

Stephanie wobbled on her feet, her body threatening to collapse under their intense scrutiny so close to her bare skin. She stepped back and grasped them both by the shoulders to steady herself. “I’m fine.”

Dane cocked his head to one side. “Are you shy in general, or just hiding under that prim outfit?”
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