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Apr 4, 2015

Want by Becca Jameson

Cover & Excerpt

Want by Becca Jameson
The Fight Club Book Five

WantSabrina Duluth has a tidy life. She loves her editing job and owns her own home. On weekends she dabbles in BDSM. Nothing could possibly disrupt her perfect world…until she takes a class at the local college.

Conner Bascott is a busy man. He teaches British literature by day, fights MMA in the evenings, and attends a local BDSM club on weekends. The complete package…until a feisty brilliant sprite enters his classroom for the spring semester.

Sexual tension reigns until the summer after the class ends. They could ignore their attraction and continue with their separate lives. Or not. One brief encounter tips the scales and changes the course of their lives.

Sabrina is a strong woman with definite opinions. Conner is a firm Dom with specific demands. Toss in a plethora of external forces, seemingly derived to keep the two of them apart, and they are left with frayed nerves and frequent shouting matches.

Who is fighting to keep them apart? And why? Is their blossoming relationship strong enough to overcome extreme adversity?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): MMA, BDSM, D/s, Suspense, Mixed Martial Arts
Release Date: April 2, 2015
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

Excerpt & More

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At thirty-eight, Conner was far too old for her. He’d never once in all his years of teaching considered dating a student. Until January. He’d scampered from the classroom more times than he could count to avoid making eye contact with Sabrina or revealing the hard-on he inevitably got each time she spoke in class.

He closed his eyes for a moment and gripped the edge of the bar. He could picture her licking her lips before she asked a question, her timid hand held in the air. The way she tossed her long brown curls over her shoulder.

The first day he saw her, he did a double take and swallowed his tongue. Assuming she was an eighteen-year-old freshman, he’d chastised himself repeatedly. As time went by, he began to doubt she was actually that young. She didn’t giggle with the other girls in class. It didn’t seem she knew anyone, nor did she take the opportunity to get to know them.

It would have been easier to ignore her if she’d been in her teens. But Sabrina was undoubtedly a woman, not a girl. Way too young for him, but old enough not to feel like some sort of pervert when he lusted after her.

“Conner. Let’s think this through.”

Conner opened his eyes to meet Zane’s gaze. “You’re right.” He sat back down, but stared across the room where Sabrina disappeared down the side hall. “Shit. Do you think she’s doing a scene?”

“It’s possible. Or watching one.”

The hall she’d turned down had a series of three-sided rooms where Doms and subs could play while other patrons watched. The idea crawled up Conner’s spine and made him stiffen his neck. He moaned.

“Does she know you’re into her?”

“Of course not.” Conner furrowed his brow. “I haven’t seen her for months. I’ve never been so relieved for a class to end.” That wasn’t entirely true. He had seen her—once. But that didn’t mean she knew he was into her.

“Okay, then it really isn’t reasonable for you to stomp up to her and go all caveman. She’s with a guy. You’re going to have to handle this another time.”

Conner took a deep breath. “I have no business handling this ever. She’s a student.”

“It’s a new year. She’s not in your class anymore, right?”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to show up in one of my other classes someday. If she’s an English major, there’s a good chance I’ll have her again. I still can’t approach her. It’s totally against school policy to date a student, even if she isn’t in my class.” He cringed, listening to his own lecture.

Zane leaned forward, blocking the spot where Conner’s gaze wandered again. Zane’s grin was huge.

Conner startled. “What?” He shook his head to clear it. There was no way he was ever going to have that woman again.

“Want me to see where she went?” Zane asked, ignoring Conner’s rhetorical question.

“No.” Conner stood again. He didn’t say anything to Zane as he walked away, heading in the direction his sexy student had traveled. He wouldn’t confront her. That would be beyond uncomfortable. He just wanted to know where she went. Another glimpse of her wouldn’t hurt anything. She would never know. And then he’d leave the club. Obviously tonight wasn’t a good night for him to be at Extreme.

Hell, if she started coming to the club often, he’d never be able to return.

Sauntering slowly down the viewing hall, Conner scanned in every direction, unsure if he would find Sabrina watching or participating. If he found her inside one of the rooms with that other Dom’s hands on her… Hell, he didn’t know what he might do.

Nothing, you asshole. You don’t own her. And you have a moral obligation to completely ignore her.

Suddenly, he stopped dead in his tracks. There she was. He couldn’t breathe. For one thing, the hint of perfect ass he’d seen peeking out from under her skirt was completely in his line of sight. She was positioned on a spanking bench, her smooth white cheeks exposed with her skirt pushed up to her lower back. He could make out the distinct tan line that split her ass from her thighs.

She wore a thin, lacy, black thong that barely covered her pussy. With her legs spread on the pads of the bench, she left little to the imagination.

Conner’s gaze darted to the man dominating her as he set his hands on Sabrina’s ass and massaged her cheeks. Conner didn’t know him, though he’d seen him at Extreme before. He was closer to Conner’s age than Sabrina’s. He was built and tall, though not as built or as tall as Conner, but few people were.

When the first spank landed on Sabrina’s ass, Conner flinched—not because he was averse to watching a woman get her ass swatted but because he had a deep clawing urge to yank this particular Dom off Sabrina and take over the scene.

He wouldn’t, of course. But he fisted his hands at his sides and forced himself to remain still.

Conner’s reaction was nothing compared to Sabrina’s. The little minx moaned. Pink rose up on her smooth cheek as she squeezed her knees against the padded sides of the bench.

The second swat landed on the other cheek. The Dom was good. His blows were perfect. He wasn’t a regular at Extreme, but Conner could see he was very familiar with the lifestyle and undoubtedly belonged to another club. He had experience. The evidence was on the perfectly pinkened ass of Ms. Duluth.

The man stepped between Sabrina’s legs and molded his palms to her butt, massaging the sting.

Conner almost groaned. It had been years since he’d reacted like this to a woman. He’d had the hots for her for so long his balls ached. Seeing her with another Dom didn’t make him feel warm and fuzzy. Even though he couldn’t have her for himself, it smarted.

The Dom stepped back and resumed the role playing, landing several more strikes on Sabrina’s ass and thighs until they were a gorgeous rosy color.

After another round of soothing touches to Sabrina’s inflamed skin, the guy stepped around and leaned down to say something in Sabrina’s ear.

She nodded. Her thick brown hair fell across her cheek, and the man tucked it behind her ear.

The Dom eased back.

Sabrina had turned her face in Conner’s direction, however. And the second the Dom stepped out from Conner’s line of sight, her gaze met his.

Conner inhaled sharply. He hadn’t meant for her to see him. He was caught. He froze.

Her gaze widened. Her mouth opened. The Dom at her ass didn’t notice.

Conner finally had the sense to spin around and walk away. He turned the corner toward the main section of the club, taking deep breaths.


Sabrina was under his skin. How the hell had that happened? He’d been a member of Extreme for years. He’d done hundreds of scenes with many different women. He’d even dated a few. Never had he had a reaction to a submissive like this. His cock was hard, and his heart pounded.

When he could manage to control his legs again, he ambled back toward the bar. Zane was no longer around. Thank God. The last thing he wanted to do was chat about what he’d seen.

“Water,” he said to the bartender, who nodded and handed him a bottle.

The club didn’t serve alcohol. If they had, Conner would have asked for the entire bottle of something stiff and taken about a dozen shots to get the image of Sabrina’s fine ass out of his head.

“Fuck,” he muttered under his breath. He needed air.

Conner headed for the entrance, which was at the back of the building, spilling into the parking lot instead of the street. The arrangement allowed people to come and go from Extreme without encountering the general public between their cars and the door. Many patrons arrived and left severely underdressed.

As soon as Conner stepped outside, he nodded at the guard, Frank, and leaned against the side of the building, several yards away from the door. He was supposed to meet up with Rafe and Mason later. He hated to bail on them and hoped if he hid for a while, he could avoid Sabrina and catch his friends outside when they arrived.

It was with this idea in mind that he took several deep breaths, crossed his legs at the ankles, and let his head fall back to rest against the wall.
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