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Oct 9, 2013

Cover Reveal - Dominated by Becca Jameson

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Dominated by Becca Jameson
Wolf Gatherings Book Two

Kathleen Davis has never been more confused. While running from one wolf who insists she is his mate, she finds herself face to face with her real mate. Why is he such a jerk then? And why does he treat her like a child? Screw him. If this is what a “real” mate is, she wants no part of him.

Gabriel Albertson’s family hosts the Wolf Gathering every two years, but he hasn’t been home in ages. Fortifying himself to face the masses of unmated females, he never even makes it out the door before his one and only bounds right into his hiding place. To his disappointment, he realizes she’s more child than woman…

But, Gabriel is mistaken, and his error insults his gorgeous mate. He must hunt her down, apologize, and convince her he isn’t the ass he first appeared to be. Although he manages to claim her, his dominance frightens Kathleen and sends her fleeing his parents’ home. Can he pull his act together, tail between his legs, and convince her their mating is real and worth the risk to her heart?

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Wolves, D/s
Release Date: October 3, 2013
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

Excerpt & More

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She backed up.

He stalked forward.

When her back hit the kitchen island, he had her cornered. He leaned into her, placing one hand on either side of her on the counter.

She flushed. Everything was moving too fast and so intense. Even his gaze was enough to make her lightheaded.

“Kathleen, you’re mine. Do you understand what that means?”

She swallowed.

“I’m not going home without you. I have the next two weeks off. Gives us plenty of time to get to know each other. I don’t care where we go. If you want to stay here, we can. If you want to go to Houston, we can do that. If you want to take a trip to the Bahamas, canoe down the Rio Grande, or go hiking in Alaska, that can be arranged too.” He lifted one corner of his mouth, teasing her.

She shuddered.

“God, you smell fantastic.” He lifted a lock of her hair and held it to his cheek, in haling her scent. Everything he did seemed erotic. Dangerous. Sexy. “I need to kiss you.” He raised an eyebrow, asking for permission.

She nodded.

He placed his hands on both sides of her face, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs for several seconds. As he stared at her mouth, she gazed at his expression.

When his thumb brushed over her bottom lip and then pulled it down, she sucked in a breath. “So soft,” he mumbled. He didn’t stop. Instead he swept his thumb back and forth over her lower lip.

Her mouth tingled. She fought to keep from reaching out to lick his thumb with her tongue.

“Open for me, Kathleen.” Her name sounded so formal coming from him.

She shivered again. How could a simple kiss be so complicated? Demanding? It was taking so long and her legs were wobbling while she waited.

“You could call me Kath. My family does,” she muttered. She had no idea why she needed to tell him that now. Perhaps to break the intensity. It frightened her how aroused she was. She squeezed her thighs together, but that did nothing to make the ache growing low in her belly go away.

He grinned at her, but didn’t lift his gaze from her mouth. “Perhaps. But not when we’re having sex. I like the way your full name sounds tumbling from my mouth when I’m thinking of having you.”

She gasped. She locked her knees to keep from collapsing.

“Are you?” she asked breathlessly.

“Thinking of making love to you? Hell yes. I can’t imagine when I’ll not be.”

Her breasts grew tight. A soft purr escaped her lips.

That gentle sound that broke the sudden silence was followed by a full groan coming from Gabriel’s mouth. “You’re gonna kill me.” He leaned in closer, his lips inches from her own.

She wanted his mouth on hers so bad now, she no longer cared whether or not it was the right thing to do.

She licked her lips. Oh, please, dear God, just kiss me, will you?

His mouth descended. A gentle brush of his lips over hers. His eyes stayed locked to her gaze. And then he licked the seam between her lips and she opened her mouth for him. She wanted to taste him, needed to. His tongue slipped between her teeth and danced with her own before she even finished the thought.

She grasped his T-shirt with both hands where it stretched over his biceps and fisted the material with her fingers, desperate to hold on to him.

He angled his mouth farther to one side and delved deeper. His taste filled her senses and made her crave more of him.

Thank God he held her up, his body pressing hers into the island. As she lost herself in her first real kiss, she couldn’t concentrate on anything but the feel of his tongue and the way his lips managed to soften her.

Gabe broke the kiss off. No way could she have had the capacity to do so herself.

“I need you,” he whispered against her mouth as he set his forehead on hers. “I know this is fast and overwhelming for you, but my cock aches to be inside you.”

She couldn’t even see him properly. Her eyes were clouded over from the heat of the kiss and he invaded her space so thoroughly that she couldn’t focus on his face.

“Please say yes,” he continued. “I could spend the day pretending to woo you, but who are we kidding? I can smell your arousal. Hell, I can taste it on your lips. You want this as much as I do.”

It was true. She couldn’t deny him that truth. She was scared out of her mind on more levels than she could possibly voice, but the simple fact still remained—they were mates. She might as well let him claim her now and then deal with the details of their future afterward. At least some of her anxiety would be alleviated.

“Talk to me,” he asked. He stroked her cheek with his thumb again.

She finally opened her mouth to speak. “I’m scared.”

“I know. I would be shocked if you weren’t. And concerned. I’m humbled by the gift of your innocence. Trust me?”
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