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Dec 4, 2015

Sculpt by Becca Jameson & Paige Michaels

Cover & Excerpt

by Becca Jameson & Paige Michaels
The Art of Kink Book Three

SculptLucinda Chatman has dabbled enough in BDSM to know what she wants—a firm Dom who can control her no matter what she throws his way. Her checkered past in the world of BDSM, however, keeps her out of the limelight. She has pissed off some of the big players in Minneapolis and is less than welcome at most venues. For months, she has stuck to her new day job teaching pottery to children and trying to stay out of trouble.

Theo Matthews hasn’t had a full-time submissive for a long time. He’s spent the last few years climbing the corporate ladder as a broker while practicing Aikido on the side. When he spies Lucinda at a club, he watches her every move while she reacts to a scene and decides to approach her. Could it be she is just the sort of bratty submissive he’s been hunting for? Someone who will challenge him every step of the way and keep his cock hard at the same time?

When Theo confronts Lucinda and immediately puts her in her place, sparks fly. He makes demands on her that keep her panties wet and her mind running for the first time in her life. In return, Lucinda challenges him every step of the way, wondering if he can take the level of heat she needs.

There are obstacles, however. Lucinda’s ailing father needs her in Atlanta. And Theo isn’t sure she will remain interested in a Dom like him once the newness has worn off. She needs a firm hand. But will she still need his type of dominance after she recognizes how life has beaten her down into the woman she has become?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): BDSM, D/s, Spanking, Kink
Release Date: December 3, 2015
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

Excerpt & More

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She was magnificent. Theo knew she would be. He’d caught a hint of it the other night at Exotica, but without clothes, her nipples pinched and her breath coming in shallow gasps, she was absolutely stunning. And seemingly unaffected by the clamps.

“Is no enough of a safe word?”

“No,” he answered. “Not for someone like you. You’ll tell me no a dozen times before I’m through with you. But you’ll want it all the same.”

“What do you mean, someone like me?”

She didn’t know. She didn’t realize who she was and what she needed. And he wasn’t about to tell her so she’d go researching it on the Internet and gather herself a whole new bag of grief to give him. Better for her to find her own way on this, trust her instincts, and act in a way that was natural for her, not a way some website advised.

“Turn around,” he said, ignoring her question.

“Not until you tell me.”

“You won’t give me ultimatums, brat. This isn’t how this is going to go. So you can turn around like I’ve requested, or you can put your clothes back on and lose my number.”

She stood for a moment, glancing between him and the house around him. He was rich. He worked his ass off as a commercial broker in one of Minneapolis’s top firms. He took huge risks with money, and so far it had all paid off. But money could be lost overnight, and he didn’t want her to stay if that’s all she was interested in.

“Is my money going to be a problem for you?”

She tipped her head to the side. “In what way?”

“In the way that you’re going to cost me lots of it.”

Her nostrils flared and he almost chuckled at her indignation. “Fuck you, Theo. I’m not interested in your money. The only problem with you having it is that I don’t want some judgy uptight asshole neighbors of yours calling the cops if I park my shitty car is in your heated driveway.”

“How did you know my driveway was heated?”

Her mouth dropped open. “I was kidding, for fuck’s sake. Your driveway is heated? Jesus, what am I doing here? Seriously. What do you want with me?”

“I want you to turn around, brat. Don’t make me ask again.”

She rolled her eyes but did his bidding. It was clear this was solid ground for her. Pushing him, wanting him to push her right back. He could tell she liked it, and she would learn to love it if he had anything to say about it.

He stepped up close and slipped his fingers into both sides of her thong. He dragged it down and let it drop at her feet. He grabbed both globes of her incredible ass in each hand and heard her release the smallest sigh. He squeezed harder, almost punishing her cheeks and she moaned. Yes. Better.

He dropped to his knees and tugged on the ring connected to the beads in her ass.

“I’m going to pull these out now,” he said.

“No.” She tensed and looked down at him, her gaze full of desire. Jesus. This woman was going to kill him before the night was over.

“Do you see why no isn’t the best option for a safe word, brat?” He pulled one bead out and she groaned, widening her stance and reaching down to her pussy. He grabbed her wrist with his free hand, stopping her from touching herself.


“Lucinda. Have you ever been trained as a submissive?”

“I’ve read a lot. I’ve done scenes.”

He shook his head. “Jesus fucking Christ. This body and that mouth and no one has claimed you yet.”

Her expression cleared, and her face cracked open into a smile. “I know. It’s like they don’t know what they’re missing.”

He swatted her ass and she moaned again. “More like they don’t want to get involved with this,” he mumbled, but she must have heard him because her face flashed like he’d struck her. He stood up quickly and turned her.

“I’ll go,” she said, her voice soft and uncertain, and it was like a different woman was in front of him than the confident one he’d had in his house a minute ago.

“You will not. You’ll give me your safe word. Then I’ll take those beads out, then I’ll teach you something about yourself, then I’ll eat your pussy until you’re screaming for me to feed you my cock. And then we’ll figure out if you want more.”

Her eyes glazed over at his description, and he knew he’d brought her back. “You want me, Theo? For real?”

He didn’t know what to make of her, this strange emotional whiplash that had come over her, full of bratty confidence one moment and ragingly insecure the next.

She tipped her head and met his gaze with clear eyes. “I don’t even care if there’s something wrong with you. I want what you said. For tonight, I want you to do all that.”

“Good. Safe word.”


He smiled. “Turn around, brat, and let me get these tiny beads out of your ass so I can introduce you to real anal beads and show you what you’ve been missing.”
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