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This blog is an 18+ blog. Its purpose is to help authors get the word out about their new, recent, and upcoming releases. This is not a review site. Nor are we monetarily compensated for featuring covers, excerpts, and/or book trailers by the authors or publishers. We would however appreciate a reciprocal link and your help in promoting this site.

If you'd like to have your book or ebook cover art, blurb, an excerpt, and/or book trailer featured on this blog, we'll be happy to consider it.

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At this time, we are only featuring the genres in the following list on Cover Reveals. We do not feature Young Adult (YA) or New Adult (NA) in any genre.
Currently showcasing:
Romance and all its sub-genres including erotic, BDSM & GLBT (no erotica please)
Urban fantasy
Paranormal fiction
Horror (paranormal/supernatural only)
Mystery & Cozy
Science Fiction (SciFi)
as well as a few other select genres from some of our favorite authors.
In the future, we will be adding other genres as well. So please do not submit a request for any genre not in this list.

Guidelines and Submission Instructions

Important Notes:
  • We reserve the right to post the covers we feel are appropriate for this site. This means not all requests will be accepted.
  • A note about post comments... While we do allow comments and encourage the author to post a comment, do not be concerned about the lack of comments on your post. As of November 2014, the site gets 3800-4600 page views per day. A lack of comments or lack of site followers is not an indication of how many times your post is being viewed. We have some posts with 6-10 comments but have only been viewed 80+ times and other posts with zero comments that have been viewed 1500+ times per week.
  • Only upcoming, new, and recent releases within the past three months to next six months will be considered. And only novellas, novels, and anthologies/short story collections – no short stories (less than 12,000 words).
  • If you do not receive a reply to your request to be featured on Cover Reveals within 1 week, please send a quick email asking if we received your request. We are finding Gmail is quarantining several request emails in the spam folder on their server so the emails never make it to our email program on the computer.
  • We will try to accommodate your requested appearance date. However, due to the volume of requests, your date may not be available. Therefore, we will also ask for an alternate date as well as dates not to post before and after.
  • Please do not make any requests for dates more than 6 months (180 days) in the future.
  • Please make sure your blurb and excerpt (if applicable) are edited because they will appear as they are provided. We will not be checking them for grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • We do not offer giveaways or use Rafflecopter on our site. However if you are giving away a copy of your title on your site or Rafflecopter and would like us to note it in the post, please indicate the link and the ending date and time as well as if the giveaway is open to all or just certain countries in the 'Any special notes/comments about your request:' field.
  • In most cases your post will appear on Cover Reveals before 1 am Eastern U.S. time on the date of your appearance. We are not responsible for Blogger issues, power issues, or internet connectivity issues.
  • A note about promotion: We will send out a minimum of 6 tweets about your title's appearance on our site. Since the posts do not get deleted, we continue to tweet about your post during the week following the appearance, if not more. The most viewed posts are the ones the authors and/or requestors take an active role in promoting. By telling the author's fans and followers via tweets, on Facebook, on the author's blog, etc. as well as retweeting the @CoverReveals' tweets about the post, the post will have the best chance of working for you as a promotional/marketing tool. We have several posts that appeared back in Dec 2012 and Jan 2013 that still get quite a few daily page views because the author and we continue to actively promote the post.
  • Important: If you are new to Cover Reveals, incomplete requests will not be considered nor will you receive an email asking for missing information. The request volume simply will not allow for this. So please be careful and provide all the information and file attachments or links as necessary. Returning authors may schedule in advance as soon as a firm release date is known. Provide title, genre, and release date. However, it is up to you to remember to have all the details to us within ten (10) days prior to your post. Purchase links only may be provided within this timeframe if your post date is at least several days after your release date. We will no longer be contacting you for missing information, and we will use our discretion as to whether or not to allow the post to appear with incomplete information.
To request an appearance of any cover, excerpt and/or book trailer on Cover Reveals, the following information must be provided in an email sent to our gmail.com address CoverRevealsRequests@ (not completed to prevent spam) with a subject of "Request: (your title)":
*Mandatory items

*Does your book include any of the following:
*Wet play (other than cum)?
*Sex with a character under 18?
*BDSM with permanent scarring?
If you answered yes to any of these three questions, STOP HERE. We do not feature titles with any of this in them. Note: BDSM without permanent scarring is acceptable.

*Is the book at least 12,000 words long?
If not, please STOP HERE. We do not feature titles of less than 12K words.

*Book Title:
*Series Name and book no. (if applicable):
*Book Author:
*Release Date:
*Link to publisher's page:
*Content/Theme(s) (for example: vampires, zombies, shifters, spanking, D/s, BDSM, menage, M/M/F, M/F/M, F/F/M, F/M/F, spanking, mystery, military, humor, men in uniform, Fae, magic, time travel, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, futuristic, sports, Regency, suspense, medical, cowboys, aliens, etc.):

*Is this a re-release?
If yes, did it originally have a different title or author name? If so, what/who?
Has it been updated with new material added or newly edited, and if so, which?

*Book length: (Novella, Novel, or Anthology/Box set)
If Anthology, Box set or short story collection:
1) Are the stories new, previously published, or a combination of both?
2) Will the antho/box set only be available for a limited time?
3) If so, when will it be removed from sale?

*Preferred post date:
*Alternate post date:
*Do not post before date:
*Do not post after date:

*Link to Goodreads page for this title (May be provided when purchase links are sent):

*Link to book trailer or trailer attached (if applicable):

*Cover art attached or link to cover art on Goodreads, publisher, or author website:

Does the author have another release scheduled within the next 12 months? If so, title and approximate release date (May list up to four) Feel free to provide a season (e.g. Spring, Fall) or time frame (mid 2015, late 2015) instead of a month/year.
Is the title available for pre-order? If so, provide a pre-order link and we'll include it.


Excerpt (if applicable and subject to truncation, generally up to around 1500 words or so. Please note excerpts are where we find the majority of the good tweets. We highly recommend providing an excerpt):

*Purchase/PreOrder Links: (can be sent later when available if not released yet)
You may provide up to six links where your title may be purchased. This should link directly to your title on the site and not just the site's home page. For example:
Wrong - www.MyPublishersSite.com
Correct - www.MyPublishersSite.com/authorname/mytitle.htm

The author may also provide the title, cover art (or link to), and link to more information or purchase for up to three past releases to be showcased at the bottom of the post. These do not need to be of the same genre or a genre Cover Reveals features. If the title has already appeared on Cover Reveals, you may put "CR" in both the cover link and the purchase link fields.
Title 1 Title:
Title 1 cover link/url*:
Title 1 destination/purchase link/url:

Title 2 Title:
Title 2 cover link/url*:
Title 2 destination/purchase link/url:

Title 3 Title:
Title 3 cover link/url*:
Title 3 destination/purchase link/url:

*Places the author may be found on the internet (provide all that apply):
Author website:
Author blog (if different from website):
Author Facebook page:
Author Twitter:
Author Pinterest:
Author Google+:
Author Goodreads Profile page:
Author Amazon Profile page:
Other 1:
Other 2:

We try to send out at least 6 tweets on the day your title appears. So please provide 2, or more, 35 character (including spaces) teasers for your book and 2, or more, 50 character teasers (including spaces) we can use to create tweets from. Do not include your twitter handle or title as we will be adding these along with hash tags later. This material should come from within the book. We will use the blurb and excerpt to create other tweets.
If you do not use twitter, we still need your teasers as this is the only way we promote the posts appearing on the site at this time.

*Twitter handle (for example @CoverReveals):

35 character teasers (including spaces)

50 character teasers (including spaces)

Would you like a link to the author's website or blog placed on the Author Links page? What is the link you would prefer to be used? Will you be providing a link back to Cover Reveals on this site? (There is a button in the right sidebar on every page of the site if you'd like to use that code. A smaller version is also available.)

Any special notes/comments about your request:

*Request submitted by (name):
*Your relationship to the author:
*Email questions should be sent to:
*Email confirmation of scheduled post date should be sent to:

Send info and attachments via email to our gmail.com address CoverRevealsRequests@ (not completed to prevent spam) with a subject of "Request: (your title)" Please also send us a quick tweet to @CoverReveals when you email us to let us know you've sent a request because so many requests are going to the spam folder on the server and not coming down to our computers. If you are not on twitter, please send a separate email without all this info asking us to confirm we have your request.
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