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Apr 22, 2016

Selling Seduction by Allyson Lindt

Selling Seduction
Selling Seduction
by Allyson Lindt
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His temptation... His undoing... His mercy...

When Ian left for college. Mercy begged to go with him, so she could escape her life of probably-fatal-small-town-boredom. He refused.

Mercy found her own way out. More than a decade later, it will take her best friend’s wedding to bring her back to town for more than a layover. Mercy’s here for Liz. That won’t stop Mercy from teasing, tempting, and pushing Ian’s limits… Mostly to show him what he left behind. Only partly because he looks like a god in his tux.

The moment Ian sees Mercy—confident, stunning, and definitely all grown up—he wants a taste before she vanishes back to the big city. Then Liz discovers her fiancé is already married to someone else. Ian won’t add more heartbreak to his sister’s life by hitting on her best friend. Besides, Mercy’s advertising firm is competing with Ian’s for the same make-or-break-me contract.

Mercy and Ian are determined to go their separate ways, but fate has other plans. As they’re thrown together again and again, the temptation of forbidden fruit proves impossible to resist… but giving in could send their worlds, and the lives of those they care about most, spiraling out of control.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Humor, Geek Love
Release Date: April 15, 2016
Acelette Press
Excerpt & More

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“Most interesting advertising request you’ve ever gotten?” Ian’s tone was neutral, and the question drew Mercy’s attention. “I’m not looking for details or names. I just like a good story.”

This was a conversation she didn’t mind. “Well… Despite the nature of my clients, I’ll be honest of their requests are pretty basic and straightforward. Their ads have to be search-engine friendly, depending on where we place them, so the most creative it gets is finding new ways to say, hot naked people for all your fetishes.

“For some reason, I pictured a lifestyle of hot-tub parties and ecstasy-laced margaritas.”

“No you didn’t.” She wasn’t sure how she knew he was teasing. His voice didn’t give it away. There was the faintest smile around his eyes, and she only recognized that because Liz got the same look when she thought she was being clever and didn’t want to let on. This was so much better than dancing around Mercy’s insecurities—or stabbing them in the eye with a pointy stick, as the case may be. “I bet, Mr. I-have-expense-accounts-from-here-to-Timbuktu, your stories are way better than mine.” His comment about her weight still stung, but pushing forward made it easier to mute the nagging in her head.

“Not really. Though there is the occasional hot-tub party.” He talked between tiny bites of his food and never mentioned she only picked at hers.

“No? Nothing in all your vast experience has stood out as bizarre?”

“There are always little things.”

An impish impulse snaked through her, and she reached across the table, to steal one of his fries and dip it in her soup. “Like what?”

“We had a guy once, who wanted an infomercial. You know—half-hour spot, late-night TV, to hawk his wares.”

“People still make those?”

“Yes.” Ian laughed. “Some of us still live in the Stone Age and don’t know much about things like crowd funding and YouTube. Anyway, he insisted this product of his was amazing. Socks, gloves, various braces, that would pull the impurities from the body.”

“As in, chemical toxins and such?” It didn’t sound like such a unique idea to her. But there was always a catch.

“As in, the multitude of evil spirits that inhabit each person.”

She almost choked on her bisque. “You’re serious.”

“He certainly was.”

“God.” Possibilities bounded to life in her head. “I can just picture this thing. But wait—there’s more. Act now, and we’ll throw in the vinyl summoning circle, so you can control your own exorcised armies.”

“They’ll clean your dishes,” Ian joined in. “Scrub your bathrooms. They even do windows.”

The commercial practically wrote itself. “And for today’s low introductory price of just nineteen-ninety-nine, we’ll throw in a second set of Exor-socks in beige. That’s right. Two pairs for the price of one. Rent your extra minions to the neighbors.”
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