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May 22, 2015

The #5Star Affair by Allyson Lindt

Cover & Excerpt

The #5Star Affair by Allyson Lindt
Love Hashtagged Book One

The #5Star AffairJaycie Wharry is one of gaming’s most infamous reviewers—under the intentionally vague pseudonym J-Dub. Most of her friends didn’t even know what she really did for a living. Then again, one in particular was missing a few solder points in his neural circuits, and she traded that life in as fast as she could when his infatuation with her translated into a threat to her safety. Her new roommate, Ethan, is just supposed to be a firewall against the past, but they’re heating up the wires faster than an X-box on a summer’s day.

Ethan's goals in life are simple—pay off his student loans before he's thirty, start his own gaming company, and keep the emotional attachments to a minimum so he can stay on task. Though, he's willing to make an exception on the last one for his new roommate. She holds her own in a first person shooter as well as she does in a debate, but still yields in the most delicious way behind closed doors. So what if she reviews the same kind of video games he writes? A little planning and there won't be any conflict of interest.

When one of Ethan’s friends leaks Jaycie’s reviewing identity to the entire internet, accusing her of sleeping with developers in exchange for her 5-star approval, both of their careers are threatened. Since slapping a gag-order on the internet to protect their jobs, privacy, and safety isn’t an option, Jaycie and Ethan will need to archive all their preconceived notions, or watch their future—with each other and in general—crash in an unrecoverable way.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Geek love, Suspense, Cubicle dwellers
Release Date: May 15, 2015
Acelette Press
Excerpt & More

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Ethan dragged himself through the front door. He’d be happy to be home, if joy didn’t take so much energy. He swore every time he turned around at work, he’d gotten into it with someone else. Several times over what Jaycie had written. When had he started working with an office full of Neanderthals? He didn’t care that they were pissed off about the reviews; it was the things they said in retaliation that infuriated him.

He clicked the deadbolt into place, and furrowed his brow at a strange noise drifting from Jaycie’s bedroom. It sounded like footsteps padding out a strange rhythm.

He kicked off his shoes, and tossed his keys onto the stand by the door. He stopped in her open doorway, and his eyes grew wide. He wasn’t sure if the sight exhausted him more, or sent a new rush of energy through him. The latter sounded more like it.

Jaycie wore wireless ear buds, and was dancing in the center of the room. Her long hair flipped with her, as she tossed her head. A tinny sound flitted from the device in her ears. Her body swung this way and that, her over-sized T-shirt flying with the movement and frequently sliding up to reveal bare legs and cut-offs. She pulled her arms over her head, and then dropped them to her sides, always twisting and moving to the beat.

Ethan leaned against the door frame, a smile playing on his lips as he watched her lithe frame swing to the music. It was wrong to stare, but he couldn’t pull his gaze away.

She twirled, and opened her eyes. Her entire body shifted to a shade of pink, and the dancing stopped. She plucked the buds from her ears, and let the connector between them drape around her neck. “Hey.” Her greeting was loud in the sudden stillness. “I didn’t know you were home.”

“I just got here. I’m glad you’re doing better.”

Her lips twitched into a smile. “I told you this morning I was fine.”

“You didn’t mean it.”

“I’ve had time to think.” She ducked her head and traced lines in the carpet with her bare toes. “I decided I’d rather be myself around you than whatever the alternative is.”

He liked the sound of that. He didn’t mind the look of it either. He raked his gaze over her, trying not to stare and failing. “So that has you dancing around the room?”

“You’d like that. Wouldn’t you?”

“It certainly wouldn’t hurt my feelings.” This was so much better than fighting over game reviews.

“It’s part of the reason.” Her grin spread. “My editor at Console Power says they want me to review God of the Stars. The distributor is only sending out fifty total review copies.”

“Wow.” He didn’t have to ask what that meant. It was one of the most anticipated games. Everyone was hyping it, even though no one had seen it yet. “Congratulations. That’s amazing. Feel free to keep celebrating. I don’t mind.” Understatement of the evening.

“Only if you’re joining me.” She crossed the floor and grabbed his hand. Her skin was soft and warm against his palm, as she pulled him into the room.

Fuck that. He kept the thoughts to himself, digging frantically for a politer way to tell her no. “Fuck that.” That would have to do.

“I’m not dancing alone.” She bent at the waist, and Ethan felt more of his exhaustion rush away and be replaced with a throb below his waist, as his gaze followed the curve of her ass.

She clicked a couple of things on her computer, and music flooded the room. She let out a small, “Eep,” and quickly turned the volume down to something that didn’t rattle the windows. Twirling back to him, she grabbed his hand again. Her hips twisted to the beat. “Come on.”

He shook his head, unable to take his eyes off her. He wasn’t sure what was more fascinating—the excitement in her green eyes, or the way the lightweight cotton shifted across her breasts every time she moved. “I don’t dance,” he said.

Her laugh mingled with the sweet but hard female voice screaming from her speakers. Damn, that was a nice sound. She should do it more often.

“It’s easy,” she said. “You just let yourself go. Besides, no one’s watching.”

“You are.”

“Then that makes us even.” She tossed her head, never letting go of his hand as the beat increased. “Come on.” She grabbed his other hand as well, and pulled both back and forth in time to the beat.

His foot tapped against his will, and he found himself following her lead. Restraint kept him from moving with the carefree abandon she did, but he couldn’t help swaying.

She giggled, spinning around him, never letting go of him completely. Her front slid against his back, hands moving up his arms. Then she was in front of him again, grinding against him.

Did she have any idea how completely hot she looked? Or that she was giving him a raging hard on? There was no way she didn’t feel that. She spun and draped her arms around his neck. Her tits brushed his chest.

“You need to let yourself go,” she whispered in his ear. “It’s more fun that way.” Her laughter faded as her gaze locked on his. She caught her bottom lip between her teeth, rested her hand on his chest, and leaned in.

He swallowed, intensely aware of every inch of her pressed against him. Just a twist, and he could pin her to the wall. His pulse tripped faster than the beat, and his cock jerked against his jeans, begging to find out how far he could take this. Could he stop at just a kiss? The sharp cherry of her lip gloss hovered inches from his mouth, and he pushed back the desire to run his tongue over her lips, and see if she tasted as distinctly as she smelled.
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