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Jul 15, 2015

Roll Against Regret—Sheltering His Desire by Allyson Lindt

Covers & Excerpts
Roll Against Regret
Sheltering His Desire
Roll Against Regret
by Allyson Lindt

3d20 Book 2
Ménage, Gamers, Second Chances
Sheltering His Desire
by Allyson Lindt

Love Hack Book 2
Romantic Comedy, Medical, Geek Love

Roll Against Regret
Roll Against Regret
by Allyson Lindt
3d20 Book Two

Zoe’s broadened her horizons in bed and everywhere else, since she hooked up with Jackson, but their latest shared fantasy beats all others when it comes to turning her on. He wants to watch her with another guy—a mutual friend from the online game they play. After all, the three are in sync when it comes to slaying dragons, and their flirting heats up the circuits.

When Zoe realizes who the new guy is, her anticipation and arousal spike. Carter's the only man she’s ever loved, other than Jackson. Despite a complicated history, Jackson and Carter hit it off in person as well as they did online, and Zoe gets one last, incredible night with Carter, while Jackson watches.

But one night isn’t enough. She doesn’t want to lose Jackson, but they’re both hung up on Carter for their own reasons, and he’s nudging their relationship from every angle. She needs to decide if she and Jackson can keep Carter in their lives without destroying what they have. If not, she'll have to relive the only regret she's ever had—sending Carter packing—and add a new one to the list, by losing Jackson.

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Ménage, M/F/M, mild M/M, Second Chances, Gamers
Release Date: June 12, 2015
Acelette Press
Excerpt, Sheltering His Desire & More

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Roll Against Regret Excerpt:
I stripped off my headset, shut my laptop, and set it in its resting place, on Jackson’s coffee table.

Seconds later, Jackson stood in front of me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet with a swift tug. The air pushed from my chest when I pressed against him. Our relationship was new enough I still felt a rush every time he touched me.

He pushed up the hem of my T-shirt, and his fingers danced along my spine. “You make it so hard to keep my hands to myself.” He traced his lips along my collarbone, and followed the line of the vine tattoo snaking around my neck. The ink was new. Something I’d always wanted to try, but never dared until Jackson. He’d helped me get past a lot of the reservations that had held me back in the past.

“I thought that fight would never end,” he said.

I trailed a nail down his chest, past his navel, and tugged at the waistband of his jeans. “We didn’t have to play.”

His erection dug into my hip when he held me closer. “We did. Dark is important.”

“He’d also understand.”

“We still have the rest of tonight.” Jackson nipped at my lips, and then deepened the kiss. He moved one hand to the back of my head, and tangled his fingers in my hair.

A vise squeezed around my chest at the intensity in his kiss. Elders, I loved that feeling. He pushed his tongue into my mouth, and it danced with mine. His free hand glided up my chest, brushed the bottom of my breast, and then flicked over a nipple. I groaned into his mouth.

He broke away and met my gaze again. “I’m so lucky to have you, Zoe.”

“Me too. I mean… You know what I mean.” The sudden compliment raised my arousal another notch. I trailed my fingers down to his crotch, and traced the outline of his cock through denim.

He jerked against my touch. His laugh was shaky when he grabbed my wrist and raised my hand to his lips. He kissed each knuckle. “I’m serious. I don’t ever want you to think otherwise.”

“I know.” The intensity in his words made my heart stutter. Why did something so sweet set me on edge? “Are you okay?”

He slid a hand into my back pocket. “I’m good. Perfect, even. I’ve just been thinking.”

It felt like he was dragging the conversation out. Hesitating to say something. That probably made me more nervous than his words did. Jackson didn’t hold back. “About what?” I asked.

“You know how I think it would be hot to watch you with another guy?”

The reminder tingled over every inch of me. I nodded.

“I’m not trying to jump to conclusions or anything.” He kissed up my jaw and caught my earlobe in his teeth. His voice was low, vibrating against my skin. “And I know there’s a really good chance it won’t work out this way, so really, this is just me fantasizing. But”—He breathed deeply—“what if that guy were Dark?”

I bit the inside of my cheek as the words sank in. My brain struggled to process the idea, while my body reacted on its own. My nipples tightened, and an ache grew between my thighs. I wasn’t sure if I was turned on at the prospect, or terrified we were one step closer to it becoming a reality.

“Pixie?” Jackson lifted my chin and forced me to look him in the eye. “Are you still with me?”
Roll Against Regret Purchase links: Amazon & more retailers coming soon

Sheltering His Desire
Sheltering His Desire
by Allyson Lindt
Love Hack Book Two

Alyssia’s animal shelter needs a boost of cash to expand its center for abused pets. When her older brother’s best friend, Tate, offers her first access to his crowdfunding startup, she has a million reasons to say yes. And only one reason to say no—she’s crushed on Tate forever, and he doesn’t feel the same. As long as she remembers he’s just eye candy, it’ll be fine. She wants happily ever after, not just happy until the morning after.

Tate’s taking the family business to new places, adding a crowdfunding portal for small companies. He just has to ignore the fact the woman using one of his pilot sites isn’t the bratty tag-along she used to be. Alyssia’s grown up, filled out, and has a sexy mind on top of it all. Not that it matters. Tate never hooks up with clients, and he’s certainly not going to pursue his buddy’s sister.

When Alyssia’s shelter suffers from slanderous press, the backlash threatens both their businesses. They find stress relief in each other, and an unforgettable night of no-strings passion. The fallout will destroy families, careers, and lifelong friendships if Tate and Alyssia can’t admit how they really feel.

Content Warning: This book contains a woman who's been crushing on her brother's best friend for ages, a wealthy hero with a soft spot for puppies, and a lot of naughty, after-hours fooling around.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Billionaire, Medical, Humor, Romantic Comedy, Geek love
Release Date: July 15, 2015
Acelette Press

Sheltering His Desire Purchase links:
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Sheltering His Desire Excerpt:
No one should be allowed to look that good in scrubs. The thought spilled into Tate’s head when Alyssia walked into the office at her animal shelter, Great ‘n’ Small. He shook the words away, but not before trailing his gaze past her hips, up her narrow waist, and over the swell of her breasts, and landing on bright blue eyes and a face framed by long, dark hair.

That wasn’t what he needed to be thinking about. Now, or ever really. He was here as a consultant, not to leer.

“Did I miss a memo?” Alyssia gave an exasperated huff. “When did it become acceptable for a guy to send a picture of his penis as a way to say ‘I’m sorry, please take me back’?”

“Excuse me?” If he’d guessed a million times what she was frustrated about, dick pics wouldn’t have been on the list. From Lys, he almost wasn’t surprised by the blunt, ludicrous question. He’d known her for decades and very little was taboo between them anymore. This came pretty close, though.

She looked directly at him. “Sorry. But am I wrong to think this is creeptastic?” She held out her phone.

Apparently it wasn’t a rhetorical question after all. He shook his head. “I’m going to take your word for it. And last time I checked it still wasn’t acceptable. Care to fill in some blanks for me… Minus the visual aids?”

Her brow furrowed and she ducked her head. Her, “I suppose,” was soft in the room, blending into the dogs barking in the background. “You know that guy I was talking to last week?”

“Not personally.”

She stuck her tongue out. “You're funny.”

He smirked. “Damn straight I am."
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Be on the lookout for Allyson Lindt's future release(s): Roll Against Discovery coming Summer 2015 and Securing Her Surrender coming Fall 2015

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