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Jan 3, 2016

Sexy to Go Volume 12 by Eva Lefoy et al

Cover & Excerpt

Sexy to Go Volume 12
Sexy to Go
Volume 12

by Jocelyn Dex,
Allyson Lindt,
Ella Dominguez,
Kathyrn Lively,
Pamela Moran,
Shiloh Saddler,
Daisy Banks
& Eva Lefoy

From hot married couples to tie-downs and long-awaited hookups...

Genre: Erotic Romance (multi-genre)
Content/Theme(s): Spanking, D/s, BDSM, Ménage, M/M/F, F/F, F/M/F, Multiple partners, Mystery, Geek love, LGBT, GLBT, Lesbian, Gay, Contemporary, Romantic suspense, Paranormal, Historical
Release Date: December 28, 2015
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More on each story

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Get Your Rocks Off by Jocelyn Dex
Kane surprises Vera with an unconventional sex toy. Will she enjoy it, or will it be too hot to handle?
Get Your Rocks Off Excerpt:
He shucked out of his briefs. Her mouth watered at the sight of his hard cock and she hoped whatever he had planned included it. Sitting beside her on the bed, he picked up a bottle of massage oil, squeezed a generous amount into his left palm and rubbed his hands together vigorously before settling them on her shoulders.

The oil smelled fantastic and the more she breathed the lavender scent, the more her mind relaxed. His strong hands kneaded her shoulders, his thumbs digging in beneath her shoulder blades—not too hard, not too soft, just right—working out the knots caused by the day’s gardening.

“Mmm,” she moaned into the pillow.

“Feel good?”

“Mmm hmm.”

His thumbs ran up the base of her neck to her hairline, then back down again. God it felt good. She hadn’t realized how much her body needed this. He continued the ministrations, making his way down her back, his oiled hands sliding easily across her freshly cleaned skin. His thumbs circled her sacrum with varying pressure. Vera was surprised when little sparks of arousal shot straight between her legs. She hadn’t known that was an erogenous zone.

With each stroke of his magical fingers, her body both relaxed and came alive at the same time. He varied the pressure, sometimes using feather-lite strokes that made her shiver, sometimes digging in deep to undo little knots. All of it made Vera moan, made her want more, her body putty in his masterful hands. When he expertly kneaded her ass cheeks, his fingers dipping low between her legs, more tingles shot to her pussy, moisture of arousal quickly following.

Disappointed when his hands left her body, she turned her head to the side to see what he was up to. He opened the crockpot-looking-thing and pulled out a flat, round, gray…rock? “What’s that?”

He just smiled. “Relax.”

She tensed when he placed the rock on her sacrum, the heat frightening her at first, but she relaxed when the warmth penetrated her skin, seeped into her. It was intense but didn’t burn.

He repositioned himself so his legs straddled her upper thighs. The mild roughness of the hair on his legs added a pleasant, contrasting sensation. Taking another rock from the heating unit, he slid the stones up and down her back, her neck, across her shoulders and she thought her muscles would melt from the feeling. When leaning forward to move the stones higher, his erect cock met with her ass crack, making her want more than the sensual massage. She raised her butt as much as possible in her restricted position, longing for the contact, trying to entice him to do more.

“Stop it.” A light smack stung her butt cheek. “I’m not ready for that yet.”

“You feel ready to me.”
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Unconventional Fling Part 3 by Allyson Lindt
Jade and Brandon are struggling to make long-distance work long-term. As the stolen weekends together stack up, they question whether there's more to them than just a one-night-stand. Can they make their unconventional fling into more?
Unconventional Fling Excerpt:
He slid his hand from her hip to her back and tugged her forward. “Join me in the shower?”

Her already heated blood grew warmer at the suggestion, and anticipation rolled under her skin. “I’m in.”

He guided her toward the bathroom. His palm was rough against her waist and then her back. Her earlier anxiety had vanished, replaced with an intense need to be closer to him than their clothing allowed.

He broke away to fiddle with the faucet in the tub, and seconds later the sound of rushing water filled the room. He turned back to her. “Let it warm up while I warm you up.”

Her heart pounded in excitement at the gravel in his voice. Her hands dropped to his waist, and she pushed his shirt up. Friction flowed between his skin and hers when she shoved the fabric out of the way and then threw the shirt aside. She traced her fingers down his bare chest. How was it possible to have missed someone so much when she’d only had him a few times? Each touch rocked her deep inside, soothing an unknown addiction.

His fingers glided under her shirt and up her spine, and she arched her back at the light touch. He made quick work of her bra clasp. His hands slid along her ribs, pushing her shirt up in the process.

He cupped her breasts, and she gasped at the firm, possessive caress, squirming against him. His thumbs flicked over her already hard nipples—feather-soft touches sent jolts of pleasure through her. Wetness pooled between her legs. She ground against him.

He stripped off her top and bra and lowered his head to her breast. His lips closed around the hard nub, and his tongue flicked out.

The sensation made her head spin. Steam filled the room, casting everything in a soft haze. She fumbled with the button on his jeans for a second before releasing it and sliding down his zipper. She reached into his boxers, and her fingers wrapped around his rigid shaft. His groan echoed through her skin when she freed him. The sounds tearing from his chest made her wetter.

His fingers tangled in her hair, and he raised his head. Shock and a new, intense wave of want coursed through her when he crushed his mouth to hers. She didn’t know how he managed, but he pushed the rest of their clothes off without breaking away. His hard cock rubbed her bare hip. She wanted to make him growl like he had during their last time together. Wanted to see him lost in the moment.
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Adam’s Apple by Ella Dominguez
When two ad execs deny themselves their carnal attraction for one another, things get complicated. But unbridled passion can only be denied for so long.
Adam’s Apple Excerpt:
The shape of his mouth. The shimmer of his intense, hazel eyes. The flex of his biceps.

Gillian closed her eyes and leaned over Adam’s shoulder, ghosting her nose against the collar of his jacket, inhaling the scent of his masculinity.

“If we don’t get it right, we’re all royally fucked on this account.”

His words seemed a million miles away. Royally fucked is exactly what she wanted to be. Pinned over his desk, skirt hiked up over her hips, legs spread wide … the feeling of the long, thick shaft she had only seen the outline of penetrating her depths … the rasp of his tongue as it slicked across her clit and the scruff of his beard against her labia …

“Focus, Gillian.”

His strict words interrupted her fantasy.

“I am focused,” she straightened up and pushed her shoulders back. She glided to the floor-to-ceiling window to gaze out at the midtown Dallas landscape. “We’ve given them everything they’ve asked for and more.”

“It’s the more that I’m worried about,” he sighed with exhaustion. “These assholes are meticulous about the details.”

“I’m well aware,” she rolled her eyes, cutting him off.

Her eye for detail and knowing precisely what their clients wanted was the reason she was now second in charge of the large advertising firm.

“I know you are,” his breathy voice tickled the back of her neck as his large, warm hand skimmed over her upper arm, startling her. “I didn’t mean to suggest that you weren’t, Gilli.”

Sweet Baby Jesus in a hammock. That voice. Her knees threatened to buckle when he teased her with his pet name, but when she smelled the aroma of another woman’s perfume lingering just beneath his pink pepper-scented cologne, jealousy coursed through her.

Who was she? Was she satisfying him? Was he royally fucking her?

She spun on her heel to glare at him. When she saw the heated look passing over his face as his irises darted from her eyes to her mouth and back, her insides roiled with yearning. The tip of his tongue moistened his upper lip and she took a step back before she felt compelled to ravage his mouth and rip the expensive, tailored suit off his body. She swallowed loudly and blinked several times, trying to organize her emotions.

They had been working together for nearly two years and he still had this effect on her.

They had come up in the company together, back when the business was still an unknown entity trying to stand out amongst the hundreds of other firms. But they had proven to be an unbeatable team and their combined efforts had made the company tens of millions of dollars. They had made a name for themselves. They were feared. He knew how to read her just as well as she knew how to read him. It was what made them so compatible.

Despite how she felt about him, taking things to the next level was strictly forbidden. Not by company policy, but by their own set of rules. A sexual relationship between them would undoubtedly ruin the good thing they had going and she knew that just as well as he did.

Or would it?

The way he was looking at her made her rethink their ridiculous, self-imposed abstinence from one another. Though they had never revealed their feelings out loud, they had also never hidden the way they felt about one another. It was always cat and mouse with them. Give and take. Push and pull. Tease and deny. It was maddening and downright frustrating. How long could she resist the temptation of being with him?
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Geek Overboard, Part 7 by Kathryn Lively
The final chapter! Will Natalie and Daws sail into the sunset before somebody plots to sink their romance?
Find Kathryn Lively at:
Twitter: @MsKathrynLively
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Dreamwalker: Beloved by Pamela Moran
Someone is stalking CEO Cara Falco. Can her former Dream Lover, Zach Langston, convince her she’s safer with him than without him?
Find Pamela Moran at:
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Locked Desire by Shiloh Saddler
Quincy Willmott hasn’t been a whole man since the War Between the States. He didn’t lose a limb, he lost his heart due to a curse. Now he is searching for the woman or man to break the spell.
Find Shiloh Saddler at:
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The Weatherman Part 4 by Daisy Banks
Jack’s divorce is complete and his wedding to Clair approaches but a sinister fear might spoil their celebratory night. Claire’s appearance drags up a mass of concerns as he discovers she’s set herself a vicious weight loss goal. He will fight with all he’s got for the woman he loves.
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Steal My Heart by Eva Lefoy
A wealthy man abandoned by his frigid wife. A jewelry thief tempted by an easy mark. When it turns out the diamonds are fake, he offers her a pleasurable way out of crime that she may not be able to resist.
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Lady in Red by Shiloh Saddler
Marta attends a pre-Christmas ladies night out party. She enjoys watching the women on the dance floor more than participating until Traci catches her eye in a flirty cocktail dress. The two of them strike up a friendship over drinks, but as the night wears on will it end or lead to something more?
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Double the Fantasy by Eva Lefoy
First Ted’s seduced by lesbians in a movie theater, then by a straight woman who needs a good spanking, leaving Ted both happy and confused.
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