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Apr 17, 2015

Courting Mortality by Allyson Lindt

Cover & Excerpt

Courting Mortality by Allyson Lindt
Brothers of Fate Book One

Courting Mortality
Eli’s spent eternity thwarting the same family curse that granted his brother, Loki, ever-lasting fame.

Eli kind of got screwed in that one.

His plan to stay single and detached has worked for several millennia. And then he meets Marley.

She's making him abandon all his resolutions, except the one that never lets him forget the curse.

Falling for her means her death, and he won’t let that happen.

This title originally appeared in the Paranormally Yours box set

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Loki, Gods, Corporate/Office romance, Contemporary
Release Date: April 17, 2015
Acelette Press
Excerpt & More

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Eli had two choices. Back away—and there was no way he could hide how hard he was if he did—or go with the flow until Marley told him to stop. As long as he remembered this was only a physical response, nothing more than lust, and let her call the shots, it would be fine.

His cock strained against his jeans when she licked her lips. Well, not completely fine. He needed to do something about his body’s response, even if he was ignoring his reservations. Screwing her was a bad idea for more reasons than he could list. But things would be mostly fine.

He stepped closer, holding her gaze. “In other words, in order for you to text a guy sexy pictures, you’d want a genuine lead in. For example, ‘if I were there right now, I’d slide up behind you, and trace the back of your neck with my lips.’”

A tiny mewl, so soft he wasn’t sure he heard it, tore from her throat. “That’s a good start.” Her voice was low and husky.

He raked his gaze over her, pausing on her chest before looking her in the eye again. “Say this unnamed guy followed up with more. For instance, ‘next I’d slide my hands up your stomach...’”

Her breathing sped up, but she didn’t pull her hands out of his grip. “From the right guy, especially if I was imagining him there, that would do something for me.”

His dick throbbed at the thought of being on the receiving end of those pictures. Or better, pushing between her legs and making the hypothetical conversation a reality. Which sounded like the most incredible idea ever, but he was pretty sure it was because all the blood had rushed from his head. He needed to decide now. Could he risk this with her? Could he keep her on staff, keep her friendship, keep her alive…if he let things get physical?

Her frown contradicted the fact her chest was still heaving. She pulled her hands from his, and disappointment welled inside him. She scooted sideways on the counter, and hopped to her feet, not making any more contact between them.

He forced his voice to remain steady. “So really, all you’re asking for is a gentleman who isn’t afraid to pin you down in the bedroom, but still has more consideration for those around him than for himself.”

“Exactly.” The word was flat, and she wouldn’t look at him. The flush on her lips and the pink in her cheeks proved she was as turned on as he was. All he had to do was tug her back into the conversation. Push things a little further.
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Purchase link(s):  Amazon
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