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May 23, 2017

Making His Stand by Thianna Durston

Making His Stand
Making His Stand
by Thianna Durston
Elan Isle Book Two

James Kaden-Scott’s method of coping with fear is escape and when his father tries to force him to do something that could kill him, he takes a job on Elan Isle as their accountant. While he knows the town is kinky, he has no idea what that means. Until the day he arrives.

Alec Rowland has been in the BDSM lifestyle for seventeen years and loves it. For the first time in his life, he craves having a sub of his own. From the moment he meets James, he feels a pull toward him. When James asks him to teach him about kink, he’s thrilled.

Between having his eyes opened to the kink world and trying to find his footing on Elan Isle, James finds himself torn between the old him and the new. When his worst fears come calling, history says to run, but for the first time in his life, he has something… someone to fight for. But those fears are strong, and some of them are real. If he makes a misstep, he could lose everything. If that happens, running may be his only recourse.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): M/M, BDSM, D/s, Spanking, Kink, Gay, GLBT
Release Date: May 18, 2017
Publisher: A Thia Thing

Excerpt & More

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It was difficult to explain, but Zippo was the closest thing James had to what he thought family was. He loved James and expected nothing in return except cuddles, food, and walks. Nobody had ever loved him unconditionally before he found the little dog. The incongruity of it was that James always felt like he wasn’t doing enough in return. The thought of leaving him home alone all day made him freak out a bit. So Bronick’s dislike of dogs actually had been good for both James and Zippo.

Alec took a piece of chicken and offered it to their resident canine. “It will be good for Zippo too. He’ll have people oohing and ahhing over him all day long. So by the time the Faire hits, he’ll be used to having people around.”

“Do the Faire people come up here?” James asked in surprise.

“No. But the Faire’s just beyond those trees and sound does travel. Zippo’s going to hear the crowds and he’ll no doubt feel the energy. As will you,” Alec added as he took a sip of lemonade.

James slowly chewed a bite of sandwich as he considered that. He’d been thinking all morning about Alec’s text about punishment protocols, especially the part on spanking. He was worried he might be a little strange as instead of horrifying him, the idea of having someone like Alec spank him had been kind of exciting. After swallowing, he asked, “Do most of the people on the island do punishment stuff?”

“Some. BDSM is so varied that you can’t really group people into a category. For instance, Kendrick and Becca are in what we call a twenty-four/seven relationship. Their rules carry both in and out of the bedroom. David Walston and his wife Tayna are also in a twenty-four/seven relationship. But their dynamics are very different. David and Tayna are more ensconced on the discipline side and it’s pretty much one side of the line or the other. She breaks a rule and she’s going to get punished whether in private or publicly. They both know it and that’s the way it is. With Kendrick and Becca, discipline is mostly in private, I assume. They like to play and have fun and I’ve definitely seen a lot of funishment with them. But I’ve only ever seen her disciplined publicly twice and both were so subtle that if I didn’t know them, I wouldn’t have realized what was going on.”

“Funishment?” James asked, noting another term he didn’t know.

“Using punishment but in a fun way. For example, spanking can be erotic, disciplinary, or funishment. The spanking might hurt in funishment, but it’s more about having fun with it.”

James crunched on a chip and leaned his elbows on the table. “I feel like I’m never going to catch up.”

“You don’t have to,” Alec said firmly. “James, I’ve been in the lifestyle since I was eighteen. Kendrick started when he was eighteen or nineteen. Our knowledge is from years and years of experience. You know, when Ryan comes back, I think it might be a good idea for you to talk with him.”

“Who’s Ryan?” James worried that perhaps he was Alec’s sub or something.

“David’s son. Well, one of them. Ryan and Luke are twins. They’re identical in appearance but their personalities are completely different. Anyway, Ryan’s just beginning to learn the world. He spent fall term here, but went to winter term at school. It might be good for you to be around someone who’s still at the beginning.”

That sounded promising. It would be nice to know he wasn’t the only one blundering through. “That’s a good idea. Do they teach this kind of thing around here?”

“The township is so new that I don’t know if anyone’s brought it up, but that’s a good idea. Perhaps put out the feelers for anyone who wants to know more about the lifestyle. There are a lot of us who are experienced enough to teach. Even if it’s only once a month, in that one meeting, you could pick up a lot of information.”

They chatted about the town and the Faire a little as they ate. James spotted Craig walk into the cafeteria and shrunk down a little. The guy was scary. His frown made James want to get under the table with Zippo.

His concentration was so taken up by Craig that he never noticed Bronick until he passed by. His roommate froze next to the table and looked down. James followed his gaze and spotted Zippo wagging up at Bronick from the edge of the table.

“This is where we eat,” Bronick said, jerking backward. “Get the mutt out of here.”

Heat flooded into James’s face and he reached for Zippo and pulled him into his arms. “He’s not hurting anyone,” he said.

“He—” Bronick began, but Alec interrupted.

“Zippo is just as welcome here as you are. If you have a problem with it, bring it up to Kendrick. He gave his okay.”

Bronick glowered at Alec and opened his mouth, but before he could say anything Craig walked up. Oh shit. He’s going to kick us out. James held Zippo a little closer and prepared to make a dash for the exit.

“Is there a problem?” Craig asked in his cold voice, his entire body posture scaring the shit out of James.

“Yeah,” Bronick said. “We’re here to eat and this dog’s in here.”

Craig raised an eyebrow as he glanced at James and then back at Bronick. “How does having a dog in here stop you from eating? I think you should be aware that’s the new town mascot, so belittling him won’t help your case.”

James’s mouth fell open when Craig winked at him. He glanced toward at Alec who looked like he was trying not to laugh.

“Dogs aren’t allowed in restaurants.”

“That’s one of those rules that can be bent,” Craig said slowly. “He’s not in the kitchen which would definitely be a no-no, and he’s sitting nicely in his owner’s arms. I fail to see the problem.” At that moment, Zippo leaned down and picked up a chicken piece from the plate and munched it. “Unless that was your piece of chicken, at which point I’m sure James will get you some more.”

Alec lost his fight and burst out laughing. Bronick’s face turned red and he stomped off toward a table on the other end of the room.

Craig shook his head. “If he gives you any more trouble, let me know.” He reached out, patted Zippo twice awkwardly on the head, and walked away.

When Alec stopped laughing, he smiled at James. “See? Told you Craig’s bark was worse than his bite.”

Zippo wagged his tail and turned his interest to the rest of James’s sandwich. James pulled out a piece of bacon and handed it to him. “Except for Bronick, everyone here seems to be really nice.”

“Bronick isn’t a resident. He’s a workman,” Alec pointed out. “And don’t get the idea this place is some sort of idyllica. You’re going to meet people you don’t get along with. That’s life. But we all know what it’s like to live somewhere where we had to hide.”

“Even you?” James asked, surprised. Alec had been in the lifestyle since college. Surely he hadn’t hid.

“Most especially me. Twin Falls is a very conservative city in southern Idaho. The people there had no idea I was kinky as shit. Well, the local club did, but nobody on my block knew. It was safer that way. That I was gay my neighbors thought was shameful enough. I didn’t want to add to their ire by showing them my kinky side.”

He could understand that. He’d only been there a few days and had already found himself interested in things he’d never considered before. As he tore of a little bit of crust and handed it to Zippo, who sniffed at it and ignored it, James asked, “What if I wanted to know more about BDSM? C-could you show me?” His entire body stilled as he waited for the answer. His heart beat pounded so loudly in his ears he wasn’t sure if he would hear the response when it came. Finally looked toward Alec.

A soft smile lifted the corners of Alec’s lips. “I’d be honored to show you.” He paused and ate another bite of salad, offering his last piece of chicken to Zippo who gobbled it up happily. Alec lowered his voice and leaned in. “If you’re interested in losing that cherry, I can pop it, too.”

Heat flooded James’s entire body. And not in embarrassment. He’d gone from nervous to turned on. “R-really?” he asked, his voice too breathy. “That would be great.” Yes. He wanted to officially lose his virginity. The thought of Alec fucking him made his skin tingle and his belly dance.
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