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Aug 24, 2016

His Right Choice by Thianna Durston

His Right Choice
His Right Choice
by Thianna Durston
Men of Falcon Pointe Book Four

Nicholas Layton, fresh off his mission for the Mormon Church, attends Falcon Pointe University with plans to enjoy his final year of freedom before he gives in and marries his long-term girlfriend. But when he meets a group of gay men, some of whom are ex-Mormons and some who practice loving discipline, he finds he’s more comfortable with them than anywhere else. Suddenly he’s straddling the line between good Mormon and gay man.

As an added bonus—or problem, depending—he meets Ethan Kierk, who is good-looking, fun to be around, and who wants to be with him. Nick tries not to think about dating a man, but he can’t help it. He wants Ethan, and that terrifies him.

To avoid his feelings, Nick steels himself to propose to his girlfriend but breaks things off at the last moment. Instead he jumps headlong into a relationship with Ethan, and it feels so right—until he has to tell his family. When they reject him, he shares his darkest secret with Ethan, and hopes Ethan won’t reject him too.

Hoping he made the right choice.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): M/M, Spanking, Domestic Discipline, Gay, GLBT
Release Date: August 22, 2016
Dreamspinner Press
Excerpt & More

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Excerpt:(In this excerpt, Nick gets his first taste at sexting. Ethan is taking him to a baseball game with Nick’s least favorite team – the Mariners. He’s told him that if they win, that Nick has to wear an I Heart Mariners T-shirt home.)

When his phone buzzed again, he almost didn’t look at it. The last thing he wanted to see was a note from Kaylee or his parents. But knowing there was a text waiting for him, he rolled over and looked at the phone. A message from Ethan awaited him.

I look forward to seeing you in a Mariners T-shirt.

Snorting out a laugh, Nick picked up his phone and texted back. In your dreams.

I can assure you my dreams are a lot more interesting than that. Unless of course it’s you in JUST a Mariners T-shirt and NOTHING else. That would be a dream

Are you saying you want to eat my hot dog?

Well, now. Are you offering? Because I do love things that… drip.

Nick pulled his dick out of his garments and gave it a long, slow stroke.

Ah, Ethan, but if someone’s really good at the licking up, there should be no drips at all.

You are quite correct, Nick, and I have a very dexterous tongue. It catches everything. And if things get too wet, I could just shove the whole thing in my mouth.

Groaning, Nick grasped his cock with his left hand and jerked hard and fast while his right quickly texted responses to Ethan’s incredibly risqué texts. Reading was more fun than writing, so his responses were short and to the point. But it’s my hot dog.

Mmm. But don’t you want to share? I can promise I’d be very good to your sausage. I’d keep it nice and warm, and I’d hold it with a firm, tight grip while I sucked the insides out of the tip.

“Holy shit.” Nick gasped and came, decorating his garments and bedspread in small ropes of cum. Part of him wanted to lay back and enjoy his postcoital glow, but the rest of him wanted Ethan to know he was still around. So he lazily typed, But what if my hot dog gives out too soon?

Oh Nicky. Then I’ll let my hot dog play with your bun until that dog’s ready for another go-round.

The next half hour went by very quickly, and by the time Ethan told him he needed to go to get ready, Nick had come twice and didn’t care what the Church thought about it. He wanted sexy texting with Ethan, and he couldn’t wait for more.

He hummed in the shower and looked forward to the day ahead. It had started out sucky, but had turned very, very good. Just how would their date go? Nick was nervous, but he was ready to find out.

When he came out of the bathroom, Deke was leaning on the doorjamb of his bedroom, waiting. He gave Nick a strange look. “What are you so happy about this early on a Saturday morning? You know it’s only eight. Right?”

Nick grinned. “One of the guys in my study group has season tickets to the Mariners. He invited me to a game today.”

Deke snorted. “You hate the Mariners.”

“I know. I plan on making as much fun of them as I can.”
Purchase link(s):  DSP   Amazon   ARe   BAM   iTunes   Kobo   B&N
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