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Feb 11, 2015

Knowing What She Needs by Thianna D

Cover & Excerpt

Knowing What She Needs
by Thianna D
in the Love in the Rockies box set
A Corbin's Bend Valentine's Day Collection

Love in the RockiesWhile Charmagne Kendle loves Brent Carmichael to pieces, his innate need to help others is a thorn in her side. Especially on Valentine’s Day. When she wakes up to find him gone, it puts her in a really bad mood, one that just gets darker by the hour. Once Brent calms her down with a spanking and a night of passionate lovemaking, he gives her the best gift she ever could have received. Just when things get on an even keel again, help is needed from the man she loves. Char has a choice to make: Accept it willingly. Or Detonate. One decision controls their future. Will she make the right one this Valentine’s Day?

Six all new blazing good stories about six of your favorite couples. What happens in Corbin's Bend during the most loving of all holidays?
Valentine's Surprise by Constance Masters
Roy & Teri's Staycation by Kate Richards
Past Interference by Kathryn R. Blake
The Perfect Housewife by Etta Stark
Unexpected Surprises by Ruth Staunton

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Spanking, DD, Valentine's Day
Release Date: February 1, 2015
Blushing Books
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Thianna D's Knowing What She Needs Excerpt:
“So, we’ll meet at home?” she guessed, still confused at the cream. It hadn’t done anything except throw her off. Her stress and anger were still there under the surface.

“No. Give me your keys.” Muddled, she fished them out of her pocket and handed them over. Dropping her hand, he walked over to Jonathon’s office. “Char’s keys. Will you get the truck home?”

“No problem, Brent. Have fun!” Jonathon called as Brent tossed her keys through the door.

Fun. Only in a community like Corbin’s Bend, she though in amusement, would the fact her man was about to take her home and wallop her backside be considered fun. Coming back to her, he took her hand and walked her outside and to his vehicle. He was driving the 4x4, which didn’t surprise her. Brent tended to use it in the winters more than just his regular truck.

He didn’t drive them home. Instead, just before the turn off to their home, he turned left and went up toward the helipad. Confused and not really wanting to ask him where he was going, she stared out the window, guilty that she was acting this way and yet angry because all he’d done was rub some kind of lotion on her ass. What kind of discipline was that, anyway? Huffing slightly, she glared at the continuing snow fall.

“I hope this stops soon,” he commented as he reached the helipad and drove through the area, slowing down as he turned on a barely-there path.

“Brent! Where are we going?” she asked as the truck lurched. The sound of the metal chains churning up the snow didn’t help. This was not the time for a woodland drive.

“Somewhere special.”

Turning, she focused her glare on him. “Somewhere special? How nice,” she said, her tone so acerbic she half expected – hoped? – that he would stop the truck, yank her across his lap and pound her ass until she felt better. The bastard actually looked amused. “I’m not a deer, Brent. Outside in the snow isn’t my dream of a romantic day. And I’m cold.” As if to add weight to her words, she pulled her hands inside the sleeves of her coat and hunched down.

All she got in response was a chuckle. “It’ll get warmer.”

A few minutes into their over-the-snow drive, they found a slightly better path which had been used more often. The road was a little easier going, but heat, which had slowly simmered in the background, flared up on her ass and she sat up straight. What the hell was that? Squirming a bit, she remembered the cream he’d rubbed in and put two and two together. “Oh my god, what did you rub on my butt?”

“Just something to warm you up.”

Something to… Her mouth dropped open. “Ginger oil?”

“No, it’s called capsaicin cream.”

“What is it, Brent? It’s getting hot!”

“It’ll get hotter before we get there.”
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Find Thianna D at:
Twitter: @the_weremouse
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Thianna D Amazon author page
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Be on the lookout for Thianna D's future release(s): His Damsel in Distress coming April, Drakyl Ranch coming Summer 2015 and Ready to Tell coming August 2015

About the other stories in the box set

Valentine's Surprise by Constance Masters
Erin and Zach have had a busy but happy year. Her loving husband has promised her an amazing Valentine’s Day weekend. Will the surprise be the best she's ever gotten? Or will this particular white elephant gift go down as the worst Valentine's Day gift in the history of bad gifts?

Valentine's Surprise Excerpt:
Erin was beyond excited. She and Zach had always celebrated Valentine’s Day but it had been low key; a dinner when their girls had gone to bed or if they were really lucky and had a sitter, maybe they’d go to dinner out to eat in a local restaurant but nothing like this year. Zach had arranged for the girls to be minded for three days. Three! He’d gone ahead and planned a surprise trip. They were actually going to stay away from home and they were going to be alone. She could hardly get her head around it. Her mind was a whirl. In the first few days since she’d found out, all she could do was imagine where it was that they were going. She looked at the snow rimmed windows and sighed. Maybe somewhere warm, like a cruise or a beach somewhere…

“You’re going to burn,” Zach said.

The deep rumble in her husband’s voice gave away the fact that he was in fact looking forward to slathering her with sunscreen. An excuse to run his hands all over her nearly naked body out in the open and get away with it.

“I’m fine,” she teased.

“No you’re not,” he said, opening the bottle of lotion with a pop.

And there it was, the tone that could melt her bones. She shivered a little at the sudden rush of pleasure. “Yes, Zach,” she said, hiding her grin in the crook of her arm.

“I’m on to you,” he whispered in to her ear, “but I’ll play along.”

She jumped as his hand smacked the exposed skin of her bottom solidly several times. “Zach!”

“It’s what you wanted isn’t it? To have your naughty bottom spanked out here on the deck, in the open where anyone could see?”

“No!” she protested, and yet between her legs throbbed, and she knew if he were to look, there would be a telltale damp patch on her dry bikini bottom. Suddenly a hand slipped between her cheeks and she knew he was checking.

“You lie. What does lying get a naughty girl?” he asked.

She was silent, the words that he wanted to hear just balancing on the edge of her tongue. She hissed as his hand once again crashed across her already sun touched skin. “A spanking,” she whispered.

“I don’t think I heard you, what was that?”

“A spanking.”

“That’s right.”

His fingers caught in the band of her pants and he slid them down to her thighs.

“Couldn’t we please go inside?” she pleaded.

“Now what would be the fun in that?”

His hand started smacking but there was very little pain, mostly a delicious warmth that spread from her now pink cheeks to her core. “Hmm.” She sighed. Then the spanking stopped and she could feel his lips and the bristle of his chin against her as he kissed her better.

“You like?”

“Oh yeah…”

The door flung open and a dramatic Jordan threw herself through it. “Help me, Mommy, please!” she said desperately, unzipping her jacket and trying to shrug off her bulky clothes. “I have to go real bad. Please.”

Erin raced across the room and proceeded to free her daughter from her winter clothes. “Calm down. Your wriggling is making it harder.”

“I don’t know why you leave it until the last minute,” Avery said, appearing in the doorway.

“Shut up!” Jordan screamed, dancing up and down on the spot.

“Stop that, Jordan. It’s really hard to help, honey, when you’re dancing like that.” Finally Erin managed to get off her pants and the little girl ran off to find the nearest bathroom. Back to reality, Erin thought.
Find Constance Masters at:
Twitter: @constancefic
Constance Masters Amazon author page
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Roy & Teri's Staycation by Kate Richards
Roy and Teri Simms are finally going to take their vacation and renew their romance! With their adopted son Ben safely stowed with neighbors for a week, they are taking a romantic cruise to the Caribbean and this time Teri is on board with the plan. But one thing after another happens to keep them from leaving town. Will they still be able to find any time to try out all the new toys? Or will the constant interruptions result in spanking interruptus?

Roy & Teri's Staycation Excerpt:
After dinner, Roy gave Ben his bath while she finished packing her bags for the cruise. She planned to flesh out her wardrobe in Florida before boarding the ship. Her previous lifestyle of work suits and her current one of jeans and comfortable tops did not lend themselves to a glamorous cruise. Unzipping Roy’s big case to see if she could fit anything else in after shopping, she shook her head. Men couldn’t pack. For an organized lawyer, he couldn’t fold his shirts to make them wearable. Teri dumped the case on the bed and a brown, unmarked cardboard box fell next to the shirts and underwear. About a foot-and-a-half square, it was taped closed but on one side, a fresh piece of packing tape had been applied. It had been opened, her detective mind determined. What would Roy be carrying in a box like that? There’d be more room for sundresses and shorts without it. Even something fragile could be wrapped in a shirt to take up less space. In the name of efficiency, she would do that. What on earth was it? She grabbed a corner of the box just as it was yanked out of her hands.

“That’s mine,” Roy growled. Thwarted!

She stared up at him, eyes as wide as she could make them. Innocent as the driven snow…wait, something wrong in that thought. “Of course, it’s yours, honey.”

“What are you doing in my bag?” He towered over her, clutching the box to his chest with an accusing expression on his face.

Guilt assailed her. She just wasn’t sure why.

“I…um…was looking to see if I could fit any of my things in here. The new ones I plan to buy in Florida.” Licking her dry lips, she eyed him, trying to determine what line she’d crossed. “And I noticed your clothes were a mess and wanted to fold them for you.” His flushed cheeks seemed out of line with her touching a box or his suitcase.

He scooped up his things and piled them—and the box—in the suitcase and zipped it closed. “I will pack for myself. As I have done for every business trip and family visit in our marriage.”

She scanned his face for clues, suspicious of his overreaction. DD or not, she’d never been cowed by him yet. “What’s in the box, Roy?”

He pressed his lips together, but one corner quirked. “That’s for me to know and you to find out…on the cruise.” Roy stood the case on end by the door. “Don’t touch, Teri.”

Her curiosity surged out of control. The bag loomed large and its subtle maroon fabric seemed to glow. “Oh”—she moved closer, drawn to it—“you can’t do this to me.” How could she stand it?

Roy stepped between her and the bag and placed his hands on her shoulders. “I most certainly can. Leave it alone.”

She leaned right and left, as if by seeing past him she could use x-ray vision to peer inside the closed case and the box itself to find the contents. “Is it a present?”

He tightened his grip. “I am not saying another word. You’ll have to wait.”

Sucking in a breath, she blew it out between her teeth. “I can’t.”

Roy tilted her chin up, and she lost herself in his deep blue eyes and her love for him, tinted only a little by annoyance at his stubbornness. “If you peek, there will be consequences.”

She squirmed. “A spanking?”

“Paddling, I think,” He released her and gave a sharp swat to her backside. She jumped. “I came to tell you Ben is ready to say good night. I already read him a story.”

Teri sighed. “Okay, on my way. I might be a few minutes. You know he’ll try to get a second story from me, the little scamp.” Brushing past him on the way out the door, she lifted onto tiptoe to rub her breasts against him. “Isn’t there anything I can do to convince you? A little peek?” She rested her hand on his chest. “A hint?”

He laughed out loud. “Not going to work, this time. Go kiss our boy good night and get back here. I have plans for you.”
Find Kate Richards at:
Twitter: @katerichards09
Kate Richards Amazon author page
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Past Interference by Kathryn R. Blake
When Jerry Douglas asks Elly Benson to marry him, he wants their ceremony to be as close to Valentine's Day as possible. Though Elly tearfully accepts Jerry's proposal without hesitation, as she readies herself for her second wedding, the doubts and misgivings of any new bride-to-be are exacerbated by the abuse she suffered during her first marriage. Though she's lived with Jerry for four months now, and been subject to his discipline more than once, her first husband had been kind and careful with her, too, in the beginning. At least until she vowed to love, honor and obey him. Will they get to their I-dos, or will Elly’s past interfere just when things are going good?

Past Interference Excerpt:
That night, after she and Jerry made slow, passionate love, Elly asked, “Are you sure?”

He idly stroked his fingers up and down her spine. “About what, sweetheart?”

“That you want to marry me?”

He drew back to gaze at her. “Yes, I’m positive. Why? Do you have doubts?”

Her shoulders rose in a casual shrug. “Only a couple thousand of them.”

“That you love me?”

She cupped his face. “No. No. No. I love you wholly, completely and entirely, but I don’t understand how you could love me. I’m damaged goods.”

Frowning, he gave her nose a tap. “We’ve discussed this, Elly. Many times. You were not at fault for your divorce or for the things your ex-husband did.”

“I know, but —”

“No, Elly. There are no buts in this. I hate what Arthur did to you. I wish I’d picked up the gun and shot him after knocking him flat, but my disgust for your husband bears no reflection on you. I love you. I have loved you since the first day I watched you playing in the dog park with your tiny ball of yipping fluff, but I never thought we could be together because you were married. The fact I suspected you were unhappy only made things worse. However, you, my fragile angel, are the closest thing to perfection I will ever know, and I intend to spend the rest of my life proving it to you.”

Elly said nothing more on the subject that night, or since, even though she continued to fret about what she’d committed herself to from that day forward. Her rational mind accepted Jerry would never become the monster Arthur changed into after they married. And yet... In six days, less than a week, on Valentine’s Day, she was supposed to promise to love honor and obey another man. Yes, she obeyed Jerry now, so it shouldn’t be any different. But it was. The sanctity of her wedding vows were binding. Immutable. Forever.

The room slowly closed in on her, making it difficult to breathe. Afraid she was about to slip into panic mode, Elly swept the swatches and fabric books on the floor in effort to snap herself out of the downward spiral that threatened to drag her into its spinning vortex. Muffin came running into the living room from her bed in Jerry’s office and promptly went on duty by barking at whatever disturbed her mistress. Unfortunately, the little dog’s yapping only exacerbated the painful pounding in Elly’s head.

“No, Muffin. Settle. No one is at the door. Mommy just dropped some things. It’s okay. Now go lie down.”

The poodle gave a small, distressed whimper as though she didn’t understand, but knew something was amiss. “Go on, sweetie. Mommy’s got a bit of a headache, but she’ll be fine.” Though the tiny dog obeyed, she kept looking back as she made her return walk into Jerry’s office, to ensure Elly understood she wasn’t at all pleased about being exiled.

Once Muffin settled and the house was quiet again, Elly picked up her cell and called Charmagne Kendle, Brent Carmichael’s sexy, live-in girlfriend, who still resisted walking down the aisle with the founder of Corbin’s Bend.

“Hi.” Char’s voice held a slight laugh to it. Char and Elly had been close friends for months now, so she undoubtedly suspected Elly had been stewing and second-guessing herself for the past hour before she called. However, Char also thought Elly’s fears about her upcoming wedding were groundless.

“I can’t do it. This isn’t going to work,” Elly announced, her eyes brimming as she began to pant.

“Yes, it will.” The laughter instantly vanished from Char’s voice. “You’re worrying yourself dizzy over nothing. What were you doing before you called me?”
Find Kathryn R. Blake at:
Twitter: @KRBwrites
Kathryn R. Blake Amazon author page
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The Perfect Housewife by Etta Stark
Kirsty Beale may be less wild and destructive than she used to be but she's still a long way off from being the perfect housewife. Since moving in with her boyfriend Logan - and spending time with Logan's very traditional family - Kirsty has begun to worry that she isn't the traditional homemaker that Logan would like her to be. Will Valentine’s Day be the perfect opportunity to let Logan enjoy the pleasures of having a perfect old-fashioned wife - if only for one night?

The Perfect Housewife Excerpt:
Logan quirked an eyebrow at her and folded his arms. A shudder ran through Kirsty as he took on a stern expression. With his well-muscled physique and his handsome slightly lop-sided features, Kirsty didn’t think she would ever get tired of looking at him. He was absolutely gorgeous. Even when he looked like he was just about to give Kirsty a telling off. Oh who am I kidding, thought Kirsty to herself, he’s especially gorgeous when he looks like he’s about to tell me off.

am I just as untidy as you are?” asked Logan. “This is all your stuff.”

“That’s because you just cram everything into drawers and cupboards. It’s not proper tidying. It’s just ‘out of sight, out of mind’.” Kirsty nipped over to Logan’s side of the bed and pulled open the top drawer in his bedside cabinet. “See what I mean,” she said, pointing to its contents. “This drawer here is apparently your socks, newspapers, and bicycle pump drawer. Very organized.” She opened the second drawer. “And here apparently, we have your t-shirts, CDs and phone charger drawer. Clearly you have a system.”

Logan looked at her. His expression was still firm but there was a definite smile playing around his mouth. “Why don’t you keep going, Kirsty?” he said. “I know for a fact that the third drawer has got my paddle in it. Maybe that’s what we need right now.”

Kirsty who had been just about to open the third drawer pulled her hand away as though it had been burnt. She scowled at Logan who was smirking at her. That was a mean trick to play, she thought. He knows how much I hate that paddle.

Although Logan and Kirsty practiced a Domestic Discipline lifestyle, most of the spankings that Logan gave Kirsty were purely for pleasure. She loved being spanked when he did it with his hand or his belt, but the lexan paddle he kept in his third drawer was a different matter altogether.

Logan had only ever spanked her with that paddle once. It was a discipline spanking and had been intended to teach Kirsty a lesson she wouldn’t forget. The only implement he had used on her which hurt more was the large official Corbin’s Bend paddle he had applied to her bottom during her formal discipline spanking the year before.

“Why do I get a spanking just because you’re the one losing the argument?” asked Kirsty.

“I am not losing this argument. You are talking nonsense,” said Logan. “I might not be perfect but there’s no way I’m as messy as you are. Before we moved in together, my place was always tidy and yours looked like a bomb had hit it. Now we’re living together, and you reckon I make just as much mess as you do?”

Kirsty shrugged. “I dunno. Maybe your standards have slipped.”

Logan chuckled. “Right that’s it, young lady. Bend over the bed. I think you definitely do need a spanking after all.”

Logan spun Kirsty round so she was facing the bed, he swept the pile of junk he had deposited there to one side and pushed Kirsty’s back gently so that she bent face first over the duvet. Kirsty looked back over her shoulder at him. “You’re not really going to use the paddle, are you Logan?” Her voice had a note of panic in it.

Logan stroked her back. “No. Don’t worry. This isn’t a punishment spanking. I’m just trying to keep you in line.” He flipped up her short skirt and then hooking his thumbs into her panties, pulled them down to her knees.

Kirsty yelped as the first swat hit her backside. Even when he spanked her in play, Logan always spanked hard. The volley of spanks rained down on her bare backside and Kirsty felt herself heating up as the swift spanking turned her bottom into a furnace, causing a surge of red hot excitement between her legs.
Find Etta Stark at:
Twitter: @etta_stark
Etta Stark Amazon author page
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Unexpected Surprises by Ruth Staunton
For their first Valentine's Day in Corbin's Bend, Grant Taylor is determined to do something special for his wife Lainie. Lainie, however, has plans of her own. When Grant insists she cut back on her heavy load, she agrees under protest. But when the time comes to fulfill that agreement, she changes her mind and decides Grant is being unreasonable. She determines to chaperone the dance anyway and deal with Grant later. Unfortunately, Lainie's plan doesn't work out quite like she intended it to and she is in for quite a few unexpected surprises.

Unexpected Surprises Excerpt:
He did. He just didn’t believe it was necessary that she participate in every extracurricular activity that came her way. “I do,” he agreed, “but Lainie, we will talk about this when you get home.”

There was an audible pause on Lainie’s end of the line. Finally, she said, “Okay.”

Nope, that wasn’t going to cut it. It might have taken awhile for him to get the hang of being in a domestic discipline relationship, but over the past several months, he had become an expert in both his wife’s verbal and nonverbal signals. Her saying okay in that particular tone was a definite red flag. That was Lainie at her passive aggressive best, wanting him to believe she agreed while not really complying at all. He had learned the hard way to stomp on it fast and hard. “Excuse me?”

Lainie let out an explosive breath. “Grant,” she hissed in a way that was almost but not quite a whine, “I’m at work.”

“And?” he pressed. “It’s Corbin’s Bend. I could probably spank you in your classroom as long as there weren’t children present without raising any eyebrows, much less expecting you to give me a proper answer. Now answer me properly.”

Lainie heaved a heavy sigh, and he could almost see her blush. “Yes, sir.”

“Thank you,” he said quietly. In truth, Grant couldn’t care less about titles. They had taught the children to use yes, sir and no, sir simply as a matter of course. When they lived in North Carolina, it had been considered basic manners, right along with please and thank you, but he had never really been hung up on it. He’d never even considered it with Lainie, though he knew some people in the DD world insisted on it, particularly those who felt closer to the BDSM side of the line. The fact of the matter was he had stumbled on it accidentally. Once he had learned to spot her passive aggressive answers, he had begun insisting that she give him a definite yes or no. A few times, when she had been doggedly trying to avoid answering, he had pushed her to the point of saying yes, sir, and one night after one of Jonathan and Benjamin’s summer cookouts, when she had been more than a little tipsy, Lainie had admitted that it helped when he pushed her to that point. Having to acknowledge him and his authority in that way solidified it as more of a real commitment in her head. Since then, when something was really important, he pushed her to answer him in that manner. It wasn’t something he would want to do all the time, but it served its purpose quite well.

“Was there anything else?” he asked.

“Do you think you could bring home something for dinner?” Lainie requested. “With this meeting after school, it’s going to be a long day. Not having to cook would help.”

“Of course,” he agreed easily. As commonplace as her request was, for Lainie to ask him for help of any sort, even just bringing home dinner, was a significant concession. There had been a time when she would have been hell bent on doing everything herself, no matter how exhausted she was. Grant wasn’t about to do anything to discourage the progress. “I could pick up pizza, if that’s okay,” he suggested. There was no fast food in Corbin’s Bend, but there was a good pizza place not far outside the entrance. He’d go right by there on his way home and could pick up something easily enough.

“That’s fine,” Lainie responded. “The girls will be thrilled.”

They would. Since moving to Corbin’s Bend, fast food was a rare treat. “Are they going home or staying with you?”

“I’m not sure,” Lainie said. “Since I just found out about this, I haven’t had a chance to talk to them. I’m kind of hoping they will go on home since I don’t know how long I’ll be. They should be fine at the house until you get there.”

“They’ll be fine,” Grant told her. Kathleen was nearly sixteen, and Natalie had turned thirteen last month. They were certainly old enough to stay home alone for a couple of hours. “Just remind Natalie that she can’t have friends over without one of us home.”

“I will,” Lainie replied. They chatted for a moment more before she had to go and get ready for the next class.

“See you later,” Grant said quietly. “Love you.”

“Love you too,” Lainie answered.

Hanging up, Grant slid his phone back into his pocket. He understood about work commitments and did not at all mind picking up dinner, but Lainie’s habit of over committing herself had to stop. He was going to make sure it did, one way or the other.
Find Ruth Staunton at:
Twitter: @ruth_staunton
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