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Jun 25, 2016

Leasing Love by Allyson Lindt

Leasing Love
Leasing Love
by Allyson Lindt
Your Ad Here Book Book Two

Trade show stunts. Melt-your-screen fan fiction. Tentacle Porn. Jordan and Chloe’s brash, geeky attitudes have made them tech blog darlings. But as the media asks what’s next for the camera, they find themselves wondering the same thing in the bedroom, and it's tearing their relationship apart.

Liz is tired of doing what others expect, for no good reason other than it’s expected. When she meets the open and carefree Chloe and Jordan, she seizes the opportunity to explore the unknown and her sexuality. The three agree to one night of what turns out to be incredible, scorching sex.

Then Jordan is falsely accused of assault, and everyone from his employer to the tabloids turn on him. Liz is the only person willing to stand by his and Chloe’s side, and face the full-scale backlash.

Now the clock is ticking toward annihilation for Jordan’s career, and his relationship with Chloe. Liz’s help could either be their saving grace, or the final nail in their coffin.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): F/F/M, F/F, Ménage, Humor, Geek Love, LGBT, Lesbians
Release Date: June 23, 2016
Acelette Press
Excerpt & More

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“Exactly,” Jordan said. “And now for a hopefully far less probing question—which also comes later if we’re lucky—what are you doing for K.M.?”

“The advertising company I work for is helping them show off their new individual package.”

Chloe cringed and bit her tongue at the innuendo. Was it on purpose or a slip?

Liz giggled and ducked her head, before looking back up. “I can’t believe I phrased it that way.”

“Jordan’s been playing around with that. He thought their commercial package was overwhelming, but this smaller one is more his size.” Chloe adjusted her weight on the bench, letting her leg nudge and then rest against Liz’s. Warmth fluttered inside when Liz didn’t move away.

Liz smirked and gave Jordan her attention. “What are you doing with it?”

“It’s an animation package.” His flat well-duh tone was laced with amusement.

“Yeah, I get it.” Liz laughed. “You stroke it. Fondle it. Run your finger over the tip, to make it move the way you want.”

Jordan wiggled his eyebrows. “You know your packages.”

“Not as well as I’d like to.”

Chloe wondered how long this would go on if she let it, then bit back a snort at the word long. “He’s animating his drawings. Turning them into cartoons.”

“She’s being generous. Without her script, they’re simply moving drawings.”

Liz looked between them. “You’re using K.M.’s engine for that? Don’t you have animation software at work?”

“No.” Chloe shook her head. Liz really didn’t know anything about the industry. “What we have at Rinslet isn’t made for distribution. The developers use it, but that’s not us.”

“I’d love to see what you’re doing with it sometime.”

“You want to watch me play with my package?” Jordan’s wink was exaggerated.

The weird facial ticks were a bit much. Chloe swatted at him. “Are you done?”

“Most likely not.” He covered Liz’s hand with his free one, tracing his thumb over Chloe’s knuckles. “For personal or professional reasons?”

“I might tell Jonathan you thought his commercial package was too big.” Liz quirked her mouth in amusement.
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