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Dec 23, 2016

Beyond the Myth by M.A. Abraham

Beyond the Myth
Beyond the Myth
by M.A. Abraham

There is a grain of truth behind every legend.

Darlene and Derek Stanton are top-notch archaeologists, born and raised in the field. They are sought out for their expertise, along with the prestige they bring to each job they do, which is why they were hired to check out a myth that led to a buried city.

Darlene hides her vulnerabilities behind a wall of ice, where she feels safe from the rest of the world. Her twin, Derek, on the other hand, is quite the opposite, adventurous and easygoing. What they find in the buried city, and experience soon after, sends her into a state of shock.

Ripped from her home planet, forced into a relationship, and lifestyle that is totally alien to everything she knows, Darlene fights to regain some form of stability in her life. Derek doesn't have the same problem, as he settles into their new lifestyles without a problem. It doesn't help when the handsome man who now owns her is so charismatic that she can barely keep her hands off of him. How is she to face the reality of the life she has found, beyond the myth?

Atl is the eldest son of the leader on a space ship. He wants nothing more than to marry his childhood sweetheart, until he meets Darlene. She is beautiful, spirited, and nearly more than he can handle. Will he be able to connect with her heart or will he lose her forever?

Genre: Sci Fi Romance
Content/Theme(s): Archaeologists, Space travel, Suspense, Futuristic
Release Date: December 21, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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“We grew up with tents for homes and seemed to be born with an instinct, for finding secrets from the past. We were, in a word, famous. We seemed to be sought out by every glory seeker on the face of the globe. It was perhaps more difficult for Darlene than it was for me, being both beautiful and female, in a basically male dominated field. There seemed to always be some man trying to hit on her, and it didn’t take long for her to view men in general with disgust,” Derek began.

“Then what you are telling me is that Darlene hates men,” Atl wondered.

“No, she doesn’t, not really. But if you want my sister’s respect and love, you are going to have to earn it the hard way.”

“I would think she isn’t old enough to be stuck in that habit,” Atl admitted.

Derek smiled fondly at his sister as she began to rouse, and noted a tear as it streaked across her cheek. “She is very tired. Yesterday was enough to drive anyone to a nervous breakdown.”

“What do you mean?” Atl caught the tear on the tip of his finger and looked at it curiously, as a second one began to follow the first. He had never seen a tear before, but as Derek seemed to think it wasn’t serious, he merely wondered about it.

Derek attempted to explain. “Felaina told me your people have no tear ducts. Our people do, and there can be nothing more complicated than a woman indulging in a bout of crying. You will have to learn the difference between the moods that preempt them also. If you manage to master this, let me know. No man has been successful yet.”

“What do you think is causing these particular tears?” Atl questioned.

“She is badly overdone, and knowing Darlene, extremely frustrated by events that are beyond her control. You were probably the frosting on the cake, especially if you are anything like your sister.”

“Tell me what happened,” Atl requested.

“Yesterday, at this time, we were on our own planet. Free. We were nervous about our prospects for the future, because we realized we were caught in a trap. From what I have learned, our home planet is four-star systems away from where we were first taken. I honestly think Darlene had reached the limits of what she could calmly accept days ago, but she is a strong person, and wouldn’t give in. A week ago she could easily have handled whatever our world threw at us. We were, in a word, downright cocky. The both of us,” Derek admitted.

“I gather, from what you have said, that men liked her on your planet,” Atl asked out of curiosity.

“Men liked to look at Darlene, she is a beautiful woman. They found she had a heart of stone and a personality of ice, although it is an act. She uses it as a type of self defense.” Derek explained.

“I don’t understand. Why should she feel that she needs this?” Atl questioned.

“We had a sister, six years older than we were. She committed suicide after being badly used by a man. She was even more beautiful than Darlene. She didn’t have that look of distain about her and she was much, much more approachable. The night she died, she had a long talk with Darlene, and heaven only knows what Cara said, for Darlene never repeated it to anyone, not even me. So how about you, Atl? Surely this isn’t your first experience with a woman,” Derek asked, to draw him out.

Atl smiled and shook his head. “There have been others, there usually is, and not all of our species are faithful to those who are joined to them. We live as we must, and try to inject a degree of pleasure into our lives as we do.”

“That wasn’t exactly what I asked.” Derek spoke, trying to get more detailed information out of Atl.

The two men looked at each other for a while, unaware of Darlene’s waking, and as she lay listening to their conversation she heard Atl’s confession.

“I didn’t want this union, I wanted another. She was cousin, two times removed, but it wasn’t allowed. She was beautiful, vibrant, a delight to know. She was warm and loving.”

“The ultimate woman, I envy you. What happened?” Derek wondered.

“Father gave her to the ruler of a friendly planet. He is a close friend of mine, someone I dare not cross,” Atl admitted.
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