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Jul 21, 2016

Healed by Samantha Stone

by Samantha Stone
Crescent City Creatures Book Four

Cael’s a killer who doesn’t deserve love. He certainly can’t have Aiyanna. She wants him, but after years of pursuing the werewolf, her patience is waning. They must put aside their pasts to save their city.

Cael will never take a mate. After accidentally hurting the only woman he’s ever loved, he believes it unsafe for him to ever touch a woman again.

Aiyanna doesn’t care. For years, she’s wanted him, only to be rejected at every turn. It stings every time he turns her away, but letting him go would only hurt worse.

When vampires come to New Orleans for the first time in decades, problems between Cael and Aiyanna seem small in comparison to the danger now facing the thousands of humans celebrating Mardi Gras. Only together do they have a chance to defeat the new creatures threatening the entire city, including Cael’s werewolf pack.

Healed brings the Crescent City Creatures together again in an installment filled with danger, revelations, and love.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Vampires, Werewolves, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: July 18, 2016
Liquid Silver Publishing
Excerpt & More

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Aiyanna opened the door to the gym and stopped in the doorway, butterflies tickling the insides of her stomach because she absolutely needed something else to humiliate her further.

As if wanting a man who refuses me isn’t embarrassing enough.

What was next, a beet-red blush, or Cael finding that notebook where she’d drawn a picture of him getting on one knee only to ask her out on a date?

At least he probably wouldn’t be able to make out what the picture was to begin with. She was no artist, especially when compared to Mary, Raphael’s mate.

Instantly, Cael turned to face her, his expression softening for a split second before morphing back into a mask of rage. His piercing blue eyes went flat, and his full lips thinned, dipping down toward the deep groove in his chin.

A lock of black hair swung down to his cheek, but Cael shoved it back angrily. He held a seventy-pound weight in his other hand. She suspected it wasn’t for lifting, but for use as a projectile.

The mirrors on every wall were shattered, weights littered the floor, and the elliptical and rowing machines were in pieces beside a surprisingly intact treadmill.

“What do you want?” Cael snarled.

She was certain he wanted to toss the weight at her, but experience had shown that he wouldn’t. It was only reason she didn’t gingerly pry the hunk of iron from his clenched fist.

So she flipped her hair back behind her shoulder with a confidence she didn’t feel. Fake it ’til you make it, or just can’t fake it anymore.

Lately, she was leaning toward the latter option.

“I’m here to talk some sense into you,” she said in her most serious tone.

The problem was, with the pain flaring in his gorgeous eyes, all she wanted to do was hold him until he felt marginally better. She didn’t want to lecture him. He’d already considered everything she was about to say, but what else could she do?

Time and time again Cael had made it clear he didn’t want to be held, and especially not by her.
* * * *
He didn’t need any changes, not now. That’s what was best for his pack.
“I’m not accepting the Elders’ offer, and that’s final. Whether Raphael wishes to convey it to them or not is his problem.”

Thinking about his Alpha’s reaction to the same words made him want to break something else...only he was perilously close to running out of objects to maim.

Maybe he should have waited to tear the punching bag to pieces. The bits that were left lay underneath the larger, very broken elliptical.

“I thought you’d at least hear me out, but I was obviously very wrong.” Aiyanna sounded severe, haughty even, but Cael could have sworn there was trace of hurt under the barbed comment.

He wanted to reach for her, which was exactly why he didn’t move an inch.

“I have heard you—”

“No, you haven’t!” The lid was off Aiyanna’s temper, and he knew he was in for it now. She hardly held herself back to begin with, but from the red heating her cheeks, this was worse than their usual arguments.

Something he’d said caused her to snap; he saw it in her sharp exhalation, the brightening of her eyes.

“You haven’t listened to me since the moment we met, and nothing in five years has changed that.” Aiyanna rounded on him and pushed at his chest, hard.

It took more than he would have admitted to keep from stumbling back.

She pulled his torn button-down into her fists, dragging herself ever closer. She smelled like cardamom, cloves and vanilla, the spices of her scent reminding him of her unique heritage, one she rarely spoke about.

Not that I ever ask.

“You know what?” she said in a low voice.

Cael didn’t answer. He only stood very, very still, his best bet to keep distance between them.

Of course he overlooked the warmth of her breath against his neck and the electricity of her hands so close to his skin. Those were things he couldn’t think about, not ever again.

“If you act like a coward and refuse to take your powers back, ones that shouldn’t have been kept from you for so long to begin with, I’m finished with you. I’ll help your pack, but you’ll be dead to me. Even if it kills me in the process.”

She spoke with enough conviction to give him pause, her anger causing her to overlook his minor injuries.

It was a first for her—she always healed him first, and then yelled.
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