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Mar 30, 2016

Enspelled by Samantha Stone

by Samantha Stone
Crescent City Creatures Book Three

With no one else to help her, Briony DuBois made a deal with a criminal. Well, a newly-freed convict who now holds her future in his hands.

Sebastian Anderson only wants to grow his business, Full Moon Brewery, and take care of his changing werewolf pack. But when a witch asked him for help, he never forgot the promise he made her, nor the strange draw he felt toward her.

That promise turns his life upside down, and may be the only way to save not only Briony, but everyone else he cares about.

Will a team of united creatures be enough to defeat the powerful force that threatens them all?

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Fae, Werewolves, Magic, Witches, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: March 28, 2016
Liquid Silver Books
Excerpt & More

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As they neared the stage, the music slowed. It took a moment for Briony to recognize it, but she looked up at Sebastian sharply once she did.

The gleam in his bright blue eyes told her all she needed to know.

“You asked them to play this?” she gasped.

There was something about this song that tugged the strings to her heart.

Incidentally, it came on the radio the day she met Sebastian.

Her heart soaring to the softly sung words of Sum 41’s “With Me,” she knew none of the occurrences were coincidences. She didn’t believe in coincidences, after all. Sebastian nodded. “Dance with me?” On the surface, he appeared calm, confident...almost suave with his half-smile and glittering eyes.

Briony knew better. It was subtle, but there was a streak of apprehension in his aura, one that was always present with Sebastian, indicating how sensitive he was to the feelings of those around him. It was one of the reasons he was such a successful business owner.

Now, the stripe was ever so brighter than usual. Is it because of me?

“I’d love to.” Her right hand already in his, she reached out with her left, twining it around to the back of his neck, where his short, soft hair tickled her skin.

His large hand curved around her waist, placing only enough pressure for her to stay acutely aware of his touch. In a flash, his aura changed, the colors swirling around them as he grinned and pulled her flush against him. They swayed to the music, oblivious to the other guests, the bride and groom.

Had Briony been dancing with anyone else, she would have gone to placate the pouting four-year-old Molly, who much preferred faster-paced music. Likely, she would have told Cael a piece of her mind for dancing with Aiyanna for one song before refusing to touch her.

But this was Sebastian, and her body fit perfectly against his, even while moving slowly. He smelled of beer and leather, making her wonder what he would look like in a pair of leather pants. That was a sight she’d pay to see, and she was sure she’d have to pay in order to see it—leather pants went with Sebastian like, well she went with leather pants. They were the last garments she’d ever put on her body.

And only then, she’d wear brown. Never would she wear black.

“I feel as if I could sing this to you someday, meaning every word,” Sebastian whispered in her ear, punctuating his words with a squeeze to her hip.

She wanted so badly to tell him with certainty, That’s because you could.

He has to learn who we are to each other on his own. As a werewolf, it was in his nature to deduce who he was meant to share his life with, and his sentiment told her he was beginning to figure it out.

If he never realized what they could be, it would be because he didn’t want to know. That’s okay. He has that right.

Having been betrothed against her will, she had no intentions of forcing Sebastian into something he didn’t want, and if he was anything, he was a man who took his duties seriously. The moment the realization was made that she was his mate, she’d become his responsibility, along with Sophia and the pack’s finances.

The notion should have shaken her feminist leanings, but Sebastian’s sense of duty was at the core of who he was. She could no more ask him to change that part of him than ask him to stop changing into a wolf each month.

“I can tell you I don’t want this moment to ever end,” she told him, having to stand on her toes to reach his ear with her mouth. She whispered the song’s lyrics quietly, aware of his sensitive hearing.

He looked down at her, his tender expression showing his agreement.

All too soon the song ended, and the world around them came back. In a wildly different change of pace, “The Wobble” came on amid feminine squeals of approval.

“You going to join them?” Sebastian jerked his head at the mass of women, mostly friends of Mary or Leila, getting into neat lines, their moves choreographed.

Briony felt her eyes widen. “I don’t do...whatever that is,” she finished lamely.
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