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Apr 16, 2016

Pleasure Season by Allie Ritch

Pleasure Season
Pleasure Season
by Allie Ritch
Children of Nanook Book Three

Sorena is prepared to spend another arctic winter alone, talking to herself and going mad with lust.

Then she comes nose to nose with a giant frost bear that changes into a man right in front of her eyes. A very sexy, naked man.

Tuaq is a Child of Nanook—a shifter who changes between man and bear—and one whiff of Sorena’s scent makes him think he might have found his mate.

He agrees to spend the winter with her. And when another male tries to take her from him? His claws and fangs aren’t just for show.

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Sci Fi
Release Date: April 3, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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Sorena let out a small whimper of need. She expected him to kiss her, but he only teased her with a light brush of his lips against hers. Then he peppered more of these soft caresses along her cheekbone and down her neck. Her pulse tripped faster, and she grew so damp between her legs she knew he had to smell her desire.

Unable to wait any longer, she fisted her hands in his thick hair and forced his mouth to meet hers. She kissed him with all the pent-up passion she had and heard him growl deep in his throat. The next thing she knew, he was devouring her, kissing her so deeply he made the rest of the world fade away. His body heat scalded her, and she was surrounded by his masculine, woodsy scent. She had no problem with him rubbing that scent all over her body.

He tangled his tongue with hers, making her moan. Before she could blink, he had her flat on her back with his body on top of hers. The hard length of his erection pressed against her thigh—unmistakable even through her clothes. When he threw back his head and hissed, she assumed he was reacting to the friction. Then she saw him grimace in pain.

“Your wound,” she exclaimed.

He remained rigid for a moment before carefully shifting to lie on his back beside her. With his pale coloring, he couldn’t hide the flush that stained his face. He obviously didn’t like showing weakness.

“A lesser man wouldn’t have survived such a terrible injury,” she told him.

Tuaq gave her a sly grin. “And only a dead man could resist you. I will have to wait until tomorrow to mount you, but I can still take care of you.” He raked her with his gaze. “Take off your clothes.”

His tone brooked no argument—not that she was inclined to deny him. Her nipples tightened as she reached for the hem of her sweater. She stripped off her top and tossed it aside, baring her breasts to him. If she’d thought her nipples were beaded before, the buds grew even tighter as he stared at them. He wore the same expression of concentrated rapture that he’d had while tasting the berries.

“Now the rest,” he demanded. “Off.”

She stood next to the bed to get rid of the remainder of her clothes. Her pants and underwear wound up in a pile on the floor, and she took a second to remove the empty dishes from the bed. Tuaq watched her the entire time, and his hard cock announced his approval. Although he didn’t ask her to, she spun in a slow circle so he could see her backside too. She knew hard work and long treks through the snow had kept her fit, so she hoped he liked the view.

He held out his hand. “Come here. Bring your breast to my lips.”

Her legs felt shaky as she climbed back onto the bed. No man had ever looked at her with such hunger and intensity, and the impact was as heady as it was arousing. The fur blanket caressed her as she crawled toward him. When she was near enough, he grasped her beneath her arms and dragged her the rest of the way. The instant he had her in position, he latched onto her right breast with his mouth.

Sorena cried out as heat speared through her. She would have braced herself with her hands on his chest if she hadn’t been afraid of hitting one of the claw marks. Then she realized she didn’t have to worry. Tuaq held her in place as if she weighed nothing at all, trapping her exactly where he wanted her. She wound her fingers through his hair and whimpered in ecstasy as he continued to suck on her nipple and lave it with strong swipes of his tongue.

The contact was so amazing she found herself shifting her hips against the bed. She was already halfway toward orgasm, and he hadn’t even touched her below the waist. Then she groaned even louder when he moved to the other breast and gave it the same attention. He took his time, playing with her as if this was how he intended to spend the whole night.

She squeezed her thighs together as a gush of intimate honey escaped her sex. Tuaq stiffened beneath her and let out a growl that made her shiver.

“That smell,” he said.

Without warning, he lifted her and nearly tossed her to the head of the bed. He grasped her right leg and made her straddle his face.


Shock and lust combined and sent her soaring higher as she realized what he meant to do. With his big hands, he grasped her inner thighs and used his thumbs to part her nether lips. If not for his firm grip, she would have come off the bed with the first swipe of his tongue. He traced the full length of her slit and then continued up to her clitoris. She mewled as he circled the small nubbin and jiggled it with the tip of his tongue. Then he lapped at her opening again, spearing inside her for a better taste. All the while, he made a rough purring noise that vibrated against her pussy.
Purchase link(s):  Amazon   ARe   iTunes   Kobo   Inktera   B&N
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