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Dec 16, 2015

Belle By Night by Rachell Nichole

Cover & Excerpt

Belle By Night by Rachell Nichole

Belle by NightAnna by day, but Belle by night, Annabelle Stevens trades in her classroom ruler for a telephone and leather bustier when the sun goes down. With her heart set on finishing her Master’s degree and opening her own low-cost preschool, she had to earn extra cash somehow. And as a phone sex operator, she makes more than she could working three day jobs. But when day and night collide, Mistress Belle’s favorite caller jeopardizes her normal life, and she has to choose--the dream she’s always wanted, or the secret identity that lets her be the Domme she truly is.

Widower Dean Wellington has one goal in life: to be the best father he can be to his autistic son, Preston. But when he realizes he’s falling far short, he fears he can’t give Preston everything he needs alone. When his search for a wife leads to one disastrous date after another, he finds solace in the unlikeliest of places: a phone sex operator. He knows Mistress Belle can’t be appropriate mother material, but when she orders him to bend his will to hers, he’s lost to the passionate storm she calls forth.

When Dean realizes he’ll never find a better mother for his son than Preston’s teacher Anna, he has to choose between the Mistress that brings out his darkest desires, and giving his son everything he deserves. Little does Dean know that the choice may not be a choice at all.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): BDSM, FemDomme, D/s, Dominance, Submission
Release Date: October 6, 2015
Loose Id
Excerpt & More

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I don’t want to have phone sex anymore!

Annabelle Stevens punched her pillow as the phone rang again. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to have phone sex ever again, but damn it, tonight she was tired. Her throat ached; her voice was hoarse. She wanted to go to sleep. Instead, she pushed the button on her wireless headset.


“Hey, sweetie, got a caller who sounds a bit mopey and real nervous. Think he could benefit from your special brand of TLC,” Lainey said.

Belle couldn’t keep from smiling. Lainey, their HBIC—Head Bitch in Charge—ran Call Us Anytime. Along with several operators under her command, Lainey oversaw the nightly goings-on of the business. Together, they fielded callers and assigned them to the girls (and guys) around the country who were waiting for their next customers. Lainey could always tell when a new caller needed Belle’s certain form of harsh punishment. Usually it was men she’d identified as nervous or unsure of their first call. Sometimes they became regulars, sometimes not. Either way, Lainey was never wrong, and she knew her workers’ preferences better than anyone else in the company. It was the reason she still had such an active role in their basic operations, even though she could have delegated those responsibilities to someone else.

Belle gave a throaty laugh, her aching vocal chords making her voice sound even deeper than it usually did when she was in her phone-sex persona. “All right, put him through.” She cleared her throat. “I’m afraid this will have to be my last call. I know that ends my shift short, but too many more and I won’t have any voice left.”

“Oh, all right,” Lainey said with mock exasperation. “We’re kind of slow tonight anyway. Have a good one.”

“Thanks.” She took a deep breath, waiting for her new boy toy to come to the phone. She lounged back against her mountain of brightly colored pillows on her king-size bed. Her room shouldn’t have looked like a sultan’s harem since she was a grown woman, but it did. Honestly, she didn’t give a shit. This was where she worked the phones best. The deep purple and burgundy walls, large bed, and plush carpet helped her transition from her normal Anna world and put her in the Domme Belle mindset. She had a corner of overstuffed beanbags and ottomans as well, so if she got tired of being in bed or pacing the room to accelerate her breathing and heart rate, she could lounge on the pillows. Accent colors of bright pink and orange throughout the pillows and thick drapery helped add to the feel of boudoir rather than bedroom. The rest of her house didn’t match this kind of bold decorating, but she didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing this part of her small two-story home.

A moment later, the audible click indicated her caller had come on the line. “Uh…hello?” he said.

A shiver ran through her, and she shifted against the soft, lightweight blanket beneath her. Oh, yes. There was that delectable unsure voice. “No one gave you permission to speak, pet.” She held her breath, waiting to see how he would respond to commands.

A beat of silence passed, and then she heard him exhale slowly. He stayed quiet.

“Good boy,” she soothed. She’d been doing boring vanilla calls all night. Now that it was almost midnight, her heartbeat finally picked up. Lainey tried to send her a kink call every once in a while. The more the merrier, in Belle’s opinion. “What are you wearing, pet?” She didn’t ask his name. She didn’t want to know it. Chances were he’d give her a false one anyway. Lainey had taken his credit card information, and certainly his real name was attached to it, but Belle didn’t need to know that.

“Um…boxer shorts,” he said breathily.

She could practically see him twitching, picture him squirming in his underwear. “From now on, pet, you will call me Ma’am, Mistress Belle, or simply Mistress. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress.” His response was immediate.

“Good boy.” She made her voice smooth as silk, dark as chocolate. “What color are your boxers, my sweet?”

He cleared his throat. “Green, Mistress.”

“Very good. Are you hard for me already, pet?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” He swallowed loudly.

She licked her lips. This is going to be such fun!
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