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Sep 3, 2014

Cover Reveal - To Sir by Rachell Nichole

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To Sir by Rachell Nichole

To SirWhen Elizabeth Clark is plagued by the idea for a kinky novel she can’t shake, she has no choice but to plunge, head-first into a genre she vowed never to pursue. But when she realizes the seductive allure of submitting her will, her interest in the BDSM lifestyle becomes less academic, and downright personal.

Dominant and club owner, Chase Masters, has no idea what to expect when his partner books a meeting with an author doing research on the BDSM scene, but he’s blown away with the woman who walks through the door. He’s sure at first that she must be a visiting Domme, not the author. Her manner is confident, brusque, and even a bit disapproving of his lifestyle, but when he switches from his easy-going club owner mindset into his Dom voice, she instantly backs off. Perhaps she’s more submissive than she let on.

Chase and his club are in the crosshairs of a local senator and the bank, and he fears he might lose everything. So when Liz grudgingly agrees to be his, if only for a few weeks, he’s elated. But what kind of long-term relationship can a broke, out of work, homeless Dom offer to a burgeoning submissive who won't submit outside of the bedroom?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): BDSM, D/s, Multicultural
Release Date: August 26, 2014
Loose Id

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“You will tell me to stop when you want to, understood? That’s all you have to say.”

She nodded.

He narrowed his eyes, those dark eyebrows lowering.

“Okay, yes. I hear you.”

“Good,” he said, setting the cool metal against her chest and letting it pulse against her. The heat from his body cascaded over her all at once, and her knees threatened to give out.

He trailed the vibrator down the V of her shirt and dropped it between her breasts. Her breath left her in a ragged rush. He turned from her, his feet pounding across the floor to the other side of the room as she quivered. She was so close to orgasm she could almost taste it. She watched with half-closed eyes as he took out a small wrist cuff from somewhere in his collection. He returned and lifted her hand, placing a chaste kiss to the pads of her fingers.

Cocking his head to the side, he waited again for her to say no. Stupidly, she said nothing. She was trapped in this room, though she was pretty sure he hadn’t locked the door. The urge to run was strong, but the urge to stay, to learn more, was stronger.


“Yes,” she whispered, her voice coming hoarsely from her parched throat.

She knew she couldn’t be trusted to say no when need spiraled out of control inside her. He’d told her when she said she wanted to stop, he would. For some foolish reason, she believed him. And she felt guilty about her trust in him, even worse for the fact that she didn’t want to tell him to stop. How could she possibly be enjoying this? The thought of letting him take that vibrator and shove it deep inside her until she screamed should repulse her. Instead, an answering flash of heat soaked her core.

She relished having control of her life, her decisions. Maybe that was the problem here—she did have control, a voice, a choice. And she was choosing to stay, even if she would hate herself later for her weakness. He wound the soft leather around her wrist and buckled it in place. The weight of the snug material felt altogether familiar and foreign, like wearing a heavy bracelet.

Kiss me, her body demanded, but she refused to voice the plea. The buzzing between her breasts became more insistent, and a wicked grin spread on Chase’s face. He held a small remote in his hand.

“It’s about surrender,” he whispered.

She shifted, and the vibrator slipped lower to the underside of her breast, closer to her taut nipple, where she wanted the sensation to travel. But short of sticking her hand into her shirt and moving it herself, she wasn’t going to get what she wanted. She wasn’t that bold.

Chase flicked the switch, and the vibration stopped. The sudden lack of sensation made her whimper. So much for keeping things professional.

He turned his back to her again and returned with the matching cuff for her other wrist. She didn’t wait for him to take it but presented her hand to him without a word. A silent consent. He secured the cuff and clicked a leather tie to one of the loops with a small hook. He placed the other end of the tie in her opposite hand, though both ends had hooks that could tie the cuffs together. Bound, but not really. He seemed to know that tying her up like that would be going too far, that she would tell him to stop. She was glad, because she wasn’t quite ready for this…whatever it was…to end.

He held the middle part of the leather and led her toward the bed. He tugged it lightly from her hand and wrapped the tie once around the tall poster of the bed, then handed her back the free end. She clutched it tightly, the cold metal digging the tiniest bit into her palm.

A soft click from his hand and the vibrator turned on, pulsing on and off against her breast. “Let go whenever you wish,” he said from behind her. He was giving her permission. And she didn’t know how she felt about that. His sizzling breath shivered down her spine. If she didn’t come soon, she might die.
Purchase links:   Loose Id   Amazon   ARe   Kobo   B&N
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