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Nov 29, 2015

The Viking's Curse by Xandra James

Cover & Excerpt

The Viking's Curse by Xandra James
Woodland Creek (multi-author series)

The Vikings CurseI'm cursed. There's no cure for what ails me. I'm part man, part draugar; a Viking warrior shifter who protects the dead. I'm a selfish bastard, numb to the world around me, surviving only to avenge my wife and mother's murder. One emotion —anger—keeps me alive. At least, it did until I met TJ Knight and my icy heart began to beat once more.

I was all wrong for her yet I craved her in ways I never imagined. So making a deal with her to save that cute ass from a death mark probably wasn't the smartest thing I'd ever done. If I could manage to keep my hands off her, I might just stay in one piece.

The other thing? It turns out we have a mutual enemy. If we can work together, we might be able to find and destroy him. Trouble is, now it seems I have to kill TJ to give her a chance at living. Killing was my favorite thing but bringing her back to life? Now that might prove a problem...

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Vikings, Shifters, Magic, Urban Fantasy, Christmas
Release Date: November 15, 2015
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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I'd seen a lot of demons in my time, but this little bastard was a first on me. It was small, yellow and extremely fast. It darted around the room while Kol watched and I stood paralyzed with shock.

"What the ever loving fuck is that?" I said as I grabbed my dagger and stood ready to defend myself. If the little fucker had waited a couple of minutes so that I could manage to get Kol's affirmation that he would help me, I would have been a happy bunny right now. As it stood, I was still up shit creek without a paddle.

I glared at Kol willing him to do something other than stand there with no shirt on and with jeans he probably poured himself into. Bastard. No one told me he'd look this good. Then again, everyone at Battle Security had been shit scared to tell me anything until I threatened blue murder.

Determined, the little yellow demon made a run at my legs and I immediately went to pull back and punt him across the room.

"If you kick him in the head, he multiplies." I heard Kol mumble just as I was in the swinging motion to make contact with the little bugger's head.

"What?" I squeaked, staggering whilst trying to keep the momentum out of my leg so I wouldn't hit him where I was aiming for.

Too late. Crap.
Purchase link(s):  Amazon   AmazonUK
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