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Nov 28, 2015

Playing With Fire by Gemma Brocato

Cover & Excerpt

Playing With Fire by Gemma Brocato
A Five Senses novella

Playing with FireEvery day is filled with conferences, obligations, and disciplinary meetings for Assistant Principal Sarah Willis.

When a student is sent to her office, a confrontation with his father, the new fire marshal in Granite Pointe, doesn’t extinguish her instant attraction to the man.

When his son gets into trouble at school, Cris Bayfield discovers he’s hot for teacher.

His interest in Sarah goes beyond parent-teacher conferences, but her artistic side and his past history could spell doom for any potential relationship.

When the theatrical director for the high school play resigns unexpectedly, Sarah has to step in as the understudy, throwing her in Cris’s path on a regular basis. As they spend more and more time together, her resolve to not get involved with a parent goes up in flames.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Firefighter, Art, School principal, Small town
Release Date: November 16, 2015
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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At first, he thought Trip would ignore him. That was the way their relationship seemed to be heading lately—Cris talking, Trip playing deaf-mute. It hadn’t always been like this. They used to talk freely. Until about six months ago, they’d been buddies. But conversations between them had dwindled when Cris had tried to redirect the boy’s interest in art. Since they’d relocated to Granite Pointe, their communication had become Cris asking questions and Trip grunting an answer. He really missed the easy relationship they’d had and feared his typically happy-go-lucky kid would continue on the slope toward delinquency.

Without turning his head, Trip gave him a side-eye and opened his mouth. Before a single word could emerge, the door to Cris’s right banged open, and a short, stocky man scuttled through. A strident and haranguing woman chased after him, calling his name.

“Mary, leave him be. He needs time to cool off,” another gentler voice pleaded for calm.

The man fled through the front exit, and the woman scurried after him. Movement by the break room door drew Cris’s gaze away from the odd couple.

And whoa! The petite blond with the musical voice was stunning. From her simple pageboy haircut to the fresh clean look of her face, Cris found himself instantly drawn to the woman. Her pretty, plump lips formed words as she rolled her chocolate-colored eyes. Cris couldn’t help his smile as he roughly translated her silent words to son of a bitch. It didn’t matter that the expression was a little shocking coming from those sweet lips.

A becoming shade of pink flooded her cheeks when she discovered his eyes on her. Malloy nodded when the woman turned her questioning glance over the counter. Yeah, that’s right. He was here for her. Suddenly, being called to the principal’s office didn’t seem like such a bad thing. Maybe Trip agreed. It could explain why he kept getting into trouble. Cris stood as she pulled on the bottom of her rust-red sweater and swept her hand down her hip.

She made her way to his side. “Mr. Bayfield? I’m Sarah Willis. If you’ll come with me, please? Kit, I’d like to speak to your dad privately first.”

Her hips swayed gently as she moved away from him toward an office with a wall of windows. Cris gave himself a mental shake. He was here because his kid had caused a ruckus, not because this attractive woman had any interest in him.

Purchase link(s):  Amazon
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