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Nov 30, 2015

Shadows Across Time by Mariah Lynne

Cover & Excerpt

Shadows Across Time by Mariah Lynne

Shadows Across TimeImagine being kidnapped and transported back in time to a 16th century French castle.

Danielle deForet, a beautiful rare antiques dealer, is tricked into completing an appraisal on a rare French piece, when to her surprise its owner casts a spell sending them both back to 1559. Danielle learns she is the crucial link for a royal spell and finds herself guarded by a handsome knight, Aidan. They soon fall in love, and he plans a risky escape.

Georgina, once a seer, now a mannequin in Danielle’s shop, was turned to wood by that same wizard. Her body stilled, her mind sharp, she is the lovers’ only hope to escape. If she intervenes, and the wizard finds out, he will stop at nothing to make his spell succeed, even if it means destroying Georgina, Danielle, and Aidan.

Genre: Time Travel Romance
Content/Theme(s): Historical, Contemporary, Knight, Wizard, Seer
Release Date: October 31, 2015
Satin Romance /Melange Press
Excerpt & More

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Aidan looked deep into my eyes. “You are unlike any woman I have ever met. I loved your strength and beauty the first day I lay eyes on you. Every time we meet, those feelings intensify. I no longer care about my fate—only of being with you.”

His gaze said it all. I leaned in and gently kissed him again. This time he was eager to return my advances. Our lips locked in a long passionate kiss. He deepened the kiss before moving his lips down my neck.

Aidan took a sudden step back. “This is quite improper. Forgive me your highness. I must come to my senses. You are of royal blood while I a commoner.”

I took his hand and squeezed it. “Aidan, Alasdair kidnapped me. I am as common as you.”

He listened, surprised at my comment. “How can that be? He says you are a future queen.”

I held his other hand wrapping his arm around my waist. “Trust me. I am telling you the truth. Please, I need to feel your strong arms around me for comfort.”

When he held me again, I melted in his arms. His muscular hands were gentle as they caressed my body. He kissed me, devouring my lips in his. For some reason, I felt the urge to show him my true feelings. I was scared not as I was of Alasdair, but afraid of being abandoned by love again. I haven’t been able to open my heart completely to a man since I lost Josh. Aidan’s feelings were as shaky as mine because he pushed me away again even though his eyes were filled with desire.

“I apologize for my boldness, Danielle. I mean no disrespect. I loved you the first day in Alasdair’s workshop. I admired how brave you were to stand up to that powerful wizard. You looked beautiful. Your golden hair glistened in the filtered sunlight coming through the small window. I knew my feelings would be considered treasonous, but not knowing how much time we will share together, I want to show you how I feel with every beat of my heart.”

His eyes glazed over with passion. I believed that with every beat of mine, he would risk everything to save me. I had fought falling in love for years, fearing I would be left with a broken heart again. However, for some reason I couldn’t explain, I wanted to hold him close to me.

Love at first sight? I don’t know what happened to me, but my feelings were too strong to ignore. Deciding to give love a chance, I leaned in kissing his nose before moving my kisses down to his lips again.

“Aidan, it’s just all this is happening too fast. I think I’m in love with you and desire to show you how much as well.”

I pulled Aidan close to me again. I hugged him tight against my body. He trembled. I sensed how nervous he was, knowing we were about to become illicit lovers punishable by death. That made our romance even more exciting. Our lips locked like someone threw away the key. We stood there holding each other as all the cares of our two worlds disappeared.

Aidan took my hand, kissed it, and knelt on the cold stone castle floor. His stare begged my attention. I answered willingly. I knelt down on the floor next to him. We kissed and embraced. At first, our kisses were soft, but it did not take long for our passion to intensify. His kisses grew more passionate. I felt his warm lips move down my neck and onto my shoulder. He stopped for a brief moment, stood, and took his cloak off placing it on the floor. Taking my hand, he helped me lay down on it before he did the same. He unlaced my bodice caressing and kissing my breasts. Passion overcame me.

“Danielle, I want you to know how deep my love is. How much I desire you.”

Josh had been gone for three years. I thought about him every day. How could these feelings for Aidan take hold of my heart so quickly? I slithered out of my skirt and petticoats. Aidan helped me stand as we began to undress each other before lying back on the cold stone floor.

The stones’ icy surface sizzled from the heat of our naked bodies. Aidan’s gentle kisses touched my nose before kissing every inch of my body. I turned eager for him not to miss a spot. He was the most sensual lover I ever had. He moved back up my body delivering wet kisses as he lingered on my breasts. Then Aidan moved on top of me and we made love.
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  1. Discreet, subdued colors, smoldering profiles. This cover, Shadows Across Time is a winner. Has my vote!


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