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Jul 12, 2015

Tracing His Heart by Cherie Nicholls

Cover & Excerpt

Tracing His Heart by Cherie Nicholls
Shifters of Hillside Book Three

Tracing His HeartA heartbroken shifter and an exiled Domme…

Carter Jones, known as Jones to his friends, lost part of his soul a long time ago. He had to make a choice between his pack and his heart, a choice that has haunted him and his wolf for years.

Rhea Gracefield, Domme, business woman, and lone wolf, was forced out of her pack when the wolf she loved told their secret.

What happens when Jones finds his way into the Domme’s Domain?

Note: Originally released in 2013 in the Under a Moonlit Night short story collection.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, BBW, BDSM, Rubenesque
Release Date: June 15, 2015
Liquid Silver Books
Excerpt & More

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Rhea sat back in her office chair, her feet on her desk, watching the screen. Anyone who didn’t know her would just see a security person watching a bank of CCTV monitors. Those who knew, they’d see how her interest was focused on one screen only, and how tightly she was holding onto her anger.

And, those who really knew Rhea would see how her eyes had changed to those of an animal and they’d hear the low growl that vibrated from her chest.

She reached across to the intercom and pushed the button. “Shelby, can you come in here please?” Rhea asked.

“Be right there, sugar,” Shelby answered.

Rhea sat back in her chair; she hadn’t taken her eyes off the screen at all.

“You called for me, sugar?” Shelby said as she walked in to the office. She perched on the end of the desk.

Rhea nodded toward the screen. “See the man on screen four.”

“Yes, sugar, I do. Fine piece of meat that one. I hear tell that he is very much an animal in the bedroom.” Shelby smiled. “You want me to get him in here for a little ‘one on one’ time?” Shelby wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Rhea snarled at her.

“Wow, okay, no one on one. What’s your interest sugar?” Shelby asked.

“Remember I told you about the boy who set me up and had me outcast?” Rhea asked.

“That’s him?” One of the reasons Rhea and Shelby got on so well was the fact the women always understood each other. Shelby might play the silly southern belle, but Rhea had never fallen for the routine.

“Yep. Wanna tell me how he got into this private, invite only, club?” Rhea asked.

“Master P brought him in two weeks ago. I didn’t see any harm, and Master P did vouch for him. But don’t you worry, sugar. I will have his ass kicked clean out of here in two minutes flat,” Shelby assured her.

“Wait.” Rhea stopped her. She looked back at the screen, deep in thought. How many times had she thought about what she’d do when she'd meet him again? Planned exactly what she’d say and do? Could she really let this chance slip her by? “No, leave him be. He’s a paying guest after all.”

Shelby narrowed her gaze at Rhea who gave her a sweet smile back.

“What are you planning?” Shelby asked, a knowing eyebrow raised and her voice full of skepticism.

“Why, Shelby, you wound me! I’m not planning a single thing.” Rhea batted her eyelashes at the other woman who simply snorted back. “But I thought I’d walk the floor to make sure everything is in order.”

Rhea dropped her booted four-inch spiked heels to the floor.

“Rhea Gracefield,” Shelby warned. “Don’t go scaring the population just to take shots at that man.”

“I would never do such a thing. I’m just going to say hi to a few people.” Rhea winked as she ensured her bustier and butt-skimming satin skirt were in place.

“Yeah, right, and my daddy was a Yankee.” Shelby rolled her eyes as they both left Rhea’s office.

“I mean, what kind of Domme would I be if I didn’t welcome our newest sub?” Rhea winked as she vanished into the crowd. Shelby would know better to shout after her. It wasn’t done in any safe BDSM club across the world, and it certainly wasn’t done here.

It didn’t take long for Rhea to spot her prey. That’s how she thought of him, because this wasn’t her usual trip, where she would find a toy or two to play with for the evening. No, tonight she had other plans altogether.

He wasn’t hard to spot, standing head and shoulders above everyone else, head shaved, and tattoos covering his bare arms. Rhea purposely kept downwind until she stood right behind him.

He only wore butter-soft, black leather trousers, boots, and a white ribbon, the sign of his open submission, around his biceps. Softly, she blew against his back. It took a second for him to realize.

Rhea swallowed a half smile as his shoulders stiffened. “On your knees, boy.” She used her best and most authoritative voice. She shouldn’t have been impressed by how quickly he, and those with him, fell to their knees at the sound of her voice or the sight of her.

With a tap on the inside of his knees, he spread his legs wider apart. Someone had trained him well, Rhea thought. She clenched her jaw, grinding her teeth. She took a step forward with a foot either side of one of his legs, so her lower body pressed to his back. With slow intent she leaned forward, ran a hand over his shoulder, and around across his chest. She didn’t stop until her lips were against his ear.

“What made you ever think you could come into my club, Carter Jones, without having to deal with me?” she said barely above a whisper.

“Rhea,” he said on a breath.

With quick force she reached down and slapped his butt, making him jump.

“This,” she tugged at the white ribbon, “means you get to call me Mistress, boy.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he answered automatically.

“Now tell me. Did you really think you wouldn’t have to pay the price of entering my territory?” she asked with a nip on his shoulder. Maybe she was a little rougher than she would usually be, but Jones was like her. She knew what would hurt a full human would never hurt a wolf shifter, not people like them.

“I didn’t know this was your club, Mistress,” Jones answered.

Rhea slapped his butt again.

“Don’t lie to me, boy, you. I know you’d have scented me a mile off. Yet here you still are. I wonder why?” She nipped his shoulder again before licking the bite. Goose bumps rose over his skin, and Rhea smiled.

“Please.” He spoke so softly Rhea doubted those around them heard.

“Please?” Rhea asked as she stepped back from him, ensuring no part of her body touched him. “Oh, don’t worry, boy, you’ll be begging before I am done with you. You think you’re…” She walked around until she stood in front of him. With a finger under his chin she tipped his face up until he looked at her. “…man enough to come with me?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

Jones didn’t miss a beat. “If the Mistress thinks she can handle me then I am happy for her to try.”

Someone gasped behind her. Rhea simply turned and walked away. She didn’t command him to follow or stay where he was. They had played this dance more times than she could count. The years may have separated them, but she’d no doubt the giant of a man on his knees would be on her heels begging for her attention before she made it to the door that led to the playrooms.
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