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Dec 25, 2013

Cover Reveal - A to Zane by Cherie Nicholls

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

A to Zane by Cherie Nicholls
Shifters of Hillside Book Four

Abby’s plate is full with her business and an overprotective family. So she doesn’t have time for a sexy tiger shifter with a tight butt, muscles for miles, and the ability to turn her to mush with a single glance.

When Zane spots Abby, his tiger demands he stop everything and pursue. Zane couldn't agree more. Kickass she may be, but he knows just how to handle prickly women in denial of their own sexuality.

Abby has enough to do dealing with her overprotective family and friends. It’s practically a full-time job just keeping them out of jail. She really doesn't need a sexy tiger shifter throwing her libido into overdrive.

She has a business to run, and no matter how pretty the kitty is, she has more important things to deal with.

However, when her past catches up with her, the kitty may just prove to be her salvation. Damn it!

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, BBW, Spanking, Tigers
Release Date: December 9, 2013
Liquid Silver Books
Excerpt & More

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She spent her evening dancing, laughing, and watching Wall dance, or sort of dance, because she wasn’t sure jumping up and down in the same spot counted.

“You know what I find interesting?”

Abby turned to Karina who sat between her and Clara, her long-time best friend.

“No, but I’m sure you’re going to share your insight,” Abby returned.

“I find it interesting that you’ve danced with every male from the pack, even managed to drag a few of the team up, but you’ve not asked Zane to dance, not once.”

“And you find that interesting? We need to find you a more exciting life if that’s what you do for fun.”

Karina didn’t say anything. Both she and Clara sat there, not saying anything, just staring at Abby who was doing her best to ignore them.

Of course she hadn’t asked Zane to dance. One second in his arms, and her stupid body would get ideas well above its station. Talk about punching above her weight. Yeah, sure he’d made a few suggestive remarks earlier. But Abby was an old hand at this. She was a friend, and didn’t she just hate that term. By now he probably didn’t remember what he’d said, or if he did, he was probably praying she realized he wasn’t serious. He’d just been helping to calm her down, talking her back from the darkness she fought with daily.

“Abby and Zane sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” The softly spoken song came from Laney.

“Shut up. There are shifters here, and they’ll hear you. Dammit, Zane will hear you. Do you really think he wants to be embarrassed like that?” Abby whispered.

“First comes love.” Karina joined in the song. Abby flicked an angry glance at her employee.

“Then comes marriage,” Clara continued.

“Then comes Abby with a baby carriage.”

“I will kill you all,” Abby warned.

“Ask him to dance, and then we’ll stop. We can keep this up all night,” Laney taunted when Abby was about to argue.

“One dance, Abby. He’s been watching you dance with other men all night. I feel bad for the dude,” Clara added.

“Yeah, right.”

“No seriously, he has. A couple of times I thought we’d have to jump in to save the guy you were with.”

Abby looked up at the ceiling, hands on her hips, and sighed. Dear gosh, these girls just didn’t let go. Like dogs with bones, that’s for sure. The analogy made Abby snort.

“Okay, fine. I’ll ask, and when he says thanks but no thanks, you dime store hookers leave it alone, clear?”

“Dime store? I’ve always thought of myself more of a high class call girl,” Karina said.

“Am I clear?” Abby spoke through gritted teeth. She’d ask him, and when Zane said no, she’d come back here and make these evil females apologize for making her do something to embarrass the hell out of both him and her.

“Deal,” Laney said with a nod.

Abby took a deep breath and turned to find Zane. She scanned the room, and for a second she thought he’d left, but then she spotted him standing in one of the corners talking to Jones.

Abby drew up her courage and started to walk toward him. In her head, she already had the apology for bothering him waiting, along with the reassurance she wasn’t about to turn into a lovesick puppy and follow him around. One dance was all she was going to ask for. When he turned her down, because he would, she was sure of it, she’d tell him with a smile on her face to enjoy his evening and walk away.

The trip to the other side of the room was quicker than she was prepared for. Before she knew it, she was standing beside Zane.

She cleared her throat, catching their attention.

“Hey, Abby doll, need something?” Jones asked.

“No I’m fine.” She swallowed hard, deciding the Band-Aid treatment was best—rip it off quick to get the pain over with fast. “I just wanted to ask Zane if he wanted to dance, but I can see you’re busy, so that's okay. Well, have a good night, and you take care now,” Abby said in one long breath. She spun on her heel and took only two steps, ready to die of embarrassment, before a large arm snaked around her waist, pulling her back against a solid chest.

“It’s customary to wait for a response when asking a person to dance.” Zane spoke directly into her ear.

Abby’s breath caught as he started to sway to the beat of the music. A song with a heavy beat and slow tune started to play. She caught a glimpse of Laney walking away from the DJ booth. Damn her interfering ass.

“You know, from here I can see right down your top.” Zane said it so matter of fact, it surprised a laugh from her.

“A gentleman wouldn’t look.”

“Baby, I’m an animal. You should remember that.”

They moved together, her pressed so tight against his chest, she could feel the straps of his leather top outlined on her back.

They found a natural rhythm together, something Abby refused to analyze. It didn’t mean anything. Just two people who could move to the music, is all.

With one arm wrapped around her waist, his hand resting on her hip, Zane used the other hand to stroke down her arm, stopping to link their fingers together.

It all felt so right, as if they’d been doing it for years … for their entire lives. Abby let her head drop back against his chest. She was half aware of her family watching them, and she knew she should care, but in Zane’s arms, she really didn’t give two flying hoots.

Zane bent lower, kissing his way along the exposed length of her shoulder, along her neck and to her ear. He sucked in the lobe. When he grazed the soft flesh with his fangs she was sure she’d melt into a giant, Abby-sized puddle right there at his feet.

“Baby, you smell so good.” He purred. “I wonder if you taste as good as you smell?”

Before she could say anything, Zane licked the column of her throat.

“Mm, much better.”

Abby tipped her head to the side, letting him have free reign. She spent the rest of the song in the most sensual haze she’d ever experienced. Zane grabbed the back of her head, pulling and twisting it to give him complete access to her lips. He plundered her mouth, not asking for access but taking it. His tongue took over, tasting her, claiming her mouth for his own.

She was breathing hard when he finally pulled away.

“You can dance with who you want, but they all know whose bed you’ll be in tonight. You remember that when you let other men put their hands on you.” He gave her one last hard kiss before setting her firmly on her feet and walking away.

Abby hadn’t realized the song had finished. A more up tempo song came on, but Abby still didn’t move.

What the hell just happened?
Purchase links:   This book is temporarily unavailable. Check back soon for updates.
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