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Apr 13, 2013

Cover Reveal - Lucky's Charms by LoveLustLaptops

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Lucky's Charms by LoveLustLaptops

Anything could happen at Lucky's Bar and Strip Club. Underneath the neon lights, the loud music, and the tear-away costumes, new lovers meet for the first time and old flames ignite anew. Shifters claim their mates, and leprechauns pay unusual gambling debts. Undercover operative solving crime? Advertising executive seducing the boss? All business as usual at Lucky O'Reilly's.

A short story collection from ten erotic romance authors.

Genre: Erotic Romance - Free Read
Release Date: March 22, 2013
Penning Princess Publishing

Stories & More


Ciaran by Lillian Grant
Ciaran Monaghan reacts every time Leah, the troupe’s only female stripper, comes near him. Her hot body drives him wild, and she knows it. However, his cousin Michael has promised to neuter any man who touches her. When the devilish woman takes to the stage commando and performs a no-holds barred dance with an aroused Ciaran he knows it's time to put it all on the line for for Leah.
Lillian Grant on Amazon
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Colm by Lynn Lorenz
For months Colm has daydreamed of Zane, the sexy fashion designer for the strippers at Lucky's. He's made up his mind to stop stuttering and fumbling and pull himself together to ask Zane out. Zane's tired of dancing around hunky Colm, dropping hints like flimsy veils. He's ready for action and shows up at the bar dressed for action, wearing a kilt and eyeliner. Let the seduction begin!
Twitter: @LynnLorenz
Lynn Lorenz Amazon author page
Alter ego Theodora Lane Amazon author page
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Alter ego Theodora Laneon Cover Reveals

Colt by Emilia Mancini
Dancing at Lucky's isn't the strategic career move Colt was looking for, but it pays his bills and his tuition to dance school. Things are going somewhat according as planned until he sees Sara, a dark-eyed shy beauty who sneaks out before he can talk to her. When he tracks her down, determined to find out more about her, Sara proves to be more than just a pretty face.
Twitter: @Emilia_mancini
Emilia Mancini on Amazon
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Declan by Rosanna Leo
Meet Declan and Angela. He's an ad exec. She's his boss. Stripping might help him save his job, but will he lose the girl? Find out at Lucky's Charms.
Twitter: @LeoRosanna
Rosanna Leo on Goodreads
Rosanna Leo Amazon author page
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Devlin by Parker Kincade
Devlin, only son to the King of the leprechauns, had never met a woman he couldn’t seduce. Until he met the beautiful and elusive fae, Keira. Not only did she reject him, she’d caused him to lose a bet with his cousins – a loss that meant he had to strip, for one month, at Lucky’s Bar and Strip Club.

When Keira arrives on his final night and pays another dancer for a private dance, there is only one thing Devlin can do. Hijack the dance and make Keira his, once and for all.
Twitter: @ParkerKincade
Parker Kincade Amazon author page
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Liam by Christy Gissendaner
It's not easy being the daughter of Padraig "Lucky" O'Reilly. Erin comes to her father's strip club, intending to only share a drink or two with her old man, when her attention is caught by the newest addition to her father's staff.

Liam MacNamara has loved Erin O'Reilly for years, but always from a distance. Now's his chance to finally get her attention when the daughter of his employer drops by unexpectedly. Can this amateur stripper dance his way onstage and into Erin's heart?
Twitter: @christygis
Christy Gissendaner Amazon author page
Alter ego Robin Danner Amazon author page
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Lilly by Cherie Nicholls
Lilly knows two things, no-one can mix a cocktail like her and Mikal is a stuck up tiger shifter who doesn't like having her around. So she's split when a stupid tigress strolls into the club, in heat. Does she leave Mikal to fall fowl of this stranger or does she help out and distract the tiger from making a mistake the man will never forget?
twitter: @cherienicholls
Cherie Nicholls Amazon author page
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Miguel by Becca Jameson
Miguel goes to Lucky's on a night when female strippers are the feature, only to discover that the new girl in town strutting her stuff against the shiny pole is his mate. His wolf can sense her and she him the minute he walks in the door. Now, all he has to do is wait patiently for the set to end so he can claim his prize.
Twitter: @beccajameson
Becca Jameson Amazon author page
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Seamus by Vanessa North
Nightclub dancer Seamus really loves his job--he loves performing, showing off his body, and most especially applause. When a tall, dark, and drop-dead gorgeous stranger walks into Lucky's, is he looking for "Shameless Seamus" or the man inside the superstar in a sequin-studded g-string?
Twitter: @vanessanwrites
Vanessa North Amazon author page
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Tate by Rae Morgan
Tate, an NYPD Special Crimes Unit Detective, is undercover as a dancer at Lucky's. He and his team are in pursuit of a serial rapist preying on women making the club scene. It's not the most dangerous assignment he's ever undertaken, but things threaten to go south when his new bride shows up with her friends and the rapist
is on the prowl.
Twitter: @raemorgan
Rae Morgan Amazon author page
Alter ego Monette Michaels Amazon author page

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