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Apr 13, 2015

Rubinmire by Alice Brown and Lady V

Cover & Excerpt

Rubinmire by Alice Brown & Lady V
Dragons of Dragonose Book Five

RubinmireIn the middle of the rescue operation for the kidnapped Dragonose women and children, no one was more surprised than King Thoran himself when he discovered fate had gifted him with a second mate. Nor did he expect the anger she directed toward him.

Now back home, his castle is full to bursting with a make shift hospital, crying babies, scared women, and a pissed off mate.

Carmen refuses to allow for one second of sympathy toward the king. Though he and his warriors did come save them, it had taken them bloody long enough, leaving her to blame him and his kingdom for the suffering they each had endured from the Raptorians. Not buying his excuse of ‘he didn’t know’. She refuses to let her guard down, keeping her cloak of anger pulled tight around her in order to cover up the real problem.

King Thoran soon finds there is much more going on with his mate-to-be and when the truth comes out, he is left rushing against time to save her. His kingdom has already witnessed the loss of one queen years ago, to suffer losing a second, inconceivable.

The Dragonose medical technology is put to the test as they rush against time to try and save Carmen. Will they be able to? And will she be able to look past her anger to see the real man fate has deemed as her mate? Or will King Thoran, who was given a second chance at happiness, suffer through the loss of yet another mate, leaving him wondering if the fates could be so cruel.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Dragons, Fantasy, Mystery, Military, Humor, Magic, Suspense, Aliens
Release Date: April 7, 2015
JK Publishing
Excerpt & More

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“Aren’t you going to eat?” Natasha’s voice brought her out of her thoughts.

She looked down at the food, her stomach threatening to revolt if she dared even to think about putting anything in it. It was enough of a job just to get a couple of sips of the now lukewarm tea down. “No thank you, I’m not much of a breakfast eater.” She tried to give Natasha a smile, but knew it fell short, coming across as a grimace instead as her stomach threatened to project the few sips of tea she had drank.

Before she knew it, Natasha had reached over and placed her hand on Carmen’s arm. A few seconds later Carmen watched Natasha pull her hand away with a frown upon her otherwise beautiful face. “You are unwell. Why haven’t you said anything to the doc?”

“Because I am fine. I have to get through this. I have to be strong. For the others.” Whatever Natasha had done when she placed her hand on her had suddenly left Carmen feeling very weak and dizzy. What would the other women do if she weren’t around to help them through this difficult transition?

“You need treatment. Are you willing to die and leave the rest of the women alone because you are trying to be strong?” Natasha inquired quietly.

“No,” Carmen shook her head, regretting that decision immediately. The dizziness became worse. “What did you do to me?” she wailed out in alarm as it seemed like her body was being taken over.

“Nothing, hon. I only started a quick diagnostic and came across what appears to be something foreign in your blood stream. I exited out immediately. Why, what are you feeling?” Natasha watched her for a few seconds and then urged, “Carmen, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s going on. Talk to me.”

“Excuse me,” Carmen mumbled before making a mad dash for the bathroom. She barely registered hearing a door open and slam shut, and then a quick moment later a set of cool hands was on the heated skin of her face.

“My King, what do we have?” She faintly heard Dr. Quinn’s muffled voice, sounding like it was coming from very far away, then she heard the unmistakable voice of her mate.

“Natasha became concerned when she wouldn’t eat anything and did a quick diagnostic. It seems to have triggered whatever is wrong with her.” Carmen could hear the continued conversation between her stubborn mate and the doctor, but kept her eyes closed, at peace for the moment to let someone else take care of her. Her heart was pounding in her ears, but those wonderful cool hands of his, caressing her face felt so good! What would it be like just to lose herself over to her mate? The voices continued getting farther and farther away, until the blackness enveloped her completely, and she heard no more.
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