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Jul 30, 2014

Cover Reveal - Fire and Ice by Alice Brown and Lady V

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Fire & Ice
by Alice Brown & Lady V

Dragons of Dragonose Book Two

Fire & IceAiden and Adrian Barrymire, twin princes of Dragonose, yearned for a mate. They came to Earth in search of her, never expecting to find her while working on a case for their security company. When she becomes injured before they have a chance to mate her, they make the decision to transport her back to their homeland for better medical care.

Evangelina works hard to make ends meet to survive, never having anyone special to take care of her. It seemed she always fell for the losers. When Evangelina is injured, then wakes to discover she is not on earth anymore, it just solidifies her life has yet again taken a downward spiral. As if she needs any more trouble in her life, she has two men telling her she is their mate and keeping a huge secret from her. Yep, she always draws in the losers.

After so many failed relationships, can Evangelina place her trust in not only one man, but two? When their secret is revealed, will the twins lose their only chance at true happiness? And will Dragonose find a sliver of hope for their future if the three join?

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Ménage, Dragons, Shifters, MFM
Release Date: July 8, 2014
JK Publishers
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Forcing herself to turn her attention back to the men’s faces and not their bodies, she blushed hotly when she found them both grinning wickedly at her. She had been caught. Oh, well, she thought with a slight shrug, it wasn’t like they had tried to hide anything.

Trying to clear her mind of all the sexual images, she watched closely as the brothers’ bodies began to meld together after they joined hands, then their bones began to crack and reform, their bodies growing tall and wide in size, their smooth skin turning into scales, and finally a long tail spurted out! How cool was that? They had a tail! It was long and looked as if it had spikes on it, but for some strange reason, the thought of their dragon having a tail was really cool. As the dragon now reached its full form, she tried to take in all its glory. The creature itself was outstanding and looked just like the painting back in the castle. Its body was a charcoal grey color, but one of its heads was ice-blue while the other was a fiery-orange, the color of fire. She was completely awestruck by its magnificence. She knew the dragon was a part of the brothers, but still found herself wondering if they or the dragon would be able to understand her while in this form. She didn’t have to wait long to learn her answer.

Before she even realized what she was doing, she started slowly walking toward the beautiful creature. It lowered its body closer to the ground for her as she neared, both heads coming down to meet her at eye level.

“Hello, my beauty. Don’t be startled. I would never hurt you. You are welcome to come as close as you wish.” The dragon had long eyelashes on the head that was ice-blue, and he blinked a couple of times as if he was trying to clear his vision.

The fire-orange head then spoke, “Would I be asking too much too soon for you to place your hand on me?”

“Umm, where?”

“Anywhere you wish, my love. You are so pretty. I would be honored for you just to place your hand on me. You could touch my neck if you like.”

She noticed the ice-blue head cocked his head to the other head and frowned. Obviously, if she was going to touch their necks or heads, she would need to do both, as not to upset one of them.

Both heads lay down on the ground, making it easier for her. She felt no fear as she walked right between the two heads and using both of her hands, stroked both necks at the same time. A loud purring sound came from deep within the beast's chest as she marveled on how smooth their scales were, and how the blue neck was cool to the touch, but the fire-orange neck was very warm.

“Oh, how remiss of me. I completely forgot my manners in introducing myself to you. I am Fadri. And yes, the brothers can still hear and see everything going on, but for the moment, they have let me take charge. If at any time, sweet mate, I make you nervous or upset, you just let me know, because that is the last thing I want to do. It is my intention to try to woo you, hoping that when it comes time to mate with the boys, you’ll overlook their personality defects for my over-generous chivalry and charisma.” The dragon stopped and sighed deeply, “You know, the boys really can’t help themselves sometimes. They have come a long way since they were little, but sometimes—well, sometimes they can be dense. I hope you have a forgiving nature. But oh, the stories I could tell you about those two getting into mischief when they were younger.”

Evangelina felt perfectly comfortable with this huge dragon, and she started to sit down on the ground and use the dragon to prop herself up with. But Fadri was having none of that.

“My sweets, don’t soil your clothing sitting on the ground. I would be honored if you would climb up on my back.” When she just stared at the dragon as if he had grown a few more heads, he gently pushed her forward.

“Go ahead, sweets. Climb on up and find a comfortable spot. Then I will tell you a bit about your men.”

She ended up climbing up on the blue neck, and then sliding down to the back of the dragon. She found a soft spot just under where the heads were joined on the body, and she sank down into it. It was very comfortable, reminding her of a hammock. Then she giggled. She was referring to this huge dragon as a hammock! Maybe she was going crazy!

She sighed contentedly as Fadri began to move his body slightly from side to side, furthering the feel of a hammock. Oh, she could sleep right here for days! “Fadri, you are very comfortable. Thank you for allowing me to climb up on you.”

“Oh, sweets, there is no need to thank me. I live to please you. Now, you get comfortable, and I’m going to tell you some stories of mischief the boys got into when they were growing up.”

Both heads turned toward her, and if she hadn't been paying such close attention, she would have missed the eye rolls of each. Smiling, she settled in as Fadri began his tales.
Purchase links:  JK  Amazon  ARe  Smashwords  Kobo  B&N
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