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Nov 12, 2014

Cover Reveal - Rock ‘n’ Leather—My Purr-fect Alphas by H.C. Brown

Cover & Excerpt Reveals
Rock ‘n’ Leather
by H.C. Brown

Club Depravity Book Two
My Purr-fect Alphas
by H.C. Brown

Pride Brothers Book Two
BDSM, M/F/M Ménage, M/M

Rock ‘n’ Leather
Rock ‘n’ Leather
by H.C. Brown
Club Depravity Book Two

Fasten your seat belt for a ride on the wild side.

Do you want to take on a ride on the wild side and indulge in the varied delights of Club Depravity?

Restricted to gay rock stars and high-flyers in the entertainment industry, Club Depravity offers a secure fan free environment, where edge playing Doms and delicious subs indulge in their wildest fantasies…and you have a front row seat.

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): M/M, M/M/M, BDSM, Rock Stars, Musicians
Release Date: November 12, 2014
Luminosity Publishing
Excerpt, My Purr-fect Alphas & More

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RNL Excerpt:
“We’re leaving.” Reef got to his feet. “Drinks are on me.”

Kall hardly registered the trio leaving; his attention had fixed on Seth’s mouth, puffy from his bites and kisses. He cleared his throat. “So you like it rough, boy? You may speak.”

“I guess.” Seth dropped his gaze.

“Look at me.” Kall lifted the pup’s chin with one finger, drawing Seth’s flushed gaze to his face. “We need some ground rules, so for now you can speak to me as if we’re outside, okay?”

Seth blinked his soft doe eyes and nodded, his cheeks flamed. Kall let out a long sigh. Oh fuck, he couldn’t believe he’d just kissed Cold Heat’s fucking drummer. He squeezed the pup’s thigh and the muscle quivered under his touch. “I need to know a few things about you before we take this up a notch. First, are you a virgin?”

“Well, I’ve never had anal sex, if that’s what you mean. I’ve kissed a lot, given and enjoyed BJs, but no, I’ve never had anal sex with anyone. I’ve been a member of Depravity for a few weeks to get the feel of the place. I like it here, it feels right.” Seth shrugged. “But yes, rough play turns me on. That’s why I spoke to Reef. He thought I’d enjoy being a sub.”

Kall slid one arm around him and pulled him close, this time Seth melted against him. He needed to take him along steady and ease him into the scene. So far, the pup’s reaction to him had been encouraging. He nibbled along the boy’s chin and found his mouth again. The slide of Seth’s long fingers in his hair drove him to the brink of madness. He ravaged his wanton mouth, sliding his lips and gorging on the wet willing sweetness. He went to Seth’s zipper and freed the pup’s throbbing erection. He palmed the long, hot shaft and squeezed then scraped the weeping slit with his thumbnail. In his arms, Seth trembled then gasped against his mouth. Hot cum spilled over his fingers. He grinned and thrust his tongue deep inside the boy’s honeypot mouth. Oh yeah, this pup would do just fine.

He broke the kiss. “Hmm, did I say you could come?”

“No, Master. I’m sorry.” Seth reached for a pile of paper napkins and thrust them at Kall.

He took the paper towels and wiped his hands, the need to lick his fingers would have to wait for a more intimate time. “Push your pants down to your ankles and kneel. I want the other Doms to see your virgin ass. Keep your knees open nice and wide so I can see you in the mirror. He peered into the mirrored wall set beneath the seats and lit with tiny spotlights. He smiled at another of Rhys’s enhancements to the Dom VIP section. Watching a sub give a blowjob had to be the biggest turn on with the added sight of the boy’s sweet ass as well. He grinned, admiring Seth’s reflection. “Oh yeah, just like that, hmm, naked as the day you were born. I so like my boys to be hairless, did you have your ass bleached or is it naturally white? No, don’t tell me. Fuck, I can’t wait to run my tongue around that tight little hole.” He stroked Seth’s spiky frosted hair. “My leathers need a clean and as you say you are so proficient at BJs see if you can meet my own personal standard.” He leaned back in the chair and unzipped his pants. “I like my thighs licked through the leather, work your way up nice and slow. I don’t come easy, boy, and you’ll have to work hard to give me pleasure.” He chuckled. “Remove your pants, all the way. I’ll tell you when you can get dressed.”

Seth inhaled the rich aroma of leather and Kall’s masculine musk and kicked off his boots. The tiles on the floor pressed cold against his ass. He peeled off his leather pants and tossed them onto the bench. His heart pounded in an unfamiliar rhythm and all his senses had heightened. Fuck, Kall’s scent, the taste of him, his brutal kisses had made him forget his inhibitions. He crawled toward the Dom. Christ this man could make him forget his name. He’d had concerns; those niggling little worries that make a person doubt their own needs. He’d hovered on the perimeter of the music director’s meetings to catch a better look at Kall. Oh yeah, he’d had a crush on him for a while. It had been during a meet with Connor Diamond, lead singer of Hard Trash, and Reef that he’d managed to make his interest in BDSM known. Connor had come straight out and asked him why the fuck he hadn’t joined Depravity. Then Aiden, Cold Heat’s base player and Connor’s sub had given him the third degree, and to keep the peace he’d joined the BDSM club. The moment he entered the place the Dom eye candy had driven him to the point of madness.
RNL Purchase links:  Luminosity   Amazon   ARe   Kobo   B&N

My Purr-fect Alphas
My Purr-fect Alphas
by H.C. Brown
Pride Brothers Book Two

Caged in a laboratory with two very sexy men, will Beth escape or fall prey to the insatiable shifters?

Dr. Elizabeth Clark’s life turns upside down when the Druiks kidnap her, and take her to Druik Void, located in a future realm.

Caged like an animal in a laboratory filled with humanoid specimens from other dimensions, she endures experimental surgery.

Zandor and Thryll, two very sexy shape-shifters trapped with her, persuaded her to escape with them.

Will Beth survive the frantic journey to safety? Or will she fall prey to the insatiable shifters? Revised and Updated 2014 Edition

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Cat shifters, Ménage, M/F/M, M/M, BDSM, Magic, Time Travel, Sci Fi
Release Date: November 7, 2014
Luminosity Publishing

MPA Purchase links:  Luminosity   Amazon   ARe   Kobo   B&N
MPA Excerpt:
“Back down, cat, or I will arrange another taste of the prod. You are nothing here. I will keep you for as long as it pleases me and do to you as I wish. You will soon learn to comply—they all do. Your circumstances would improve considerably if you would agree to my wishes.”

The cage bars shook violently.

“Never. I will tear apart any female you place with me. Do you think that I possess compassion, Pic? You will die slowly when my brothers arrive, and arrive they will.”

The doctor, Pic, leaned toward the cage and grinned. “Only a fool would pit the hapless troops of a mythical goddess against the Druik’s weaponry. I know what you are, cat. I will enjoy watching your training. Soon you will kneel before me and do my bidding.”

Beth turned to view the new inmate, his cage only an arm span away. He stood naked, his back rippling with fury, and shook the cage, his massively muscled arms bulging. The laboratory fell silent as if a great storm raged. All faces turned toward the creature and cowered. His anger thundered so violently, Beth expected lightning to shoot from his fingertips at any moment.

As the doctor turned and walked from view a slow, deep growl, sent shivers down her spine. She gripped the bars, her attention fixed on her fellow prisoner’s awesome beauty. Sweat flowed in rivulets between rock-hard muscles bunched across broad shoulders. She licked her lips mesmerized by a single droplet’s hypnotic trail wetting a tantalizing path down his spine to disappear between the cleft in his impressively muscled ass. His long legs quivered and with every delectable movement, taut muscle slid delightfully beneath skin the color of warm honey.

His hair hung in a long, shaggy mane and appeared to glow in every shade of amber. The russet, fire, and sunburst streaks danced like flames in the overhead lights. He turned aggressively to follow the retreating back of his captor and her stomach twisted. His profile resembled a Michelangelo statue, chiseled yet darkly angelic. The lights in the laboratory dimmed, followed by the now-familiar whoosh of the food dispensers. Once again, he shook the cage violently.

“You have been warned, Pic.”

She pressed her cheek against the cold bars and groaned. Dear God, that cage won’t hold him. He’s going to break out of there and kill us all.

As if he read her thoughts, his attention shifted to her. His wild, amber gaze slid over her without compassion. His lips drew back, and he hissed displaying long, white fangs. She recoiled at his cat-like teeth and trembled at the uncontrollable rage reflected in eyes dancing with streaks of liquid fire. His nose wrinkled and he growled in frustration before lowering his voice to a murmur, but she caught every word.

“What is this place?”

In fear for her life, she backed away until cold bars dug into her back. This man was dangerous with a capital D. She stared at him in disbelief, her eyes opening so wide they hurt while her mouth seemed incapable of forming a reply.

He dropped his head, defeated, and took a deep, shuddering breath. Hair streaked with molten gold cascaded over his shoulders and covered his face, sticking in wet strands to his cheeks.

“Do not fear me. My anger is for those who hold us against our will.” A purr rumbled from deep in his chest and he slowly raised his head. His soft, sensuous voice fell over her like a warm hug.

She met his gaze no longer afraid. “I don’t really know where we are, but it’s obvious they’re not letting us out any time soon. I believe we’re a collection of different species for an experiment of sorts.”

“There are many enemies here, Human.” His gaze drifted around the room and he sniffed as if tasting the air. “Would seem we have only one other to our alliance.” He indicated with his chin toward a girl with wings in a nearby cage. “Mayhap the Fae female and us. The others, by the stink clinging to their bodies, are Rams of one herd or another. Have you seen any other Pride brothers?”

“Pride brothers?”

“Other males that look like me.” He rolled his eyes as if she should recognize the name.


“Wonderful.” He turned and sank to the floor in one fluid movement. He crossed his long legs, straightened his spine, and faced her. Large hands with long, strong fingers rested on his knees.

Beth watched him in fascination her attention fixated on the massive cock nestling between his legs. Jesus, I need to get a grip, I’m a doctor, not a nymphomaniac.

“Human.” He tapped on the bars to get her attention.

Heat crept into her cheeks and she slowly lifted her gaze to look at his delectably sinful face.

“You have not seen a Pride male before, have you?” He raised one perfect brow and sighed then his eyes slowly changed color from molten amber to pools of amethyst velvet.

Beth blinked in disbelief. “No, I haven’t seen anything like you in my life.”
MPA Purchase links:  Luminosity   Amazon   ARe   Kobo   B&N

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