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Nov 20, 2013

Cover Reveal - Cyborg Doms by HC Brown

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Cyborg Doms by H.C. Brown

Fane Jacobs, or 636, is a genetically and robotically enhanced human, with the ability to change his appearance at will. He is trapped on Terros 9 in 3010 with a psychopathic owner, Gryd. His duty is to entertain Gryd's guests both male and female with his skill in the dungeon.

Forbidden to show emotions, he longs for the comfort of a lover, and his dreams are filled with the image of a sweet sub.

Cyborgs are classified as machines on Terros 9, they have no rights. After his friend, Jace, is pack-raped by a group of male guests, Fane and Jace steal a starship, and travel back in time to Earth in 2040. Jace takes off for a night with the right man, while Fane explores the city.

His attention is drawn to a woman being attacked by a gang of thugs. He rushes to her aid and is shot. The woman, Dr. Tamara Bright, resembles the sub from his dreams. She discovers his integrated neural matrix and other enhancements on the Bio Scanner. Will she turn away or will she fall for the deliciously, handsome cyborg?

Genre: Erotic Sci Fi Romance
Content/Theme(s): Cyborgs, Time Travel, M/F, M/M, BDSM, Futuristic
Release Date: November 15, 2013
Rooster and Pig Publishing
Excerpt & More

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Terros 9. 3011 Earth Years

Fane’s gaze drifted to her full, luscious mouth, and when she swiped the tip of her pink tongue across her lips, he could almost taste her. His cock hardened. She tossed a mane of rich burgundy curls over one shoulder. One long, silky strand remained to brush against her full, tempting breasts, the twin peaks threatening to burst through her tight, white T-shirt. He reached for her to draw her soft body against him. “I’m gonna love flogging you until you come.”

“636, report for duty.” Commander 7 prodded Fane. “Gryd has just brought in a batch of new girls.” He chuckled. “Get rid of that hard-on—you don’t want to waste it.”

Fane rolled off his cot. His balls ached. He pushed the now-familiar dream from his mind and interfaced with his internal computer. The Artificial Intelligence module in his brain had the ability to change him into any persona, from skin color to dress and speech. The AI was a remarkable piece of technology. Fane gave Commander 7 a bland look. Reduce sex drive. Dress me for domination.

“If you’re dreaming about sex, report to Reprogramming.” Commander 7 met Fane’s gaze. “You’re not a man, 636, you’re a machine designed to entertain Gryd. Dreams are a malfunction of your program.”

“I don’t dream, Commander.” Fane shrugged. “I am always in complete control.”How many times had he hidden is human self from this man? His ability to dream had become the single fragment left of his humanity.

Without another word, Fane brushed by him and made his way to the transport tube. Agitation rode on his shoulders. He repeated the mantra in an effort to cling to his humanity: I’m not a fucking machine. I remember everything. My name is Fane Jacobs. I’m thirty Earth Years. I do not belong on Terros 9.

The metallic cylinder stopped on the top floor. The door swished open to reveal an opulent palace. Fane strode through the opening and turned right. He glanced at the marble sculptures of females in various poses of submission that lined the hallway. What would his boss order him to do to the new females today? His body grew hot. He enjoyed dominating and the stolen moments with Jace in the training area. Without that sweet man in his life, he would have gone mad the first year in this hellhole.

The only other pleasure he received as Gryd’s slave came from the hours of domination in the Pit. With the delicious thought of his flogger cutting across white flesh, his second cock threatened to burst from its sac. He pushed down his arousal. Gryd viewed the cyborgs as machines, and in truth, most of them had become unfeeling robots, but not him or Jace. The sexual enhancements had increased their emotional response rather than destroy it. Each day had become a battle to hide their intense craving for sex. God forbid if Gryd discovered their humanity existed, he would deactivate them in an instant.

The door swung open, and Jace filled the opening. Fane had met Jace at the enrollment station and they’d become close friends—Fane trusted Jace with his life. Jace—or 515—hailed from a small planet called Javronia in the Orion System. He was a genius and had taught Fane how to control his AI. Jace claimed to be the equivalent of twenty-five Earth years. While Jace had hair that shimmered like mercury flowing down his back, Fane’s hair fell to his shoulders in a sheet of black silk. Jace’s dark blue eyes sparkled mischievously in a boyish face. Fane’s rugged features were set in a suntanned complexion, and he had a small scar under one eye. Theywere complete opposites;Commander 7 referred to them as night and day.

Fane inclined his head. Mind Speak communication between Jace and me. “Morning.”

“It’s our lucky day. We both get to work on this one.” Jace gave him a wink. “I’m so fucking horny. I don’t think I can keep this charade up much longer.”

Fane leaned against the doorframe casually. “Commander 7 caught me dreaming again this morning. I think I’m talking in my sleep too. If the boss finds out we’ve messed with our programming we’ll be deactivated. We gotta get outta here.”

“Yeah, the asshole is moving in on me too. He said I enjoyed myself too much during the scene yesterday. You’re right, it’s getting too hot to stay here.” Jace rubbed the back of his neck. “I’ve been giving some thought to finding a way to escape.”

Fane met his gaze. “Yeah, it’s only a matter of time before one of us slips up”

“Well, you wanted to control your AI. You understood one day we’d be almost back to normal.” Jace grimaced. “Gryd won’t make it easy on us if he discovers we’ve only been staying here because we enjoy dominating his slaves.”

“So you’re the fucking genius, get us off this God damned planet.”

“There is a way. Gryd sent a ship to Dallion to collect a batch of females. 729 and 384 were trusted with the mission. I checked the flight plans. They leave again in two days.” Jace grinned. “I’m gonna find a way for us to replace them and escape.”

Fane raised a brow. “What makes you think Gryd will replace them with us?”

“We’re the only cyborgs available with the upgrades necessary to fly a ship. It will take Gryd a month to get another crew up to speed. We’ll only need an hour or so to upload the Starship program—so you in?”

“Sure. I’m guessing you have a plan?”

“We’ll talk later, I’ll need some time to work out a way to disable 729 and 384”
Jace palmed his package. “But right now, my cocks are both waiting to party.”

Fane followed his friend along the hallway. They paused at the door to Gryd’s chambers and composed their expressions. Fane took the lead and moved ahead into the room.

“There you are at last.” Gryd glared his displeasure. “For cyborgs, you are both abnormally tardy; I’ll arrange for your clocks to be checked.” He pulled a red velvet cloak around his naked body and motioned them closer. “I have visitors for you to entertain.” He pointed to a cage containing two undulating females, Vallion, to judge by their coloring.“636, pick one and bring her into the viewing area.” He grinned at Jace. “You’re next, 515. I have something special planned for you today.”

Fane watched Gryd leave the room and raised a brow. He enjoyed sharing with Jace, but having one female to pleasure alone was a treat. He bit back a grin. “One each—we must have visiting royals.”

“I’m not sure I’m too thrilled. Last time Gryd planned something different for me I was obliged to entertain a big, fat Karoan male.”
Jace shuddered. “I couldn’t walk for a week.”

Fane’s attention went back to the cage. The Vallion females hung on the bars, their small, perky breasts and long nipples plainly visible. “Well, they’ve imported a couple of females for us, so don’t worry too much.” He inhaled their feminine scent: they were both in heat. “Oh man, can you smell that?”

“Oh, yeah.”

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