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Feb 4, 2013

Cover Reveal - Alien Sex 104 by Allie Ritch

Cover, Excerpt & Trailer Reveal

Alien Sex 104 By Allie Ritch

Alien Sex Ed Book 4

Alien Sex 104Huv has always liked the ladies, but he’s getting to the age when he’s ready for more than one-night stands. After meeting Lexy, he finds it very easy to fall for the sexy alien in her female form, but that’s only half the equation. Lexy is Cedecian. Every month, her race changes genders. Huv suffers a sexual identity crisis as he struggles to accept that the woman he loves may also be the man he loves. For an Allurian who is used to being strictly straight, it’s an adjustment Huv isn’t sure he can make.

Expecting Glynn to pop the question, Deina is shocked when he instead asks her to have his baby … or at least try. As a Semhym, Glynn must find a woman with just the right chemistry to help him spill his seed before it’s too late. He thinks Deina may be the one, but he wants to be sure. In order to win her over, he’ll have to gamble for the highest stakes of all: sex, love, and the rest of their lives.

Note: This title is no longer available. See Alien Sex Ed post for more info on its rerelease.
Genre: Erotic Sci Fi Romance
Release Date: January 28, 2013
Liquid Silver Books
Excerpt & more

Purchase link(s):   This title is no longer available. It has been rereleased as Alien Sex 107 and Alien Sex 108

“Mind if I join you?” someone said behind him. “I hate to drink alone.”

The voice was as smooth as Allurian brandy. And it was unmistakably masculine.

Turning toward the source, Huv found himself facing the man from the other table. A figure from a romantic painting stared back at him. The guy was probably in his mid thirties, but his skin was smooth and flawless. Gray-blue eyes gazed from beneath arched brows, and his fine features were framed by a stylish mane of loose golden curls that fell just below his nape. This fellow could have walked right off the screen of a fashion vid.

Huv had the strangest urge to stand, as if remaining seated in front of this beautiful man was rude. Then the stranger smiled—a curve of full lips, a brilliant flash of white teeth—and Huv was thankful he had the table as cover. For the first time in his life, he felt his groin grow ominously tight in response to another male. His unease over tonight, over his reaction at class, rushed back with a vengeance.


His mind went blank. Gods, what was wrong with him? The guy just wanted to kick back and have a drink with him, and Huv’s chemistry chose this moment to go haywire. It must have been some kind of aftereffect from his exhibition earlier. It had to be.

Huv cleared his throat and tried to beat back the tingle of desire enough to act normally. “Sure, why not? Have a seat.”

“I’m Lexy.” The man offered his hand as he sat down.

Lexy had long, tapered fingers like an artist, but his grip was strong and sure. Huv experienced an unwelcome zinger of awareness as he returned the handshake.

“I’m Huv.” Under the table, he rubbed his palm on his pant leg to dispel the sensation. “Nice to meet you.”

“Have you ever been here before?” Lexy asked.

“No, I sort of just wandered in.”

“Me too.” Lexy leaned back in a way that made his shirt pull tight over his broad chest and flat stomach. “It was a long day at work, and I needed to unwind. Is that what you’re doing?”

“Not quite.” What the hell, Huv thought. Maybe if he shocked the guy, it would help level the playing field. “I just finished doing a sex demo my cousin set up.”

Rather than appearing shocked, Lexy looked intrigued. “You’re a porn star?”

Huv choked on the swallow he’d taken and sputtered out a laugh. Discomfort turned to humor as he realized how ridiculous he was being.

“No, nothing like that. My cousin, Xindra, has started an interracial Sex Ed course. She wanted to work in some live demonstrations to spice up the anatomy lessons. I agreed to help her out.”

“Interesting.” Lexy sounded thoughtful. “Actually, that’s a wonderful idea. I work as a sex therapist, so I’ve seen how much damage a bad experience can inflict. If this course can help educate people and open up communication, then your cousin is doing something worthwhile.”

Huv hadn’t thought of it that way. “You’re a sex therapist? How did you get into that business?”

Lexy shrugged. “I started out studying psychology in college. After I watched several friends and family members struggle with their relationships, I focused on human sexuality and relations in particular. I realized how important that facet of our lives is. After all, aside from money, sex is the biggest issue for couples.”

“Are there many men in your field?” Huv had never met anyone in Lexy’s profession before, but he figured there’d be more women therapists dealing with female patients.

“More than you might think,” Lexy answered. “Besides, I’m Cedecian. I have the benefit of a unique perspective.”

Cedecian? The race sounded vaguely familiar to Huv, but he didn’t quite follow. Maybe they were empathic or something?

“Back home on Alluria, we don’t have nearly the same diversity as you do here.” Huv took another sip of his drink. “For the most part, Allurians marry other Allurians and produce little baby Allurians. That’s what my younger brother and the rest of the family have all done. I came here to Trilanta for Xindra’s wedding. She’s the first to marry an outsider—a New Earthling fellow.”

“How did the family take that?” Lexy asked.

Huv chuckled. “We Allurians like any excuse to host a big family celebration and share dirty limericks. Nobody cared whom she married as long as he had the requisite parts.”

Lexy’s slow grin warmed Huv, but he was glad to discover it didn’t excite him the way it had at first.

“That’s good. Not all families are so understanding.” Lexy cradled his drink between his hands. “So it sounds like most of your relatives are settling down. You said your younger brother is married?”

“Yeah. He and his wife are expecting a baby now. A little girl.” Huv stared at his glass.

Lexy softened his tone. “I’d say congratulations, but you don’t sound happy about it.”

“It’s not that.” Huv frowned as he tried to figure out how to explain. “I’m very happy for him, and I look forward to being an uncle. It’s more a matter of feeling left out, I guess. Like I said, Allurians are big on family, and it’s not always easy for those of us who haven’t settled down yet. A wedding off-planet was a good excuse to get away for a while.”

“Different life stages, different timing.” Lexy summed up the problem perfectly. “I take it you’re not married.”

“No. You?”

“Not yet.” Lexy sounded matter-of-fact. “Most of the people in my family marry later in life, and I tend to overanalyze my relationships as soon as they get serious. Hazard of my profession, I guess.”

“It’s a big universe,” Huv pointed out. “It’s not easy to find the right person in it.”
Purchase link(s):   This title is no longer available. It has been rereleased as Alien Sex 107 and Alien Sex 108
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  1. Thank you for including my book here, WildAboutBones. I'm thrilled to have Alien Sex 104 released. It's the last book in my Alien Sex Ed series and can be read as a standalone, or readers can follow the series from the beginning to learn how the class got started and how the other characters hooked up. I hope everyone will give my aliens a chance. Thanks!

    1. We are glad to have you. This is such an usual and sexy series. Romance readers should check it out. Add a little Sci Fi to your romance.

  2. Allir's covers are so sexy- they are worlds unto themselves! I always look forward to the next Alien Sex cover!

    1. *pouting* Unfortunately this is the last book in the series. Can't wait to see what's next from Allie.

  3. Hmmmm I have a feeling I am in need of some alien education. These look "interesting"! ;-) :-D

    1. I love this series. It such a unique, sexy idea. You'll like them


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