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Oct 26, 2016

Bastia-The Early Years by Anastasia Vitsky

Bastia: The Early Years
by Anastasia Vitsky
Bastia Series

What if heterosexuality were a crime?

In the world of Bastia, like must marry like. Basti, the supreme deity, has decreed so. Any deviation results in sanctions, imprisonment, torture, or even death. But how did this society come to be? How can a religion be based on hatred?

In these early chronicles of Bastia, we discover good intentions behind the benevolent theocracy gone wrong. Meet the founder of modern day Bastia, Altrea. Placed in a polygamous marriage to enrich her father, she finds love with one of her sister wives. Their husband’s reaction is swift and brutal. As Altrea struggles to make sense of the violence, she dreams of a world in which one woman can love another.

In this new perfect society called Bastia, justice reigns supreme. No one is above the law. The state will provide for all equally. But as Altrea quickly finds out, nothing is simple. Basti is love. Bastia is founded on love. So what went wrong? How did a land of idyllic happiness turn into the dystopian regime that persecutes a young woman for loving a boy?

Come and meet Karielle and Soris before they reeducate the criminal who dared to love the wrong gender, and ask yourself one question.

Why is love a crime?

Note: Includes two bonus short stories of Karielle and Soris before they received their assignment to reeducate Clissa in Becoming Clissine.

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Content/Theme(s): F/F, Spanking, BDSM, D/s, Polyamory, Dystopian, Draconian, Lesbian, SciFi
Release Date: October 23, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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I woke up confused the next morning, greeted by Marel. The first wife, my new lady mistress. As she taught me how to perform my new duties, I debated running away again. This time, though, no indulgent father would overlook childish rebellion if I were caught. As the legal albeit fourth wife of Jakal, I was now a full-grown adult with all of the assigned rights and responsibilities. Jakal was my lord and master until death, and no one would intervene for any reason.

I might have run away again anyway, with thoughts of plunging into the nearest ravine. But Terris, the second wife, came to me under cover of night. She kissed me, not as a senior wife greeting a junior, but as if she found me beautiful. She’d asked Jakal and Marel for me, she said, because I would understand her.

My heart leaped as he deft fingers worked their way into my hair, but she remained calm.

“No one has to know,” she said, kissing me again. “If we can get Jakal to give us a fifth wife, we only need to do our duty once a week. You are where you belong, little daughter of Nahan.”

And then she laid me across her lap, spanking as if I were indeed still a little daughter and not a newly married woman. Not the painful wifely introduction Marel had administered with precision, but a gentle series of spanks followed by yet more kisses.

For the first time since Father had announced my eligibility for marriage, I relaxed. Perhaps my new situation was an improvement, after all.
Purchase link(s):  Amazon
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