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Aug 30, 2016

Freiya’s Stand by Anastasia Vitsky

Freiya’s Stand
Freiya’s Stand
by Anastasia Vitsky

When should love take a stand?

Freiya’s life is perfect. She’s got doting parents, a classroom of adorable kindergarteners, and the love of her life. Even if Sabrina insists on discretion in their private Catholic school, they share happiness in private.

That is, until the bombshell hits. Their principal demands a “Fight for Families” covenant to refrain from “sexual perversion.” All teachers must sign. No exceptions.

Sign, Sabrina says. Otherwise, they’ll lose their job, privacy, and home.

Freiya doesn’t want to betray the woman she loves, but how can she sign a document that denounces their love?

Is standing up for love worth losing her livelihood?
If she speaks the truth, she’ll lose everything.
If she lies, she’ll lose even more.
How can Freiya take a stand for what’s right when the choices are wrong?
How can it be wrong to love the woman who makes her life worth living?

The truth should set them free, but Freiya’s stand threatens to destroy the very love she refuses to deny.

When “religious freedom” legislates against identity, how can Freiya and Sabrina survive?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): F/F, Spanking, D/s, BDSM, Inspirational, Lesbian, LGBT
Release Date: August 19, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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Principal Jensen ignored the outbursts. “Tomorrow, or get written up for noncompliance. That will be all.”

Like a reigning dictator, she swept from the room. The second the door closed behind her, the shocked teachers erupted into a mad buzz.

“She’s out of her mind!”

“How is this supposed to raise test scores?”

“Early retirement is looking better all the time.”

Soon, however, the babble died down. The teachers knew, as Freiya knew, the hard reality. With half of the teachers laid off already, anyone else could also become dispensable. If keeping their job meant signing a piece of paper and teaching a few extra lessons, they would do it. The initial fury was only a way to let off steam, to pretend that they could do something about their situation.

Freiya wanted desperately to go to Sabrina, but never had there been a worse time. She gathered her papers and fled to the parking lot, where her small blue car occupied the far side from Sabrina’s silver sedan. Wednesday. This was Freiya’s turn to take the supermarket route. She and Sabrina coordinated their routes home, to make sure they were never seen together in the parking lot or driving in the same direction. They had separate mailing addresses, but Freiya’s was only a post office box. As far as anyone at school knew, she and Sabrina had nothing to do with each other. They had liked each other instantly when Freiya began teaching at St. Aggie’s two years ago, and their relationship quickly grew beyond professional bounds. In order to protect their privacy, they had contrived a public, polite falling out.

As Freiya started her car and drove home, she could think only one thought: I will never sign a covenant denying my right to love Sabrina.
Purchase link(s):  Amazon
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