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Sep 29, 2014

Cover Reveal - Breathe Each Other In by Thianna D

Cover & Excerpt

Breathe Each Other In
by Thianna D

All They Ever Needed Book Three

Breathe Each Other InWhile the outside world might try to undermine them, Logan and Christian’s relationship just grows stronger. In this, the final part of the All They Ever Needed trilogy, their lives take an unexpected turn.

Christian takes to heart everything he learns from Logan’s father and as he and Logan go forward in their DD relationship, he finds that he is willing to not just take on the mantle of Head of House, but to embrace it. With Logan graduating from college, Christian takes the next logical step and asks his boyfriend to move in.

Even with the stress of student teaching and trying to figure out what to do after graduation, Logan leaps at the chance to live with the man he loves. As the pressure of graduation begins to get to him, the only thing to keep him grounded is the amazing man at his side.

Those closest to them make huge changes in their own lives and when an unexpected job offer lands in Logan’s lap, the two have to make a life altering decision. No matter which way they go, they need to give something up. Play it safe and stay home or accept the job and move away from their families? When it comes to decision time, there is one thing they are not willing to part with. That one thing makes all the difference in the world.

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): M/M, D/s, Spanking, Domestic Discipline
Release Date: August 13, 2014
Blushing Books Publishing
Excerpt & More

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Their lips slammed together, desperate from their time apart, and as Logan’s fingers quickly released the buttons on his shirt, Christian did the same for him. In no time at all, they were both naked and rubbing against one another. “Fuck,” Logan moaned, thrusting against him. “You feel so good, baby.”

“Damn, but I love you,” Christian murmured, nipping Logan’s bottom lip and trailing kisses down to his chin and then down further. The noises his boyfriend made drove him crazy as he nibbled on his collar bone, nipped on his nipples and ran his tongue around Logan’s bellybutton. As he landed on his knees and faced Logan’s gorgeous cock, he licked at the tip. “Mmm, I love how you taste.”

“Suck me, baby.” Looking up, Christian stared into Logan’s burning blue eyes and opened his mouth. Logan’s shaft slid easily over his tongue and into his throat. A gasp left his boyfriend’s throat as his balls tapped Christian’s chin. “Fuck.”

Moaning, Christian pulled back and pushed all the way down again, loving the feel of his boyfriend’s dick sliding in and out of his throat. He took Logan’s hands and placed them on his head, matching the movement Logan had done to him several months before. “Are you sure, baby?” Logan asked, his breaths coming in hard, sharp pants.

Christian just hummed his agreement. It was the most unique feeling, to be used in what was a rather brutal way as Logan grasped onto his head and rammed his cock in over and over, grunting each time the tip slid over Christian’s gag reflex. His own shaft aching for release, Christian grasped hold and pumped wildly as his boyfriend fucked his throat with wild abandon. “Fuck, Christian, I’m gonna cum.”

Christian just moaned in response. He was so damned close; it wouldn’t take much to push him over either. As fingers grasped his hair and Logan thrust forward, slamming his cock in as far as it would go, Christian came.
Purchase links:   Blushing Books   Amazon   B&N
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