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Jun 22, 2016

Hard Truth by H.C. Brown

Hard Truth
Hard Truth
by H.C. Brown
Floggers Book Three

Brad Morrison wants a man, in him, over him, dominating him.

But having a gay son wasn’t in his father’s vocabulary and to please him, Brad marries Jane. They agree to live separate lives but the moment Jane tries to involve him in a ménage, he ends the marriage.
He needs to come out but informing his father won’t be easy.

Turning to his best friend, Jett, for advice, he discovers the man he has drooled over for years is interested in him not only as a lover but as a sub.

With his homophobic father on the rampage, and an ex-sub waiting to take his place, will Brad’s fragile and oh, so hot relationship with Jett survive?

Note: This was originally publishing in Feb 2014 by Spunk Books and titled My Lover, My Dom. It has been newly edited.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): M/M, BDSM, D/s, Dominance, Submission, Gay, GLBT
Release Date: June 21, 2016
Luminosity Publishing
Excerpt & More

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The moment Brad walked from the lawyer’s office, a great burden lifted from his shoulders. He had lived a lie, played a part to please his father and denied his sexuality. He wanted more, a true relationship with a man and someone to explore the kinkier side of his nature. Deep inside, he craved domination and a man of his own. Living under his father’s thumb was over. He’d come out, recognized his true self, and wanted to wallow in the joy of personal freedom. Hell yeah, he’d had a tasty “experiment” but now craved a Dom, a man, he could trust with his total submission.

He turned into the hall and grinned at the sight of Jett Silver waiting by the elevator. He’d developed a close friendship with Jett over the past year. His friend had a brooding quality, a take charge, in your face, don’t fuck with me, persona and he craved to be under a flogger wielded by him, or licking a wet path up his tight leather pants. Oh, man, if only you were a Dom.

Jett sure resembled a Dom, especially with the black leather armbands he wore exercising. He worked in a building across the road, as some high-flying agent for rock bands. He’d met him at the local sports club, and the sexual God had approached him seeking someone to spot him on the weights. Since then they’d worked out together, hitting the weights four times a week. Oh boy, he loved how this man ordered him around in the gym. He’d wondered about Jett’s sexuality, but his friend had made no sexual moves in his direction. Surely Jett couldn’t have failed to notice his attraction toward him? Fuck, the moment, Jett bent over him to support the bar, Brad’s shorts had done nothing to hide his arousal.

He bit back a chuckle. Spotting Jett on the weights had become an enjoyable pastime. Man, he had to stop himself drooling over the delicious slide of taut muscles under his damp, tanned skin. He wanted to sink his fingers into the sheet of ebony liquid silk brushing the man’s broad shoulders. The handsome man had become an obsession—too bad if the guy was straight.

He wet his lips and his gaze feasted on his friend’s hard muscular body. His attention went to Jett’s amazing green eyes, shaded by long ebony lashes. His friend’s soulful expression sent heat straight to his balls. So yeah, saying he lusted after the hunk was an understatement.

He dropped his gaze, relieved when the metallic doors slid open.

“You look happy. Did you buy another company?” Jett followed him inside the elevator.

Brad shrugged. “Nah, I’ve just divorced my wife.”

“Jane? Wow! You’ve kept that information a secret from me. What happened? She’s a real doll. Couldn’t you keep it in your pants?”

Brad’s eyes narrowed. “Me? No, I’m the faithful kind. Unfortunately, my time with her is a long, painful story.”

“Well, as you’re free from her clutches now, how about joining me to celebrate? We could go for dinner and have a few drinks. I’m a very good listener, and you look like you need to get this off your chest.” Jett slapped him on the back.

Brad ran both hands through his unruly curls. “Yeah, why not. If I stay home, my father will be on the phone chewing my ear all night. When I told him I intended divorcing Jane, he went ballistic and threatened to disinherit me.” He sighed. “A meal will be good because I’ve not eaten very well for months with all this hassle.”

“I’ve noticed you’ve been a bit depressed of late, but I didn’t want to intrude.” Jett smiled. “You could’ve come to me. We are friends, and I am a great sounding board. I’m not the type to spread your private business all over town. You shouldn’t have tried to cope with a bad divorce on your own—that’s what friends are for.”

Oh Lord, Brad wanted to sink into the man’s arms, seek comfort from his strength and inhale his warm musky scent. He swallowed hard. “I didn’t want to lose your friendship by burdening you with my problems. I like what we have, I’m myself with you.”

A flicker of awareness caressed Jett’s gaze. His full delicious mouth curled into a smile. “You won’t lose my friendship. Divorcing your wife will make us closer, I guarantee it.”

A wave of relief spilled over Brad. He squeezed Jett’s muscular arm and smiled. “Thanks, I know I can trust you. Stupid pride got the better of me I guess. How about meeting me at the steak house on Third about eight?”

“That sounds good.” Jett rubbed his chin. “He couldn’t, could he? Disinherit you, I mean.”

Brad shrugged. “He might break the partnership if he bought me out, but I don’t want his money. What I do need is a father. He’s not getting any younger, and all this stress is more than he needs right now after the bypass surgery.”

The elevator doors opened with a swish and Brad followed Jett down the dark, tiled corridor and out the large, glass doors into the summer heat. He paused on the sidewalk and drew a deep breath. “So this is what freedom feels like. This past year has been a nightmare—well apart from meeting you.”

“Well, I for one, can’t wait to hear all the gory details.” Jett grinned. “I’ll see you later.” He turned on his heel, and with a wave headed toward the large glass building holding his office.

Brad watched him walk away. The enticing scent of Jett’s aftershave still lingered in the air, a much more delightful scent than the overbearing perfume Jane wore. His attention lingered on Jett’s ass until he disappeared into the building’s lobby. He shook his head to dislodge the image and strode to his glossy black Italian sports car. He unlocked the driver’s door, and sank into the low leather seat then turned the key and the car purred into life. He moved into the line of traffic then turned onto the expressway, heading toward home. The air conditioner blew refreshing cold air onto his heated skin. He took a deep breath and sighed. Would he lose Jett’s friendship and his father’s respect, if they knew the real reason for his divorce?
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